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“The underlying theme of my work is the human psyche.”

A Journey of Self-Discovery Through Artistic Expression

Yanna Nur Sinaaja, a woman, had difficulty adjusting and integrating into the social system at a young age, causing her to retreat into a personal world of dreams. In her artistic expressions, which took various forms such as body movement, drawing, and painting, she found a means of releasing her creative energy. Her works frequently featured symbols and metaphors, reflecting her innermost thoughts and emotions.

Yanna moved to London to study fine art, and during her time there, she was constantly searching for various faces and expressions that she could apply in her artworks. Later on, she lived and worked in Montreal.

As her personality underwent evolution and was shaped by a myriad of influences, ranging from her experiences to her environment and interactions with others, Yanna Nur Sinaaja’s artistic styles also underwent a transformation. Frequently drawing inspiration from her reveries, she possessed an innate ability to translate her introspective perceptions into both figurative and abstract paintings, as well as photography. Her inclination towards experimenting with unconventional angles and elevated expressions was palpable, and often, the subject of her artwork was none other than herself. Her desire to unravel the complexities of her own identity fueled her artistic drive, allowing her to mirror the multifarious facets of her being.

Exploring the Tactile Essence of Art

The majority of Yanna’s art pieces comprised of acrylic on canvas. Her artistic approach predominantly involved employing a varied array of physical appendages, such as her fingertips, palms, and other parts of her body, as tools for creative expression. Additionally, she frequently utilized assemblage techniques to imbue her works with a distinctive tactile quality. Moreover, Yanna had a predilection for incorporating natural materials into her artistry, further elevating the organic essence of her pieces.

Yanna Nur Sinaaja’s paintings consist mostly of acrylic on canvas. Her artistic style involves utilizing various parts of her body, such as her fingertips, palms, and other physical appendages, as tools for creative expression. She frequently employs assemblage techniques to infuse her artworks with a distinctive tactile quality. Additionally, Yanna has a penchant for incorporating natural materials into her art, further enhancing the organic essence of her pieces.

Yanna Nur Sinaaja’s Figurative Paintings

Yanna Nur Sinaaja is known for exploring the complexities of the human psyche through her figurative paintings. Her work revolves around emotive experiences such as hidden desires, repressed feelings, haunting memories, inner conflicts, joy, pain, and longing. She strives to capture the raw and primal essence of the human experience, often employing a certain naivety and atavistic quality to connect with our most fundamental energies.

Yanna believes that nature and humanity are deeply intertwined, and she seeks to convey this interconnection through her depictions of human figures and natural landscapes. She creates a contrast between her art and the artificial and dehumanized world around us, emphasizing the importance of connecting with our primal selves and the natural world.

Yanna’s work is a testament to her fundamental curiosity and interest in the human condition, seeking to shed light on the complexities of our emotional and psychological states. Through her art, she invites viewers to reflect on their own inner workings and the world around them.

Abstract Expressionism Rooted in Nature

Yanna Nur Sinaaja’s abstract paintings serve as portals into myriad expansions of consciousness, offering new ways of seeing and accessing dimensions where the natural and supernatural coexist in a superimposed state. She strives to find unique ways of perceiving the world and its beauty, taking inspiration from the roots of abstract expressionism found in nature herself.

Her art is a confessional expression of her personal history, visions, and energy, intricately woven through abstraction of color. Yanna finds comfort in natural environments, where she can recognize the divine intimacy that arises from understanding the world as an extension of herself.

She seeks to explore the darker and more enigmatic aspects of the human psyche, often contrasted with playful and childlike elements. Yanna’s curiosity leads her to delve into the full spectrum of emotional and intellectual complexity, resulting in works of art that capture motion, fertility, and erotic connectivity. Her pieces are characterized by their raw, pulsating vitality, representing the essence of organic matter.

To Yanna, all of her art pieces are unique and beautiful creations, each one a captured moment in motion that evolves with the interplay of light and shadow. Her dream project is to achieve a state of conscious dreaming, allowing her to create with profound authenticity and depth.

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