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“The fact that other people were interested in my work has always been an incentive to continue imagining new forms and novel meanings through my practice.”

Embracing Diverse Artistic Influences as Part of the Creative Process

Jorge Simes, an Argentinian-born artist, has established an impressive career in the world of fine arts. Having obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in printmaking and drawing, Simes began showcasing his work in galleries within Argentina. Later, he relocated to the United States, settling in Chicago, where he has resided for the majority of his life.

Simes’ artwork is influenced by a diverse array of subjects, yet a recurrent theme prevails throughout his oeuvre: the allure of uncovering visual analogies. By delving into the connections between images and content, Simes translates these relationships into novel, captivating visuals through various artistic mediums, consistently revealing new and compelling images.

“A brief moment of insight”                                          “The Memory of trees”

An Everlasting Passion for Creating and Innovating

From a young age, Jorge Simes exhibited a passion for drawing and creating images, a passion that persisted throughout his life. Upon entering art school, Simes found himself immersed in a vibrant universe of diverse forms and content, which continued to expand through subsequent explorations of various artistic movements, travels, literature, and cinema. The interest of others in his work has consistently served as a driving force for Simes, inspiring him to continually envision and create innovative forms and meanings within his artistic practice.

Simes’ interests span a range of disciplines, encompassing painting, works on paper, and artist books, among others. He often adopts a thematic approach, working in series that consist of interconnected images, which together forge a distinctive visual language marked by its own syntax and structure. Nevertheless, each individual piece within a series remains a singular expression of an idea or sensation, embodying its own unique artistic value.

“The garden of forking paths”                            “Totem degli ucellini inammorati “

The Importance of Technique and the Artist’s Sanctuary

Jorge Simes’ creative process invariably commences with a sketch, a note, or a thought-provoking image that finds a harmonious counterpart in association with a contrasting thought, image, or content. This process may transpire instantaneously, while in other instances, it requires months or even years to fully mature. For Simes, technical proficiency holds paramount importance as it serves as the sole authentic means of compellingly articulating a concept that may have remained unexpressed despite the vast array of images produced throughout art history. The employment of proper technique lends validation to the artwork in a manner unparalleled, enabling the image to resonate with the viewer.

Simes’ studio embodies a tranquil sanctuary, a haven where he can disengage from external distractions and disturbances, allowing him to decipher visual analogies and witness the manifestation of his ideas. The journey to creative fruition, however, is seldom devoid of challenges, as these struggles constitute an integral component of the learning process.

“Hymn”                                          “Mythical origins”

Watercolor Exploration and the Beauty of Abstract Expression

Over the past four years, Jorge Simes has devoted his artistic talents to exploring watercolor as a medium. He produces both large and small pieces, pushing the boundaries of traditional watercolor art by incorporating influences from various moments in art history and philosophy. Simes approaches his work with a sense of contemplative humor, as delicate as the water utilized in his watercolor creations. This journey of artistic exploration remains ongoing for the artist.

Simes appreciates the profound sense of otherness and beauty that accomplished art can provide, regardless of whether it originates from another artist or from within his own creative process. This appreciation extends to diverse forms of art, such as paintings, films, and music. Simes believes that the human race thrives on abstract expression, as evidenced by the abstract nature of language and various art forms.

For aspiring artists embarking on their creative journeys, Simes offers the following advice: never cease to dream, take risks, create every image that sparks excitement, continuously learn, and periodically reflect on one’s artistic progress. By embracing this approach, emerging artists can cultivate their skills and develop a richer understanding of their own creative potential.

“The last step is the lightest”                      “Shipwreck on the island of binary values”

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