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“By distorting things, by twisting reality, I find that we get closer to the truth of things.”

Duga’s Unconventional Path: Science, Art, and a Radiologist’s Dream

Christian Dugardeyn, renowned by his artistic alias “Duga”, hails from Brussels where, during his formative years, he exhibited a profound affinity for art. From a tender age, he engrossed himself in the realms of drawing and painting, making use of an array of materials at his disposal.

While his academic prowess in Brussels garnered him accolades in disciplines such as chemistry, physics, and biology, Dugardeyn found himself at a crossroads. His educators foresaw a promising future for him in medicine, yet the allure of the arts remained irresistible.

Taking a distinctive route, Duga pursued his studies at Beaux-Arts Brussels as well as his medical studies, specializing in medical imaging with an ambition to become a radiologist. This atypical journey enabled him to intertwine his medical aspirations with his fervent passion for art. Over time, Duga’s artistic methods evolved beyond traditional techniques. He experimented with various mediums, from paper and canvas to more avant-garde surfaces like aluminum and plexi. As he progressed, he incorporated wood and bronze sculpture into his growing artistic arsenal.

Duga’s Evolution: Figurative Roots to ‘Figurabstractif’ Mastery

Over the years, Duga has transitioned from showcasing his masterpieces at art fairs to hosting distinguished solo exhibitions. Presently, his oeuvre graces numerous galleries and online platforms.

Duga characterizes his artistry as a harmonious interplay of free expression and profound emotion. His work seamlessly marries elements of art brut, post-contemporary modern art, free figuration, and a duality of figurative and abstract contemporary expressionism. For almost three decades, the artist immersed himself in figurative art, initiating each masterpiece without a predetermined conclusion. This approach not only imbued his work with spontaneity but also provided him with unparalleled joy. Yet, Duga’s perpetual exploration and innovation ushered him into the world of abstraction, culminating in the genesis of a unique style he aptly dubs ‘figurabstractif’.

The Heartbeat of Duga’s Craft: Emotions, Inspirations, and Melodies

At the heart of Duga’s oeuvre lies the intricate tapestry of human emotion, encompassing joy, grief, trepidation, paradoxes, and feelings in their purest forms. Rather than conveying explicit messages, Duga’s masterpieces mirror the multifaceted reflections of life and the spectrum of human sentiments. He ardently wishes for spectators to discern a reflection of their own narratives within the contours of his pieces, forging a personal connection.

Duga’s sanctuary for creation is his workspace, a realm pulsating with instinctual artistry. There are moments when he finds himself immersed in his studio, perhaps absentmindedly arranging tools or reacquainting with previous creations, often accompanied by ambient melodies. Such rituals serve as an escape from the quotidian, guiding him into his creative realm. His artistic journey is a fluid one, characterized by concurrent endeavors on various canvases. This visceral approach necessitates a foundation, highlighting contrasts, illumination, and form, while simultaneously celebrating serendipitous strokes of artistry.

When it comes to inspirational sources, Duga finds a profound resonance with primitive art forms such as African, Oceanic, art brut, and the uninhibited expressions of children’s art. Seminal exhibitions by luminaries like Dubuffet and Chaissac left indelible impressions on Duga’s artistic philosophy, bolstering his commitment to spontaneity and raw instinct. The kinetic energy of Street Art, marked by its effortless gestures and vibrant chromatic range, piques his interest. Icons like Picasso and Basquiat, alongside the broader realm of Street Art, captivate him with their distinct perspectives on character distortion.

Duga’s Mediums and Future Aspirations: A Tapestry of Versatility

In the realm of artistic mediums, Duga exhibits a versatile mastery, embracing an eclectic mix of materials ranging from acrylic, oil, and ink to aerosol and pencil. These mediums find their expression on an array of supports, encompassing canvas, paper, aluminum, wood, bronze, and plexiglass. Each of his creations mirrors the prevailing state of his psyche; hence, Duga refrains from elevating one piece over another.

Gazing into the future, Duga’s aspiration is to persistently underscore his integral position within society as a celebrated artist. The artist community plays an indispensable role in eliciting profound thought, stirring emotions, and reshaping perceptions. Through his oeuvre, Duga endeavors to provoke contemplation, encouraging viewers to embark on introspective journeys and perceive the world through an altered lens. His ultimate dream pivots around broadening the horizons of his artistic outreach, fostering deeper connections between a global audience and his visionary interpretations.

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