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“My art explores human concerns and relationships with society and nature, with a focus on individuality and freedom. Inspiration is drawn from daily life. Through my work, I have gained self-understanding.”

The Art of Zeljko Jancic Zec

Zeljko Jancic Zec is a visionary multimedia artist known for creating works that go beyond mere displays of aesthetic beauty and serve as profound commentaries on the human condition. His art explores complex themes related to humanity’s relationship with society and nature, approaching them with nuance and insight.

With a keen eye for detail and a philosophical mindset, Zeljko fearlessly tackles the most challenging questions of our time. A recurring theme in his works is the examination of individualism and how it intersects with the materialistic and consumerist society we live in. He raises questions about the possibility of maintaining individuality in the face of external pressures and the importance of individual freedom for society as a whole.

Having roots in Croatia and residing in Austria, Zeljko has a global perspective, shaped by the diverse cultural and social perspectives he encounters through his travels. His works are influenced by the social, cultural, and political elements of his surroundings and are characterized by a rich tapestry of color, texture, and symbolism.

A Journey Through Inner Reflection and World Crisis

Zeljko Jancic Zec invites viewers on a journey of discovery and contemplation through his art, encouraging examination of the world around us and finding one’s own place in it. He speaks to both the heart and mind, making him an artist of significance.

In his artistic practice, Zeljko Jancic Zec employs various forms of media, including photography, videography, performance, and painting. Since 2018, he has been fully engaged in his art cycle titled “People,” which involves delving into the depths of his innermost self. Through this creative endeavor, Zeljko confronts both his own suffering and pain, as well as the sense of release and catharsis that follows. Initially, he was unsure of the reason for this introspective journey, but over time, he came to realize that his art was foretelling of a world crisis. The portraits in the “People” cycle serve as protectors and symbols of resistance in the face of this impending crisis. To Zeljko, these portraits are harbingers or prophets of the crisis, providing him with strength in his fight against evil that now plagues the world. After nearly three years of creating this cycle, he has come to understand that the portraits of people he has created have transcended into something greater, resembling saints in their own right.

Exploring Freedom, Communication and the Human Experience through Art

Zeljko draws inspiration from the everyday experiences that surround him, particularly the concept of freedom, which he views as the ability to unleash one’s creativity, resist the influence of manufactured emotions, and the illusion of security that societal norms provide. His works often center around themes of existential self-discovery, such as the exiled seeking a sense of belonging or individuals striving to reconnect with their roots. Another subject matter of great significance to him is communication, which he perceives as a means of fostering understanding, acquiring knowledge, establishing trust, and embracing diversity.

Zeljko Jancic Zec strives to shed light on crucial issues of the time, particularly the impact of globalization and the widening wealth gap. His work serves as a reflection of his empathy for the natural world and its sufferings, as well as the intricacies of humanity’s relationship with the environment.

Jancic Zec approaches his art with a dynamic and evolving sensibility, constantly exploring new perspectives and mediums to bring his message to life. He delves deep into the human experience, peeling back the layers of our complex existence to reveal the realities of economic and social structures and how they shape society. Through his art, he aims to inspire a deeper understanding of these critical issues and spark meaningful conversations about the shared future.

Transformation Through Adversity: The Art of Zeljko Jancic Zec

Zeljko Jancic Zec is filled with a sense of pride for all the work that he has accomplished and is cognizant of the transformative experiences that have honed his character as both a person and an artist. He believes that change and adversity are fundamental to growth and personal advancement.

Since 2018, Zeljko has been deeply engaged with exploring the themes of humanity, and his art production reflects this ongoing inquiry. The recent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing conflicts have intensified his focus on questions such as: What can he do to make a difference? How can he offer assistance? How can one maintain their humanity in difficult times?

His art serves as a vessel for him to delve deeper into self-expression and provides him with a clearer understanding of the world around him. Engaging in his artistic pursuits has allowed Zeljko to gain a greater insight into himself and his place in the world.

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