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“The best bit is the head space – concentrating on what you are doing and how to do it. This seems to be called a ‘flow state.’”

Crafting Rustic Mechanical Sculptures from Recycled Materials

Nik Ramage, an artist based in rural South Wales, has found inspiration in the vast open spaces that surround him. He specializes in crafting mechanical sculptures that either suggest or actually perform movements, often using easily identifiable mechanisms and recycled materials to achieve a rustic, garden shed aesthetic. Each sculpture is born of a distinct concept and takes on its own unique character as it takes shape.

Nik thrives in a workspace that provides ample space, an array of tools, and an abundance of materials such as scrap metal, junk, pulleys, and motors. Above all, he values the opportunity to fully immerse himself in his work and achieve a state of intense concentration commonly known as the “flow state.”

Exploring Creativity with a Free-Flowing Approach

Drawing inspiration from small details encountered in his daily life, such as phrases overheard or motifs from literature and film, Nik infuses his sculptures with a distinct personal touch.

To keep his creative output fresh and engaging, Nik Ramage intentionally seeks to avoid a linear approach to his production process by diversifying his projects. While maintaining thematic and stylistic consistency in his works, he prioritizes a free-flowing approach to their creation, which allows him to explore new ideas and experiment with different techniques. This approach has resulted in an evolution of his aesthetic, which is now more overtly articulated and technically refined, leading to a heightened sense of confidence in his execution.

Challenging Norms with Whimsical Sculptures along London’s M25

Nik’s creative process involves filtering incoming stimuli from the world through the lens of art, providing him with a perceptive outlook to examine the world around him. He finds a deep sense of satisfaction when his creative work is deemed structurally sound and well-articulated, and he considers enduring the test of time as a litmus test of excellence. This is evident in his earliest work, ‘Jelly Wobbler,’ which celebrates its 30th year, and he reflects on its endurance with pride.

Recently, Nik completed ‘Lemon Stroker,’ which, like its predecessor, explores the realm of gastronomy, and he feels content with its outcome. In this collection, he has thoughtfully included select pieces from his oeuvre, showcasing his range and versatility as an artist.

Insights into Nik Ramage’s Creative Process and Latest Project

Looking towards future projects, Nik envisions the creation of a fleet of wonky, slow-moving sculptures to be placed along London’s M25, the massive orbital road. These sculptures would include a bacon roll assembler for passing travelers, a falafel cannon for vegetarians, automated music created based on the flow of traffic, beaten out on various metals using a wheezing harmonium, a Rolls Royce made of rice, inflatable planets being pulled along, and a projection onto the road and into the sky during the night. While this undertaking would cause significant disruption to the flow of traffic, Nik is undeterred, and he sees it as an opportunity to challenge the norms and expectations of the public space. Through this project, Nik aims to create a unique and immersive experience for travelers, sparking their imagination and curiosity.

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