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“Once I found out what fractals were, a love was born, all of the sudden the complex look of nature life forms was unlocked by simple mathematical formulas that could change based on input change.”

Nature Meets Network: The Genesis of Scappin’s Digital Fascination

Matteo Scappin, born in 1993, hails from the captivating landscapes of Italy’s Dolomites. In this environment, the omnipresent splendor of nature becomes an undeniable force. As Scappin matured, his inquisitiveness towards the intricate workings of the natural realm deepened. During his academic tenure at the Technical Institute for Computer Science, he acquired profound knowledge in diverse fields including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and most notably, computer science. While many are drawn to subjects that focus on human experiences, Scappin found his passion in challenging school networks and exploring algorithms that mirrored natural phenomena in digital spaces.

One of the pivotal moments in his intellectual journey was his encounter with fractals. These elegantly simple mathematical constructs, which adapt and evolve with varying inputs, astonishingly mirrored the intricate aesthetics of organic life. Being an individual with a keen visual sense, Scappin was utterly enthralled by the hypnotic progression of fractals. This intrigue prompted him to delve further into graphics, elevating the quality of his investigative studies. Time has elapsed, but Scappin’s intrigue with the simultaneously abstract and recognizable charm of fractals persists.

Matteo Scappin: Discovering the Artistic Self Amidst Pixels and Fractals

Matteo Scappin, while not initially seeking recognition as an artist, inadvertently captured the attention of many who perceived him as such. His journey began with a modest dissemination of his creations on social media platforms. Yet, over time, Scappin came to the profound realization that the superficial metrics of “likes” did not truly capture the depth and nuance of his artistic endeavors. This epiphany led him to retain nearly 95% of his oeuvre, placing a greater emphasis on honing techniques that would deepen his artistic exploration, free from the cacophony of external validation.

A pivotal moment in Scappin’s career transpired in 2018, when he crossed paths with Jesper Nybroe, a luminary in the art world celebrated for his VFX compositing on illustrious film projects. Bound by a shared passion for fractals, the two embarked on a collaborative venture, giving birth to Machina Infinitum, a venture dedicated entirely to the intricate universe of fractals. Through their synergistic efforts, they crafted music videos for esteemed bands such as Metallica and Mastodon, and contributed to cinematic sequences for a myriad of clients, not to mention their original short films.

Sourcing Serenity: Scappin’s Creative Process and Digital Aesthetic

In delineating his stylistic evolution, Matteo Scappin’s artistic trajectory exhibits a mercurial fluidity, making it challenging to confine him to a singular aesthetic. Nonetheless, the pieces displayed under the moniker @machina-infinitum deeply echo Scappin’s distinctive imprint and unparalleled content. He frequently explores the vast expanse of abstract dimensions, deliberately eschewing motifs that are overly anthropocentric. Scappin’s endeavors are meticulously crafted to encapsulate the sheer, unbridled splendor of recognizable geometries, acting as an homage to the delicate balance between chaos and symmetry.

For the wellspring of his creative vigor, Scappin looks to the untamed beauty of nature, drawing from verdant woods, meandering rivers, majestic mountains, floral landscapes, and diverse fauna. Reinvigorated by these natural wonders, Scappin’s primary tool becomes a state-of-the-art computer system augmented with internet access. Far from evading potential distractions, he welcomes those that stir his curiosity or offer a pragmatic application. Infrequently faced with stringent project timelines, when they do present themselves, they often harmonize with his fervent interests, rendering the creative journey profoundly gratifying.

Matteo Scappin: Inspirations and Future Aspirations

In the vast tapestry of artists he admires, not all necessarily influence Scappin’s designs at Machina. His artistic palette is diverse, imbibing elements from photography, cinema, and a plethora of visual art forms. This versatility enables him to seamlessly integrate nuances from a myriad of sources. Notably, a recent short film titled “Clouds Are Not Spheres,” showcased under the Machina banner, resonates deeply with Scappin. While the initial concept sprouted from his imagination, it was Jesper who lent vitality to this vision. The narrative pivots on a thought-provoking assertion by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, which delves into the intricate fractal nuances evident in natural manifestations like clouds, rivers, and trees. With this piece, the aim was to interpret Benoît’s insights through a distinctly abstract prism.

Scappin’s exploration of his chosen medium feels less like a deliberate pursuit and more a fortunate discovery. Even though computer graphics stand as his foremost expressive outlet, photography holds a special place in his heart. He has ventured into the world of painting, a journey he describes as an amalgam of solace and vexation. On the horizon of his aspirations, Scappin envisions crafting a short film that enchants cinephiles, creating an avenue for him to receive feedback and understand their interpretations. Nonetheless, etching a distinctive mark in the expansive canvas of the art domain remains an arduous journey.

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