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“My work is an immersion into the unknown. Cause and effect remain diffuse with these surfaces and abstract forms, which overlap and penetrate each other until depths emerge”

The Evolution of a Creative Visionary

Marco Jacconi is a multifaceted artist from Bern, Switzerland, drawing richly from his Italian and Moroccan lineage. Currently residing in Zurich, Jacconi is renowned not only for his artistic prowess but also for his extensive background in the realm of graphic design. He once spearheaded his own agency as a creative director, working hand-in-hand with eminent entities in luxury, beauty, and fashion, both from his homeland and on an international scale.

In the 1990s, Jacconi’s artistic journey truly commenced. In collaboration with a partner from the Wallhalla design agency, he became an integral part of the Swiss Graphic Design and Digital Art Avantgarde. Their work, predominantly centered around cutting-edge graphic design and digital art in subcultural domains, earned notable recognition. Indeed, their creations were exhibited at the esteemed Kunsthalle Bern, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with illustrious artists such as Ugo Rondinone and Sylvie Fleury. While Jacconi’s initial exploration into the art world blossomed in his twenties, it was deep-seated personal experiences in later life that reignited his passion and commitment to artistic expression.

Marco Jacconi: A Dance of Shadows, Light, and Ethereal Beauty

Marco Jacconi’s artistic endeavors are distinguished by an unrestrained, individualistic, and mystical approach. Immersing himself in fluid and indeterminate processes, Jacconi cultivates a presence that fosters ceaseless innovation. Throughout his creative journey, his pieces undergo myriad transformations, evolving organically until they attain their ultimate expression. This method, both intuitive and organic, necessitates Jacconi’s engagement in a dance of action and surrender.

Jacconi perceives his art as a potent manifestation of energy, emanating from deep within, creating an impression of surfaces under palpable tension. Such dynamism gives rise to contrasts and juxtapositions, imbuing his creations with vitality, enchantment, and a touch of the ethereal. In his recent oeuvre, “Shapes of the Deep”, Jacconi masterfully harnesses contrasts in hue and form, with an accentuated interplay of light and shadow, crafting an ambiance that is at once dramatic, enigmatic, and bordering on the divine.

A Fusion of Baroque, Avant-Garde, and Personal Catharsis

In Marco Jacconi’s studio, the primary tools at his disposal range from the modern capabilities of a computer to the traditional essence of paints, modeling paste, and varnish. Jacconi is deeply committed to cultivating an ambiance of tranquility and concentration; he diligently curtails digital distractions, particularly those emanating from smartphones.

Throughout the years, a myriad of artists spanning diverse styles have enriched Jacconi’s creative palette. Yet, it is the Baroque maestro, Caravaggio, who has indelibly marked him. Jacconi remains enamored by the profound depth, evocative drama, and chiaroscuro technique inherent in Caravaggio’s oeuvre. Similarly, the avant-garde genius of Lucio Fontana, famed for his groundbreaking “concetto spaziale” – a method of piercing or slitting canvases – also captivates him.

“Catharsis,” a significant piece within Jacconi’s repertoire, is emblematic of both his personal connection to his work and an evolutionary shift in his artistic expression. This masterpiece marks his transition from harmonious organic forms to a more expansive and dynamic portrayal.

Marco Jacconi: Digital Dreams Meet Tactile Reality

Marco Jacconi’s artistic inclination leans prominently towards the realm of mixed media. He begins his creative process with evocative digital compositions, seamlessly weaving in personal photographs and digital shapes. Once these creations are rendered on canvas, Jacconi enhances them with gel medium, varnish, paint, and other tactile materials, thereby bestowing upon them a profound texture and depth. Such a stratified methodology engenders a vibrant dialogue between the artwork’s surface and its foundational content. For Jacconi, the world of Digital Art unfolds as an expansive and adaptive domain, harmoniously resonating with his intuitive and unrestrained aesthetic.

Looking towards the horizon of his artistic journey, Jacconi harbors aspirations of sculpting grand and distinctive pieces, delving into a medley of materials. His vision extends beyond mere display; he envisages these sculptures taking their place alongside his paintings, potentially intertwined with video elements. The aim? To curate an immersive experience in an expansive, muted chamber, a space where the confines of time and space dissolve into obscurity.

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