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“Often my work consists of different photos put together in layers and presented in a new way. Mostly abstract but sometimes with elements you can recognize.”

Parisian Subways: A Conduit to Saether’s Digital Collage Technique

Navigating through the intricate tapestry of the European art scene, Morten Saether has meticulously carved out a distinctive niche for himself, firmly planting his roots in the fertile grounds of Oslo, Norway. The journey of this self-taught artist through the varied landscapes of art has been markedly shaped and enriched by an extensive career in the spheres of Art Direction and Graphic Design.

Saether, through a harmonious synthesis of a professional trajectory and an innate penchant for artistic expression, has crafted a unique aesthetic, seamlessly weaving photography with acrylic painting and oftentimes deploying a sophisticated collage technique. Throughout his endeavor in the creative arena, he has engaged in collaborations with esteemed photographers, a journey during which the refinement and honing of his skills were paramount.

The vibrant interplay between photography and painting in his works has graced exhibitions across an eclectic array of European cities, including Collioure, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Fredrikstad, Horten, and, not least, his residential city, Oslo. Saether’s artworks, in their elegant blend of mediums and techniques, transcend mere visual appeal, inviting viewers to embark upon a vivid journey through his imaginatively constructed vistas.

Saether’s Palette: From Barcelona Summers to Multifaceted Medium Explorations

Morten Saether’s artistic journey witnessed a profound transformation, notably influenced by ventures into the heart of Paris. The city’s Metro, adorned with layers of torn paper posters, captivated the artist, beckoning him into an innovative experiment with visual textures and forms. It was within the subterranean labyrinths of the Parisian transit system that he discovered a distinctive technique, giving birth to digital collages that eloquently meld colors, texts, and intricate details derived from various photographs, subsequently crafting entirely novel images.

The extensive Artprint series, aptly titled “Paris Metro,” serves as a testament to Saether’s masterful employment of this technique. Not only does it showcase a rich tapestry of digital amalgamations but it also demonstrates the artist’s adept skill in intertwining fragments of vivid realities and abstraction. Furthermore, Saether hasn’t restricted this methodology to digital mediums alone; his canvas, kissed by acrylic, also whispers the tales of his innovative explorations. The artistry flows, unbounded, into new expressions, navigating through the abstract, yet every so often, guiding the observer towards threads of the recognizable and the reminiscent.

By encompassing his own acrylic renderings, Saether perpetually navigates through novel aesthetic territories, ensuring a diverse yet coherent array of visual expressions. This intentional melding of mediums not only fortifies the artist’s repertoire but also enriches the spectator’s engagement, offering a versatile palette that traverses traditional and contemporary realms alike. Thus, Morten Saether continues to carve his path in the global art landscape, seamlessly blending traditional and digital mediums with an elegance that speaks volumes of his dynamic artistic voyage.

Saether in Reflection: Navigating Influences and Inspirations through Time

In the illustrious domain of digital artistry, Morten Saether invariably emerges as a creator par excellence, intertwining manifold elements to craft coherent and evocative visual narratives. His adored composition, “Summer in Barcelona,” masterfully amalgamates an array of images seized within the eponymous Spanish city, demonstrating an astute proficiency in synthesizing divergent elements into a harmonious final work.

A monumental epoch in Saether’s artistic journey was unmistakably his inaugural solo exhibition in the south of France, where the collection “Rapport Annuel” made its debut. This pivotal experience did not merely fortify his ardor for painting but also underscored a ceaseless exploration across diverse mediums. Saether has not only manifested his virtuosity through photography and acrylics but has also bravely navigated through other expressive mediums such as ceramic, clay, and silkscreen, each substantiating a unique platform for expression.

When elucidating the confluence of influences that have sculpted Saether’s artistic paradigm, one discerns the imprints of eminent artists such as Matisse, Braque, Man Ray, Warhol, Rothko, Gerhard Richter, Kooning, Rauschenberg, and members of the Cobra Group. Particularly salient was Matisse, and more specifically, his Fauvist period commencing in 1905 in the south of France, which punctuated the initial inspirations that ignited Saether’s creative endeavors. Consequently, these distinguished influences have been instrumental, guiding and molding his perspectives and methodologies within the vibrant and boundless tapestry of artistic expression.

Solitude and Ambition: Saether’s Dual Studios and the Dream of a Paris Metro Exhibit

In the artistically invigorating environments crafted by Morten Saether, solitude assumes a pivotal role, enveloping each stroke of his brush and every pixel manipulated in his evocative digital artistry. The Norwegian creative enjoys a bifurcation of his workspace, strategically delineating a tranquil home office for adept photo manipulation and a rented atelier, where acrylics dance across canvas in a private ballet of chromatic expression. This separation not only nurtures his creative expeditions into the realms of abstraction and figuration but also scaffolds an untrammeled journey, unperturbed and unhindered, facilitating an unhurried exploration through the meandering pathways of his artistic development.

Peering into the future with an eye as discerning and ambitious as his artistic pursuits, Saether conjures the aspiration of orchestrating a monumental exhibition. This envisaged spectacle would spotlight his extensive collection, a rich tapestry woven from photographs of tattered posters adorning the subterranean walls of the Paris Metro. Accompanying this visual feast, a comprehensive tome, providing a deep dive into the labyrinthine context and narratives encapsulated within each photographed fragment, stands as a meticulously conjured dream. Details of this ambitious project are elegantly displayed at www.parisartprints.com.

Upon amassing all requisite materials, the endeavor to weave words and visuals into a compelling article, drawing its essence from this introspective interview, will commence. Saether will be graced with a PDF draft, offering him the opportunity to peruse, ponder, and polish before the narrative finds its way into the public sphere, thereby ensuring a published piece that mirrors his artistic and personal ethos with impeccable fidelity.

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