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“I enjoy turning off my head and letting myself be guided by impressions that come to me from the outside world, which are then processed internally and finally brought back to the outside world as an expression of my inner life.”

Merging Conventional and Avant-Garde: Natalie’s Artistic Odyssey

Embarking on a transformative journey through art, Natalie Egger has seamlessly intertwined her personal and academic explorations with her creative endeavors. Her portfolio, a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of innumerable inspirations, invites onlookers into a world where the conventional and the avant-garde gracefully collide. Egger finds a muse in the myriad facets of everyday life, often deriving insights from her meanderings through urban landscapes and her travels beyond. The artist’s work, particularly in the digital domain, exhibits a keen eye for the synchronicity of patterns, colors, and structures, skillfully transforming the mundane into the unexpected through her photography.

Moreover, Egger’s artistry extends beyond the digital, plunging into the tangible world with her acrylic paintings and pencil drawings. These particular mediums lend themselves to a different set of inspirations, predominantly reflecting her enchantment with the human form. Dance, performance theater, and fashion stand out as poignant influences, suffusing each piece with a rhythmic and aesthetic coherence that whispers of motion and materiality. Here, the human face and body are not merely subjects but narrators, telling tales of expressive movement and stylistic elegance through every brushstroke and pencil line.

Intriguingly, while her art pivots on the axis of varied influences, Egger does not anchor her work to a singular source of inspiration. Rather, she allows her artistic direction to be gently guided by unexpected discoveries and spontaneous insights, ensuring a fresh and evolving dynamism within her portfolio. To delve deeper into the artist’s background and explore her diverse collection, interested individuals may visit Unison Art Space.

Natalie Egger: The Evolution of a Digital Art Maven

Natalie initiated a singular collaboration on Instagram when she embarked on her professional career in 2015, adroitly blending her poignant photographic edits with the literary pieces of a social media partner, all under the creative label “Tailored Dreams.” This initial exploratory venture into the boundless domain of art photography became a catalyst for further artistic exploration and development for Egger. In a pursuit of technical proficiency and a deeper conceptual understanding of visual art, she willingly submerged herself into drawing courses two years later. These educational pursuits were decidedly focused on the intricacies of figurative and portrait drawing, solidifying both drawing and painting as steadfast elements in her daily creative explorations.

In a continued pursuit of academic and practical enhancement in her field, Egger enrolled in a master’s program at the prestigious University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2018. This provided a fertile environment where her interest burgeoned into a discerning exploration of street art. Egger’s intellectual and practical foray into this vibrant art form was profoundly captured in her 2019 master thesis. Titled “The Influence of Social Networks on the Art Movement Street Art & Their Impact on the Level of Popularity of Female Street Artists – by the Example of Instagram”, the study offered a nuanced insight into the symbiotic relationship between digital social platforms and the recognition and ascendancy of women within the street art movement.

Natalie Egger’s journey from social media collaboration to mastering the academic and practical aspects of art underscores a seamless blend of technological savvy and a genuine adherence to the explorative and expressive possibilities within the art world. The artist’s trajectory demonstrates a potent combination of digital and physical art forms, ultimately portraying her as an artist comfortably nested at the intersection of classical artistry and modern digital interaction. This harmonious convergence positions Egger as not merely an observer but as a participative influencer in contemporary artistic dialogues.

Beyond Canvas: Natalie’s Flourish in Multidisciplinary Artistic Fields

In 2020, the artistic landscape witnessed a notable emergence with the publication of Natalie Egger’s inaugural artbook, “[visual_diGITaL]aRt|concepts| 111 selected artworks by NataliE”. This period also illuminated Egger’s adept involvement in various group exhibitions within Austria, a host of online showcases, and three intrepid street art projects. Furthermore, her creative pursuit gracefully extended into the domains of experimental text and occasional short filmmaking, illustrating a breadth of capabilities not strictly tethered to the conventional canvas.

Navigating through diverse artistic fields, Natalie Egger showcases an appreciation for a range of forms, including photography, digital art, and traditional fine arts, without binding herself to a single medium. A distinct attraction is observed toward combining various media, wherein the merging of drawings with photographic elements has notably struck a chord with the artist.

While the Alte Meister/Old Masters subtly infuse their influence into Egger’s portraiture, it is the omnipresent patterns and structures permeating everyday life that overwhelmingly captivate her artistic fascination. Her work subtly hints at a nuanced appreciation of these ordinary, yet paradoxically complex elements, weaving them into a tapestry that seamlessly blends classical inspirations with contemporary expressions. Thus, Egger stands as an exemplar of multi-disciplinary exploration, embodying a pervasive curiosity that gracefully dances across diverse creative planes.

Natalie Egger: An Insight into a Pivotal Triptych Series

A piece that embodies a special meaning to me is a series of digital artworks under the Triptych banner, where I juxtapose aspects of Mother Nature against the elements of our bustling, modern life. Developed from snapshots taken during a trip to Italy, I creatively amalgamate different photos or photos with my pencil drawings, like integrating an image of a person’s back with natural elements like seaweed, red clover, and a shell. This series underscores the contrast between our hectic, unconscious life in modern capitalism and the intrinsic human desire to reconnect with nature and, by extension, with our inner selves. It signifies a reintegration into nature that not only promises the regeneration of Mother Earth but also profoundly aids the needed regeneration of mankind.

While I navigate through various artistic mediums and dream of exploring sculpture, a field where I currently lack experience, my ultimate dream project is a solo exhibition that comprehensively showcases my work.

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