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“For me, a painting can be a portal to history. It brings memories, feelings and other connections to the place and time where it first resonated with me.”

The Making of a Graphic Design Visionary

Mirza Talovic, a renowned Art Director based in Linköping, Sweden, was born in Bosnia Herzegovina and relocated to Sweden with his family at the tender age of two. Throughout his childhood, Talovic found joy in various activities such as sketching, drawing, skateboarding, and indulging in movies and music. His fascination with computers and technology emerged later in life, and it was not until he reached the age of 21 that he discovered his profound passion for graphic design.

Pursuing a degree in media technology provided Talovic with a solid foundation in the theoretical aspects of computer graphics. This knowledge proved invaluable when he began mastering various software programs. Although his university education included a few practical courses that introduced him to the essentials of Adobe programs, he primarily honed his skills through self-directed learning. Throughout his four years at the institution, Talovic’s ardor for graphic design intensified, leading him to dedicate much of his free time to refining his craft.

Scandinavian Influence and the Ongoing Poster Project

Raised in Sweden, Mirza Talovic’s artistic sensibilities have been profoundly shaped by the principles of Scandinavian design, which emphasizes simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. This aesthetic movement gained prominence in the 1950s across the Nordic countries and resonates deeply with the artist.

Talovic’s work is also strongly influenced by the International Typographic Style, renowned for its structured and functional approach to graphic design. He perceives a direct connection between this style and the minimalist ethos prevalent in Scandinavian design.

In response to the onset of the pandemic, Talovic embarked on a personal challenge to create one poster every day, seeking a creative outlet and a platform to hone his skills. Now surpassing the three-year milestone, this ongoing poster project has become his most cherished endeavor. The artist regards the entire project, rather than any individual piece, as his favorite creation. This rewarding undertaking has significantly broadened his creative horizons and enriched his skillset as a professional artist.

Creative Inspirations and Pursuing Personal Development

Mirza Talovic draws inspiration from an array of sources, encompassing diverse elements both minute and grand. His creative process is fueled by music, architecture, poetry, cinema, art, historical graphic design, and corporate identities. He has a penchant for discovering inspiration in the world around him, demonstrating an eye for the extraordinary within the ordinary.

The ideal workspace for Talovic would be a personal studio, equipped to facilitate the creation of both digital and analog artwork, enabling the seamless integration of both mediums. This environment would be tailored to foster his artistic growth and exploration.

Talovic’s primary objective in practicing graphic design is personal development. He grants himself the freedom to select subjects and concepts that resonate with him, without the constraints of external expectations or predetermined themes.

In the early stages of his career, Talovic focused heavily on technique, which occasionally led to subpar hierarchy and composition in his work. This focus resulted in a visually chaotic style that lacked coherence. Over time, however, he has shifted his priorities towards emphasizing the underlying concept of his art.

Today, Talovic places a greater emphasis on the importance of concept, and in some cases, it becomes the central focus of his work. He strives to maintain simplicity in his designs, carefully eliminating any elements that do not directly contribute to the message he aims to convey. This refined approach has led to the evolution of a more coherent and effective visual style.

Mirza Talovic and Future Endeavors

Mirza Talovic’s creative process has become significantly more refined over time, allowing him to place complete trust in it. This confidence enables him to generate artwork even during periods of diminished inspiration or motivation. Talovic recognizes that by simply engaging with the process and dedicating time to his craft, he will ultimately be led towards a meaningful outcome.

A project that captivates the artist’s imagination involves designing an interactive museum exhibition. He envisions working with expansive physical spaces, various mediums, and cutting-edge technologies to sculpt a truly impactful experience for visitors.

For Talovic, art serves as a sanctuary for contemplation and reflection. It stimulates his thoughts and encourages the formation of new questions. In his view, a painting can act as a gateway to history, evoking memories, emotions, and connections to the moments and locations where it first resonated with him.

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