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Painting is a coming and going, meeting and disagreement, a whirlwind of anxiety and calm

Through Nature and Beyond with the Art of Rafael Cázares

Rafael Cázares is a multi-faceted artist with a diverse background in painting, architecture, ceramics, and recycling. Born in Mexico in 1971, he has gained international recognition for his thought-provoking works that delve into themes of nature and its various elements. His exhibitions have been featured in a variety of countries, including Germany, Austria, Cuba, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, and the United States.

Cázares is particularly known for his creative and unique approach to his art, which often explores concepts related to the natural world, such as the pyramids, doors, windows, forests, frost, and air. In his pieces, he masterfully blends traditional techniques with a modern sensibility, resulting in a distinctive and captivating visual style. Through his art, he invites viewers to engage with the beauty and complexity of nature, and encourages them to consider the world around them in a fresh and imaginative way.

Master of Mexican Culture and Cuisine

Rafael Cázares is deeply entrenched in Mexican culture, drawn to its rich symbolism, wisdom, and ancestral worldview. He also emphasizes the significance of gastronomy in Mexican culture, pointing out that food acts as a powerful force that brings people together, providing a sense of protection and fostering a spirit of hospitality and community.

Rafael Cázares is a true master of the oven, with a passion for cooking that is central to his identity. In addition to his culinary talents, Cázares is also skilled in the art of painting and sculpture. He often use glass, ceramic, and stone to create colorful works that are passed through fire, giving them a unique, fiery quality.

A Master of Volcanic Stone Sculptures and Shamanic Magic

Cázares’s current focus is on thermodeformed volcanic stones from his local region, using them to create striking sculptures that capture the essence of his environment. For Cázares, the process of creating art is a transformative experience, one that allows them to feel truly reborn. His talents in both the culinary and artistic realms make them a truly unique and fascinating individual.

Rafael, well-versed in the arcane symbols and myths of ancient cultures, is also knowledgeable in the magical properties of plants, energies, and natural forces in Mexico. One day, a shaman drew a door around Rafael and knocked three times, uttering the command “open”. As the door swung open, Rafael could feel the mystical energies swirling around him, beckoning him to step forth into a realm beyond our physical world.

The Thermoformed Stones: A Journey of Education, Experimentation, and Environmental Activism

The Mexican artist continues to educate himself in the field of art through various online resources and institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art’s website and the Carlos III University of Madrid. He believes that art serves as a reminder of the present moment, and considers it to be a valuable gift and a gateway to new experiences. Conscience is a defining characteristic of his art, and he dedicates much of his time to exploring new techniques and experimenting with innovative methods.

Rafael Cázares believes that his thermodeformed stones have been a notable achievement in his artistic production. He has discovered that stones have a plasticity and can be molded with the right techniques, revealing a well-kept secret that has been hidden for thousands of years. In terms of social context, Cázares’ greatest achievement has been the creation of the Galería del Agua, a space for art and environmental education. Through this space, he has shared experiences with children and young people from a marginalized community in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Cázares has been a cultural and environmental activist for almost 20 years.

Rafael Cázares is determined to share his thermoformed stones with the world as a small contribution to the world of art. He has plans to deform a large stone, weighing at least 4 tons, which will require the construction of a specialized furnace. In addition to his artistic aspirations, Rafael Cázares also desires to live a long and fulfilling life, with the goal of reaching 100 years of age.

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