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“At the age of 44, I felt that there was a void in my life and I realized that it was meant to be filled only with art. I returned to the passion of my childhood, namely painting.”

Reigniting The Artistic Flame: A Return to Inner Callings

Carmen Cecilia Rusu, born January 26, 1970, in Dej, Romania, has long been captivated by the world of art. During her early years, Rusu’s imagination brimmed with vibrancy, instilling in her the conviction that she possessed the potential to influence the world profoundly. However, societal perceptions of art during her formative years did not view it as a promising avenue for career development. Consequently, Rusu found herself navigating a more pragmatic trajectory, resulting in a near two-decade hiatus from artistic endeavors. It wasn’t until the age of 44 that she discerned a profound void within her life, a vacancy that only her intrinsic passion for art could assuage. This epiphany catalyzed her reconnection with her longstanding adoration for painting.

Rusu’s odyssey in the arts wasn’t merely a pastime—it was underpinned by an unwavering aspiration for artistic identity and self-realization. The fervor and depth of emotions she harbors are remarkably accentuated by her artistic sensibilities, emphasizing the unparalleled significance of pursuing one’s innate passions.

A Dual Dimension of Creativity: Nature’s Reflection in Resin

The distinctive aesthetic of Carmen Cecilia Rusu’s artistry is unveiled through two intertwined dimensions; the aesthetic-formal and the conceptual-symbolic. This linkage is profoundly exemplified through the nuanced interplay of light and color, employed in a singular technique of layering transparent epoxy resins on canvas. Rusu’s creative exploration forges a conduit to spiritual resonance with the quintessence of the cosmos, fueled by an enduring pursuit of novel themes.

Despite her extensive artistic odyssey, Rusu opines that her most sublime creations are yet on the horizon. Nature, with its boundless majesty, endures as her paramount subject of examination, inspiring her to encapsulate the world’s beauty through vivacious colors and graceful forms. The selection of hues is frequently a reflection of Rusu’s emotional state during the creative process, underscoring their profound significance in her existence. Through this delicate blend of natural inspiration and innovative technique, Rusu continues to traverse the expansive landscape of artistic expression, heralding yet uncharted territories of visual and symbolic exploration.

From Studio Seclusion to Canvas: A Journey of Artistic Self-Discovery

The sanctity of seclusion within Carmen Cecilia Rusu’s studio serves as a crucible for her artistic endeavors, marking the genesis of a journey from the mundane preoccupations of daily life towards a sphere where the resonance of music and the beckoning canvas morph into a singular focus. The initial tumult of emotions, vividly strewn across the canvas, gradually metamorphoses into serene, meticulous layers of resin. Each stratum embodies a silent benediction, echoing the rhythm of meditative introspection that guides Rusu towards the culmination of her envisioned artwork.

The illustrious legacies of artists such as Alberto Burri, Pablo Picasso, and Gérard Richter significantly nurture the creative odyssey embarked upon by Rusu. Among the troves of her creations, a piece titled “The Mysterious Lady with the Hat” holds a distinguished berth, capturing the ephemeral charm of a young maiden in a narrative that harmoniously reverberates with the persona of the artist. Through such works, Rusu orchestrates a poignant tableau reflecting not just a fleeting visage but also a profound rumination of self and artistry, showcasing the allure that interlinks the palpable with the ethereal.

Venturing Beyond the Canvas: Innovating Exhibition Paradigms

Experimentation has always been at the heart of Carmen Cecilia Rusu’s artistic journey. The advent of epoxy resin, in particular, marked a pivotal point, offering an ideal canvas for her creative endeavours. Currently, Rusu is honing a distinctive technique that amalgamates acrylic, stained glass colors, and epoxy resin, thereby enriching her artistic expressions manifold.

On the horizon of Rusu’s artistic vision is an ambitious project, poised to redefine traditional exhibition paradigms. This avant-garde concept envisages artworks being showcased on LED-lit acrylic pedestals and walls, orchestrating a spellbinding display that gracefully eclipses conventional presentation methods. Through this novel exhibition design, Carmen Cecilia Rusu seeks to weave a tapestry of illumination and artistry, presenting her works in a milieu that resonates with the evocative essence of her artistic endeavors.

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