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“I use my creativity to be different and look for new innovative artistic creations that surprise and excite.”

The Genesis of Ramón Rivas’ Artistic Journey

Ramón Rivas Nieto, artistically known as Ramón Rivas, stands as a beacon of creativity in the contemporary art world. Born in Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, Rivas’ roots are deeply entrenched in a land rich with literary and artistic heritage, famously recognized as the setting of Don Quixote.

This environment, brimming with artistic influences, has profoundly shaped his artistic perspective.
From the sensitive paintings of his mother to the landscape works of his grandfather, Rivas’ childhood was a tapestry woven with diverse artistic threads.
His father’s companies, which specialized in vehicle construction, repair, decoration, and restoration, provided him with an early exposure to artistic craftsmanship.

This eclectic upbringing, combined with his professional experiences in various fields including communication, organization, design, advertising, marketing, and executive roles as an Industrial Engineer, inventor, national tennis coach, and musician, has culminated in the unique artistic philosophy he dubs “Rivismo.”

Rivismo: A Unique Artistic Proposition

Rivismo, the distinctive artistic style developed by Ramón Rivas, marks a significant departure from conventional art forms. It embodies his vision of bringing tangibility to new concepts, allowing unfettered creative imagination, and meticulous planning and execution. This style is characterized by its inclusion of new roles and functions within the composition’s materials and elements. Rivas leverages his creativity to forge innovative artistic creations that are not only different but also emotionally impactful. The Philosophy and Concepts of Rivismo, grounded in Experiential Brushstrokes, enable both material and immaterial elements to participate equally in the artistic narrative. This approach establishes a conceptual balance between non-human elements, embodying human-like relationships, empathy, and the reassignment of roles. His artworks, which skillfully dance between reality and unreality, display a harmonious balance of composition, narrative, textures, and colors. They generate an energetic current that resonates both within the artwork and with the viewer, creating a captivating visual experience.

The artist’s commitment to innovation is evident in every aspect of his work. Ramón Rivas not only explores traditional themes but also ventures into realms like matter, science, the environment, and politics, all through the lens of Rivismo. His style has garnered recognition and praise from art professionals worldwide, leading to individual and group exhibitions in countries like Spain, China, South Korea, Italy, Denmark, France, and the United States. His artworks are displayed in museums across Spain, Denmark, and South Korea, and he has actively participated in art fairs in the United States. The uniqueness and aesthetic appeal of his work have also been celebrated through numerous awards and features in books, magazines, and art catalogues. This international acclaim underscores his position as a distinguished artist in the global art scene.

In-Depth Look: “Organic Transmutation”

A prime example of Rivismo in action is seen in Rivas’ painting, “Organic Transmutation” (2009, 110 x 110 cm). This piece illustrates many of the concepts central to Rivismo, with its Experiential Brushstrokes playing a pivotal role. The painting features a toothed wheel, representing power and function, transmitting its essence to an egg undergoing an organic mutation. This transformative process symbolizes the exchange and balance of forces, with the toothed wheel and egg achieving equilibrium. Iron and copper sheets, along with other elements like tubes and chips, contribute to this narrative of transformation and balance, embodying the themes of Equality and Experiential Balance, Experiential Empathy, and The Strong and the Weak. The final state of the egg, transformed from fragile to powerful, echoes the redistribution of strength and the establishment of equality, all achieved through the unique lens of Experiential Brushstrokes.

The Creative Sanctuary of Ramón Rivas

The workspace of Ramón Rivas is as unique as his artistic style. His creative process is deeply internalized, relying primarily on the vast repository of experiences and information stored in his mind. This internal creative powerhouse dictates the choice of elements and their characteristics in his compositions. Once he conceptualizes the architectural framework of his artwork, Rivas begins the development process, incorporating a diverse range of materials like iron, wood, art and industrial paints, oxides, and bubbles. This process is further enhanced digitally, resulting in a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Rivas’ ability to concentrate intensely on his work helps him avoid distractions. When interruptions do occur, he pauses his creative flow, resuming only when conditions are conducive to his artistic process.

Rivas’ artistic influences are as varied as his background. His unique creative vision and originality have been acknowledged by renowned art professionals, who attribute to him a talent that enhances his distinction in the art world. Interestingly, Rivas has achieved this without relying on studying or applying other artists’ techniques. Instead, his focus remains on his own imagination and visualization, aiming to create new and surprising artworks. This independence from external influences underscores his commitment to uniqueness in his artistic expression. Rivas values the use of new technologies, but he is cautious of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), which he believes could undermine the creativity and personal touch of artists. He prefers to use technology as a complement to his creativity, ensuring that his works remain unique and true to the spirit of Rivismo.

Ramón Rivas: Future Aspirations and Enduring Legacy

Looking towards the future, Ramón Rivas is committed to continuing his exploration and expansion of the possibilities offered by his creativity. He plans to incorporate new technologies that can diversify his work, aligning with the objectives of his artistic proposals. One of his dream projects includes the museum-quality publication of a book detailing the theory, objectives, and philosophy of Rivismo, enriched with numerous works to help understand his personal artistic proposal better. Additionally, Rivas aspires to increase the presence of his works in museum collections and ultimately exhibit his artworks in the world’s most prestigious museums. These goals reflect his ambition to consolidate his contribution to the art world.

Rivas’ journey as an artist is marked by an unyielding dedication to originality and innovation. His unique approach to art, encapsulated in Rivismo, sets him apart in the contemporary art scene. As he continues to push the boundaries of creativity, his works not only resonate with audiences worldwide but also leave an indelible mark on the landscape of modern art. Rivas’ legacy is one of relentless exploration, creativity, and an unbridled passion for artistic expression. His future endeavors and aspirations are eagerly anticipated by art enthusiasts and professionals alike, as he continues to redefine the parameters of artistic innovation.

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