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“After my dad died, I painted ‘Sunset of Life’ with shining yellow and orange clouds and sky.”

Embracing Art Through Adversity

Viviane Baier-Angi ‘s trajectory into the art world is as compelling as her canvases. Born of Swiss and Italian descent, she grew up with creativity pulsing through her veins, a gift from her Roman artist father. Viviane’s early years were saturated with the practice of translating her surroundings and fantasies onto paper and canvas. However, it was not until she faced personal health challenges that Viviane transformed her artistic inclinations from a simmering passion into a definitive career path. These trials did not diminish her spirit; instead, they sharpened her focus, turning art into a sanctuary and a professional calling.

The resilience of Baier-Angi is evident in her dedication to her craft. Her childhood fascination with art never waned, instead it flourished amidst life’s unpredictabilities. This fortitude has established her as an artist who does not shy away from the rigors of a demanding vocation. Viviane’s creative process became a testament to her commitment to art, underscoring the seriousness with which she engaged with her lifelong passion. Her illness, rather than being a setback, served as a catalyst, propelling her toward embracing her creative destiny with unwavering resolve.

Viviane Baier-Angi: Inspiration from Nature’s Depths

The deep blue vastness of the sea and the ephemeral beauty of sunsets have profoundly influenced Viviane Baier-Angi’s abstract artistry. For 16 years, as she navigated the waves as a Diving Instructor and Whale watching guide, the dynamic seascapes she encountered seeped into her artistic vision. The ceaseless motion of water and its infinite hues became a recurring motif in her work, particularly within her landscape paintings and water-themed pieces. This extensive period amidst the elements provided a boundless source of inspiration, fueling her creativity with each voyage.

In her artistic haven, Baier-Angi insists on the autonomy to engage with her art without constraints, even when it comes to her immediate environment. Her workspace is a sacred realm where orderliness gives way to the uninhibited freedom of being “messy” – a testament to the depth of her commitment to creativity. For Viviane, even personal relationships must yield to her art; the dissolution of her marriage stands as a stark affirmation of her dedication. This uncompromising approach to her environment reflects the clarity with which she approaches her work – a space free of distractions is a space where her creativity can flourish unabated.

Harmonies and Hues: Music in the Artistic Process

Viviane Baier-Angi’s artistry resonates with the rhythm of nature, as she draws profound inspiration from the serene complexity of water and the subtleties of shifting moods. Music plays an integral role in her creative process, acting as a catalyst that enhances her connection to her artistic muses. Her compositions not only reflect the physical elements of her influences but also embody the emotions they stir within her. Each piece is a symphony of colors that echoes the melodies that inspire her, offering viewers a glimpse into the confluence of auditory and visual splendor that informs her work.

The artwork “Sunset of Life” stands as a poignant illustration of Baier-Angi’s emotional and aesthetic depth. Created in the wake of her father’s passing, this piece is steeped in the vivid yellow and orange hues that paint the sky at dusk. It is more than a visual spectacle; it is a heartfelt tribute that encapsulates the profound emotions of her personal loss. Through this canvas, the artist immortalizes the beauty of the sunset, akin to the lasting impression her father left on her life and art.

Viviane Baier-Angi: The Quest for the Perfect Medium

After a journey of experimentation with various artistic mediums, Viviane Baier-Angi found her true calling in the fluidity and grace of Indian Ink. Her exploration included working with oil colors, sprays, and shellac, each medium offering its unique texture and potential. However, it was the distinct character of Indian Ink that ultimately captured the essence of her vision, allowing her the freedom to express the depth of landscapes and the movement of water that define her style.

The aspiration to share her work on a grand scale is a driving force for Baier-Angi. She dreams of one day holding an exhibition in New York, the bustling metropolis known as a global art hub. This ambition is a beacon that guides her artistic journey, fueling her passion and dedication. For Viviane, New York represents not just a city, but a pinnacle of artistic achievement and recognition, and her dream to exhibit there is a testament to her unyielding commitment to her craft and her desire to leave an indelible mark on the art world.

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