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“My ideal working environment is when I am alone in my studio, I lock myself in a kind of bubble where the rest of the world disappears.”

Jérôme Oudot Trëz’s Artistic Techniques and Process

Jérôme Oudot Trëz is a 39-year-old resident of Paris who pursued his education in CGI at an art school. He started presenting his creative pieces globally under the name “Trëz” in 2009. Initially, he focused on digital pieces due to his proficiency with various software applications. However, his training in traditional art techniques during his studies, including drawing, painting, and modeling, enabled him to develop into a versatile and multi-disciplinary artist.

Jérôme Oudot Trëz employs a variety of artistic techniques including drawing with graphite, charcoal, and blackchalk, painting with acrylics and collage, and digital media such as photomontage and digital painting. Despite the disparate methods used, there is a cohesive integration between them as each tool informs and enhances the other. For example, Jérôme may create digital works by merging photographic fragments of his paintings and drawings and then modifying them to produce unique pieces. In addition, he might create a digital photomontage as a blueprint for a painting or drawing. All of Jérôme’s techniques are interconnected, forming a unified body of work.

In his ideal working environment, Jérôme Oudot Trëz prefers to be alone in his studio, creating a bubble that insulates him from the outside world. During his creative process, he cannot be distracted by any other tasks, even those related to his art career, and he postpones them until he has finished creating.

Jérôme often listens to music while working, as it is an important source of inspiration for him. He particularly enjoys ambient music, which transports him to a place of disconnection from reality, deep within his creative bubble.

Themes and Influences in Jérôme Oudot Trëz’s Artistic Production

In Jérôme Oudot Trëz’s artistic production, the central themes revolve around the complexities of the human experience. He explores the relationship that individuals have with themselves, their pursuit of knowledge, their contradictions, as well as their interactions with others and the world around them. Trëz’s work is also characterized by a fascination with the concept of identity, as he seeks to delve deeper into the essence of the self beyond its external form.

Trëz’s artistic style draws on a diverse range of influences, including expressionism, neo-expressionism, dark surrealism, pop culture, mythology, spirituality, as well as the natural world, with a particular emphasis on the study of biology and anatomy.

In addition, Trëz’s creative process is heavily influenced by music, which serves as a rich source of inspiration. He often allows the sounds to guide him, resulting in a fusion of sound and image that gives his work a unique and compelling character.

In his artistic pursuits, Jérôme Oudot Trëz has undergone a continual evolution. He is an avid experimenter and thus finds himself unable to adhere to a single technique or mode of working. His practice draws upon a diverse range of techniques that are continuously replenished. During his creative process, he actively cultivates a sense of letting go and allows himself to discover what emerges. This approach yields a wealth of surprises and discoveries that compel him to experiment with new paths without end.

A Commitment to Sincerity and High Standards

Jérôme believes that his artistic style will continue to evolve throughout his life. His only goal is to remain sincere and to give his very best to his creative endeavors. What brings him immense satisfaction and reassurance is the universal recognition that his work has an unmistakable identity and coherence, despite the use of diverse techniques and ongoing evolution. This validation is immensely meaningful to him and a testament to the value of his artistic vision.

Jérôme takes pride in showcasing only those which meet his personal standards. Any pieces that do not meet his expectations are kept from public view. While he may have certain preferences among his creations, overall, he is content with what he has achieved thus far. Jérôme is also interested in understanding which pieces of his art resonate with viewers, as he values their opinions. He finds it reassuring that people have varying preferences, with some appreciating his drawings, others favoring his paintings, and still others enjoying his digital creations. If asked about his favorite piece of art, Jérôme would answer that it is always the next one he creates, as he is constantly seeking out new creative challenges.

Jérôme Oudot Trëz has created sculptures in the past and occasionally desires to revisit this art form. However, his studio is confined to a small space in his apartment, which restricts his creative possibilities. If he were to acquire a larger studio, he would relish the chance to experiment with various materials, such as bronze.

Art’s Role in Jérôme Oudot Trëz’s Life and Self-Discovery

Despite his yearnings, Jérôme is satisfied with his current situation and does not feel impeded or disenchanted in his creative endeavors. His ultimate goal is to continue pursuing his passion for creation for as long as possible.

Art has played an instrumental role throughout Jérôme’s life. Through his artistic pursuits, he has had the opportunity to engage with a vast array of remarkable artists and individuals, collaborating with them, exhibiting his works, and traveling the world.

As someone who finds it challenging to express himself verbally, Jérôme has found solace in art, which has become his preferred means of self-expression. Through his artistic creations, he is able to communicate his deepest musings and contemplations, exploring the nuances of his emotional landscape.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Jérôme’s artistic journey is the insight and self-discovery that his creations have allowed him to experience. By observing the reactions and interpretations of his audience, Jérôme has gained a deeper understanding of his own subconscious, with his works often revealing aspects of his psyche that he was not previously aware of.

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