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“I have gone from classical realism to social realism, and finally to the satirical work I now do.”

A Fusion of Artistic Passion and Scientific Pursuit

Donelli J. DiMaria ‘s fervent ardor for art has been a guiding light throughout his life. The tapestry of his formative years was intricately woven with the delicate strokes of pencils and pastels, the meticulous craftsmanship of jewelry-making, and the architectural precision of balsa wood constructions. Yet, while art undeniably formed the crux of DiMaria’s identity, he was not solely tethered to this realm. He also dedicated a considerable segment of his life to the disciplined world of science, engendering an amalgamation of both fields which forged a distinct path for him.

DiMaria’s academic pursuits served as a pivotal juncture in his journey from the world of science to the realm of art. College provided him an opportunity to minor in art, but it was the tutelage under a coterie of mentors that truly enriched his artistic savoir-faire. Of these, the most transformative was undoubtedly his apprenticeship with Cesare Borgia at the esteemed “Reilly League of Artists” situated in White Plains, NY. During this extensive twelve-year period under Borgia’s guidance, DiMaria remarkably balanced his commitment to art with his profession at IBM, where he served as a physicist. It wasn’t until the dawn of 2001 that he wholeheartedly yielded to his true calling, blossoming into a full-time artist.

Donelli J. DiMaria: From Realism to Impressionism

Donelli J. DiMaria’s artistic journey has experienced a profound evolution over the decades. In the span of the last 35 years, he has dedicated himself exclusively to the medium of oils, showcasing a masterful command of this art form. Despite this focus, DiMaria’s foundational expertise in drawing remains conspicuously present. He routinely engages with live models, deftly employing carbon pencils and chalk to capture the raw essence of his subjects. Those interested in delving deeper into this aspect of his work can peruse an extensive portfolio on his official website.

DiMaria’s artistic inspirations are deeply anchored in the rich legacies of the classical realists and Impressionists. Pioneering figures such as Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent, Degas, and Monet have left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities. Furthermore, in the realm of modern virtuosos, the works of Helen Van Wyk hold a distinctive place in shaping the nuances of DiMaria’s creations.

“Desert Rose”: An Intimate Glimpse into Personal Mastery

Donelli J. DiMaria’s evocative piece, “Desert Rose,” stands out as a testament to his profound artistic sensitivity. This exquisite painting captures the essence of his wife, herself an accomplished fiber artist, embodying a profound personal connection between the artist and his muse. Not only does the piece hold deep personal significance for DiMaria, but it has also garnered recognition in the art world. “Desert Rose” has graced the walls of several exhibitions, even earning a distinguished spot within a museum.

In crafting such masterpieces, DiMaria places significant emphasis on the ambiance of his workspace. Solitude and expansive surroundings are of paramount importance to him. To this end, he has dedicated an impressive 2,000-square-foot building solely as his artistic haven. Within this sanctuary, interruptions are sparse; however, DiMaria does make an exception for a few cherished companions. The comforting presence of his dogs offers the only welcome diversion in this serene space, adding a touch of warmth and inspiration to his creative process.

The Artistic Metamorphosis of Donelli J. DiMaria

Donelli J. DiMaria’s artistic odyssey is a testament to an enduring spirit of exploration and metamorphosis. Initially, he embarked on his artistic voyage by delving into the realms of watercolors and acrylics, with an emphasis on capturing the serene beauty of landscapes. However, 1988 marked a pivotal year in DiMaria’s career; it was then that he was introduced to the sublime world of oil painting. It was through the auspices of his wife that he became acquainted with the esteemed Cesare Borgia. Under Borgia’s tutelage, DiMaria found that oil paints impeccably resonated with his vision, allowing him to adeptly express the desired texture, edges, and vivacious colors of his compositions.

As DiMaria’s journey evolved, so did his thematic interests and stylistic expressions. Transitioning from classical realism, he ventured into the compelling realm of social realism. Presently, his fervor lies in crafting satirical masterpieces. He foresees these forthcoming pieces as monumental endeavors, characterized by the incorporation of multiple models and the execution of intricate compositional designs.

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