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“The energy of this large piece was captivating, and it felt like it held a meaning that extended far beyond my time.”

Unveiling the Palette of Identities: Traversing Yulia Bas’s Global Journey

Growing up in Moscow, Yulia Bas felt the heartbeat of her Jewish roots every single day. The city, alive with stories and traditions, became the backdrop of her formative years. But life has its way of surprising us. Soon enough, Yulia found herself embracing new beginnings in Italy and, eventually, Spain. These weren’t mere relocations; they became transformative chapters in her life. With each move, she learned, she grew, and she dug deeper into understanding herself.

Then came an unexpected twist. For a brief moment, Yulia delved into the world of yacht design, building upon her architectural background. But it was the vibrant streets of Barcelona that truly resonated with her artistic spirit. Immersed in this new setting, she began to reflect her immigrant journey through her art. These pieces weren’t just art; they were glimpses into Bas’s soul, sharing stories of belonging and her ongoing quest to find home in a constantly evolving world.

The Depth of Yulia Bas: Beyond the Brush and Canvas

Yulia doesn’t just paint pictures; she tells stories. While Moscow shaped her early identity, her experiences around the world added layers to her sense of self. It’s not just about picking the right colors for her. She’s constantly reaching for things that most wouldn’t think of – cork, sand, bits of fabric, fallen leaves, and strands of yarn. Every material she picks up isn’t just for its look; it’s because it says something, it carries an emotion. When you stand before her work, she doesn’t want you just to see it; she wants you to feel it, to connect with it, to get a glimpse of the story she’s sharing.

But Yulia’s passion doesn’t end with the materials she uses. She’s captivated by the magic of performance. When you watch her video performances, you’re not just being an audience; you’re being invited to think, to reflect. Her focus on the portrayal of hands isn’t a random choice. To Yulia Bas, hands symbolize our choices, our actions, and the very essence of who we are. Step into her gallery and you’ll find that her artworks don’t stand alone. They interact with their surroundings, with each other, and most importantly, with you, pulling you into a deeper conversation with the essence of art itself.

Yulia Bas’s Journey: A Symphony of Inspirations and Discoveries

Art for Yulia Bas is a dialogue. She doesn’t merely create; she listens, immerses herself, and lets the giants who preceded her shape her path. Legends like Marina Abramovic, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and Thomas Houseago have been more than just sparks of inspiration; they’ve profoundly influenced her perspective and her bond with the world. Her encounter with “Gran Oval” by Antoni Tàpies was transformative. That piece, with its stirring beauty, communicated the very essence of art and its connection to life’s deeper truths.

Gone are the days when Bas’s touch was limited to the simplicity of charcoal or the gloss of oil on panel. Her hands now dance with an array of materials, embracing the texture of paper collages, the vivacity of acrylics, and the melding of water-based resins with materials that echo personal narratives. Observing Yulia in her element is like witnessing a ballet – a harmonious interplay between yarn, natural shapes, and a perpetually expanding palette of mediums. Every piece she creates isn’t just art; it’s a reflection of her, an expression of her ever-evolving voice amidst the expansive realm of sculpture and painting.

In the Quiet Moments: Yulia Bas and Mindful Creation

To Yulia, the journey of creating is just as crucial as the artwork itself. It’s not about ticking a task off a checklist; it’s a deeply meditative process. Amidst today’s constant hum and buzz, she finds her sanctuary in quiet moments, allowing her art to root itself in tranquility. This isn’t by chance. Bas recognizes the distractions of our digital age – those beeps, pings, and flashes that can easily sidetrack an artist. Armed with insights into the brain’s workings, she carves out a space where each brushstroke and decision stems from a place of purpose and passion.

Even though Yulia Bas might modestly say she’s only starting to tap into her artistry, her aspirations speak volumes. She envisions her artworks as more than mere displays – she sees gateways that pull viewers into emotional odysseys, plunging into the depths of the human psyche. Currently, she’s immersing herself in the world of performance art, bringing a fresh zest to her craft. On the brink of this exciting phase, Yulia is fired up to transform the energy of live performances into timeless masterpieces, showcasing another dimension of her endless artistic vision.

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