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“My task as an artist is to reconstruct the things which have become unnecessary in daily life and create new value out of those things.”

Eri Kato’s Artistic Journey

Born and raised in Japan’s Aichi region in 1967, Eri Kato pursued her passion for contemporary art by enrolling at B Semi Schooling System in Kanagawa, Japan, where she honed her skills and techniques. Her debut showcase of artistic pieces came to fruition at the Hakushu Art Festival in Yamanashi in 1995, which opened the door to a series of exhibitions, competitions, and accolades that followed. Over the years, Eri’s artistic expressions have earned her numerous awards and recognition from peers and critics alike.

At the core of her creative vision, Eri aspires to breathe new life into objects and materials that may otherwise be deemed obsolete, creating unique and compelling value through the lens of art. She developed an acute sensitivity towards handling objects with utmost delicacy during her formative years. However, as Japan evolved into a rampant consumerist society, mass-produced and low-quality products replaced certain items that once held significant value in people’s lives. This stark contrast left Eri with a profound sense of dissonance, motivating her to restore purpose and vitality to those very items that were once cast aside.

Finding Inspiration in the Mundane

Indulging in art is a fundamental aspect of Eri Kato’s life. It has a revitalizing effect on her spirit, imbuing her existence with a sense of enrichment that is difficult to describe. Through her abstract artworks, she expresses herself using unconventional materials such as used cardboard boxes and scrap wood. The creative process is deeply satisfying, and she revels in the endless possibilities that these materials offer.

While drawing inspiration from the world of art, Eri Kato also finds herself captivated by everyday occurrences that may seem insignificant at first glance. The way light reflects off a surface, the patterns formed by shadows, or the intricate details of a leaf – these are all sources of inspiration that fuel her artistic expression. By being mindful of her surroundings and embracing the present moment, she is able to tap into a wellspring of creativity that allows her to produce art that is both unique and authentic.

Art as an Extension of the Self

In essence, the act of creating art is an extension of herself, a reflection of her thoughts and emotions that she brings to life through the use of repurposed materials and unconventional sources of inspiration. It is a source of immense joy and fulfillment, enriching her life in ways that go beyond the mere act of creating something beautiful.

Eri Kato utilized discarded materials in her initial artistic endeavors, incorporating used wood and cardboard boxes into her works. Drawing inspiration from her upbringing, she created pieces that were reflective of her personal experiences. However, after a prolonged period of artistic inactivity, Kato found that she no longer felt a strong urge to use discarded materials and began creating figurative objects using different mediums. Despite her efforts, she realized that her work had strayed from her original artistic intent, prompting her to contemplate her aspirations and experiment with various approaches. Through persistent self-reflection and exploration, Kato eventually arrived at her current artistic expression, understanding that it remains a continuous process of trial and error.

Aspiring to Inspire: Eri Kato’s Vision for her Artistic Future

Eri Kato, while striving to improve her artistic works, honestly admits to being dissatisfied with their current state. She diligently works to enhance their quality to the best of her ability, with the expectation that her pieces will undergo significant transformations over time.

Eri Kato has lofty goals as an artist, aspiring to create works that inspire and delight people globally. She dreams of organizing workshops, exhibitions, and collaborating with artists from around the world to expand her artistic horizons and learn from other creatives. With a commitment to continually refining her art, Eri Kato aims to produce exceptional works that capture the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

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