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“My ultimate goal is to touch the hearts of countless individuals through my art, aiming to disseminate a message of universal love.”

The Artistic Alchemy of Oil and Gold

Oscar Coffani, deeply immersed in the world of art from his earliest years, found himself perpetually beguiled by the hypnotic charm of hues, harmonies, and the cosmic spectacle. With the intention to refine his raw talent, he sought academic instruction at the highly regarded Art Institute in Guidizzolo (Mantova). His artistic proficiency evolved remarkably in this environment, leading to an honorable graduation in Painting from the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia in 2003.

Adding another feather to his cap, Coffani displayed his intellectual versatility by obtaining a distinctive accolade in Psychoanalytic Psychology from the University of Padua in 2008. The artist’s academic path was characterized by a deep exploration into the realm of symbols and the examination of spirituality-related themes.

The driving force behind Coffani’s intellectual pursuits and creative explorations is his intrinsic desire to go beyond superficial perceptions and to decode the underlying truth masked by superficial appearances. His unwavering commitment to his studies and creative ventures serves to satiate this profound yearning—to decipher the unseen substratum that dwells beneath the visible facade.

In the pursuit of capturing the quintessence of existence through his work, Coffani explores themes of hidden versus apparent, eternal versus temporal, and infinite versus finite. The canvas serves as his platform for this profound investigation, enabling him to engage on a quest guided by intuition and fueled by the emotions conjured during the artistic process. His art, thus, becomes a conduit through which he embarks on this exploratory journey, in a ceaseless attempt to touch the heart of existence itself.

Oscar Coffani: Transcending Reality through the Canvas

Oscar Coffani, in his artistic endeavors, exhibits a strong predilection for oil on canvas, deftly using it as a medium for his expressive representation. His works incorporate a unique juxtaposition of materials both humble and noble. The earthy simplicity of jute serves as a symbol of our raw foundation, deftly integrated into his creations, while the resplendent gold leaf signifies the radiant manifestation of our immortal soul, an effervescent embodiment of pure love—an intrinsic element defining our authentic nature.

Coffani finds profound comfort and solace in his artistic process, typically undertaken in solitary stillness, often in the hush of the evening. Each brush stroke, a manifestation of his inner self, simultaneously mirrors and is mirrored within his artwork, forming an intricate web of reflections. In the course of this introspective journey, Coffani uncovers hitherto undiscovered aspects of his identity and profound insights about the world at large.

There exist moments in Coffani’s creative process when he transcends the palpable reality, venturing into a secret realm divorced from the confines of time and space, accompanied only by his contemplative thoughts. In these fleeting instances, his canvas becomes a conduit for the exploration and expression of his deepest consciousness.

Capturing the Universal Consciousness on Canvas

The artistic output of Oscar Coffani emanates from an intimate communion with the marvels of nature, igniting a profound sense of awe at the vibrancy and ubiquitous life force infusing all of existence. His work echoes a universal consciousness, omnipresent and brimming with love, that brings everything into animated existence. The budding of a flower, the emergence of a tender grass blade – these simple wonders stir in Coffani an acute awareness of this pervasive energy, propelling him to capture his deep-seated wonderment onto the canvas, as this universal consciousness dwells within him as well.

The evolution of Coffani’s artistic oeuvre can be parsed into three distinctive cycles. His journey embarked on the exploration of the “Inner Landscapes,” envisioned realms that exist solely within the depths of his imaginative prowess, defying the confines of physical reality. Subsequently, he navigated the abstract expanse of the “Informal” series, culminating with the artistry of the “Portraits.” The latest addition to Coffani’s repertoire is the “Gold Series,” characterized by the spontaneous creation of artworks within an impressively short span of 20 to 30 minutes.

While the subjects of Coffani’s work may span diverse realms, they remain invariably tethered to a radiant nucleus, symbolic of an eternal soul that ceaselessly pulsates, invigorating life around it. In his portraits, this nucleus frequently assumes the embodiment of the heart; in the Informal series, it radiates as a luminous white epicenter; in the Landscapes, it materializes as a luminescent point or perhaps the deep-red lifeblood coursing through arboreal veins. Ultimately, Coffani’s artistry channels this nucleus as the energetic epicenter of the heart – the source from which love exhales life into the material world, animating its every facet.

Oscar Coffani: Inner Landscapes of the Psyche

In the expansive oeuvre of Oscar Coffani, there exists a distinctive series of works known as the “Inner Landscapes,” which he cherishes with a unique sense of pride and gratification. These compelling compositions, constituting Coffani’s primary artistic output, serve as profound introspective voyages into the recesses of his psyche. Residing beyond the strictures of temporal and spatial dimensions, these internal landscapes transcend the typical boundaries of our perceived reality.

Embracing an ambitious artistic aim, Coffani endeavors to resonate deeply with his audience through his creative expression, disseminating a universally resonant message of love. His steadfast belief in his artistic practice fuels his aspiration for his paintings to act as catalysts, guiding viewers toward an appreciation of sublime Beauty. This, in turn, encourages introspection into their personal inner realms and an acknowledgment of the magnificence of existence.

The aesthetic encounter, as Coffani conceives it, possesses transformative power, expanding consciousness and sparking a profound yearning to cultivate boundless love. While the tangible manifestation of art—his paintings—may yield to the inevitable decay of time, the indelible essence persists in the emotions stirred within the beholder. In Coffani’s philosophy, this eternal resonance forms the essence of the artistic purpose. Art, in its purest form, serves as a powerful conduit of emotions and ideas, a medium whose significance dwindles if it fails to establish a deep, heartfelt connection.

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