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“I find inspiration in everything that touches or moves me in a special and deep way.”

A Symphony of Art and Nature

Petra Forman‘s artistic journey is a testament to the profound interconnection between her surroundings and her creative expression. Born near the scenic landscapes of Vienna, Austria, and now splitting her time between Austria and the enchanting island of Korčula in Croatia, Forman’s life is as vibrant and diverse as her art. Despite an initial career path in General Management, Forman’s artistic calling prevailed, leading her to immerse herself in the world of art, studying under the tutelage of Christian Ludwig Attersee and engaging deeply with the art & economy program at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

In the serene ambiance of her studios, one nestled in the Vienna Woods and the other amidst the tranquil beauty of Korčula, Petra Forman finds her muse in the natural world. These sanctuaries are not just physical spaces but wellsprings of inspiration where the whisper of leaves and the ripple of water coalesce into a symphony of creativity. Her commitment to art is further evidenced by her academic endeavors and participation in international exhibitions, from Paris to New York, showcasing her global artistic footprint.

Petra Forman: The Essence of Creative Inspiration

For Petra Forman, art is not merely an occupation but a way of being, a lens through which the world is perceived and experienced. Her inspirations are as varied as life itself, drawing from dreams, memories, and the subtle nuances of everyday encounters. The genesis of her art lies in these myriad stimuli, which converge and transform into a unique artistic language that is distinctly Forman’s. This process, an intricate dance of idea and execution, mirrors her philosophy of life—ever-evolving, deeply introspective, and profoundly personal.

Since childhood, Forman’s life has been an unbroken thread woven with the colors of creativity. Her dedication to art, undeterred by the practicalities of life, eventually led her to devote herself entirely to her passion. The transformative year of 2008 marked a new chapter, one where exploration and experimentation became the guiding principles of her artistic odyssey. It was during this period that Forman’s art truly began to flourish, culminating in her commitment to full-time artistic endeavor in 2020, a decision that has since defined her path and her identity as an artist.

Unveiling the Layers: Petra’s Artistic Style

Petra Forman’s artistry is a captivating journey through textures, colors, and emotions, where each piece is a narrative unto itself. Her style, a harmonious blend of Croatian minimalism and ancient mysticism, invites the observer into a world where the visual experience is just the beginning. The “Skinless” series, a provocative exploration of human vulnerability and emotion, stands as a testament to Forman’s ability to delve deep into the human psyche, presenting viewers with a raw and unfiltered reflection of themselves.

The tactile nature of her work, incorporating natural materials and a depth of texture, invites not just visual but physical interaction, encouraging a multi-sensory engagement with her art. Forman’s methodical layering of paint and incorporation of elements like red earth or rust imbue her pieces with a life of their own, creating a dynamic interplay between the artwork and its audience. This approach not only distinguishes her style but also serves as a bridge, connecting the viewer’s external reality with the internal realms of emotion and perception.

The Creative Process of Petra Forman

In the tranquil settings of her outdoor studios, with the Adriatic Sea and Neudörfler Lake as her backdrop, Petra Forman crafts her art in harmony with nature. Her workspace is a sacred space where peace prevails and creativity flows, allowing her to forge a deep connection with each piece she creates. Music and the natural world are constant companions in her artistic journey, providing a source of inspiration and focus that guides her hand and heart.

Forman’s process is a dance between preconception and spontaneity, where the initial vision of a piece is just the starting point of a transformative journey. This journey often leads to unexpected destinations, reflecting the dynamic interplay between artist and canvas. Her commitment to this process, allowing each work to evolve at its own pace, showcases her dedication to authenticity and depth in her art. In this space of creativity, distractions fade away, allowing Forman to immerse herself fully in the act of creation, where the only reality is the evolving masterpiece before her.

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