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“I fabricate non-functional objects made from frequency entanglements… My themes are harmony, vibration, oscillations, patterns, symmetries and asymmetries, and music.”

Journey to Artistic Self-Discovery

Ricardo Mondragon‘s path to becoming an artist was not marked by a single defining moment but evolved from a lifelong attraction to the mysteries and beauty of nature, philosophy, and poetry. Born in Mexico City and raised in a culture vibrant with color, material, and diverse ways of thinking, Mondragon’s early life profoundly influenced his artistic perspective. Moving to Chicago, IL, for his studies in Music Composition, he developed a unique concept he terms “Harmonies into Matter.” This concept reflects his belief in the intertwining of different artistic forms and the power of cultural influences in shaping artistic expression. Mondragon asserts that his environment, both in Mexico and the United States, significantly molded his style and the art he sought to create, which now defines his everyday life.

Mondragon’s journey as an artist is characterized by a relentless curiosity and an inquisitive mindset, essential qualities in his field. From an early age, he was driven by a desire to explore the unknown and express himself through various mediums. This drive is embedded in his DNA, as he puts it, manifesting in his work across multiple disciplines including music, painting, sculpture, and installations. The artist emphasizes the importance of questioning norms and transcending conventional boundaries, seeing art as a platform to make anything imaginable a reality. His approach rejects the limitations of conventional boxes and descriptions, championing a mindset that embraces unlimited creative possibilities.

Ricardo Mondragon: Artistic Style and Inspirations

Ricardo Mondragon’s artistic style defies easy categorization, reflecting his belief in the fluidity of artistic expression. He describes his work as the fabrication of non-functional objects created from frequency entanglements. This unique approach leads him to primarily focus on sculptures and screenprints, drawing heavily from concepts of harmony, vibration, oscillation, patterns, and both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. Mondragon’s themes are deeply influenced by music, particularly Musica Mundana or Musica Universalis, which underscores his work’s rhythmic and harmonic qualities. The artist’s creations are a testament to his diverse interests and his commitment to exploring the intersections of different artistic domains.

The influences on Mondragon’s work are as varied as they are profound. Nature stands as his most significant source of inspiration, a constant reminder of the inherent beauty and complexity in the world. His artistic vision is also shaped by a wide array of artists across multiple disciplines. From sculptors like Tony Cragg and Donald Judd to composers like Bach and György Ligeti, and writers like Jorge Luis Borges, these influences reflect Mondragon’s eclectic and inclusive approach to art. His respect for these artists’ contributions is evident in the way he incorporates their philosophies and techniques into his own unique style, creating works that resonate with emotional depth and intellectual rigor.

Workspace and Creative Process

In discussing his workspace needs and creative process, Ricardo Mondragon emphasizes the necessity of a tranquil environment to foster his artistic endeavors. Distractions, particularly from digital devices, are a common battle for him, as they are for many in today’s visually saturated world. The artist’s primary requirement for his workspace is silence, accompanied by a laptop, which serves as a modern-day music studio and a starting point for his creations. This setup highlights the integral role of technology in Mondragon’s artistic process, enabling him to blend traditional artistic techniques with contemporary digital tools.

The fabrication process, as Mondragon describes it, is a dynamic and evolving journey. The artist enjoys working with a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, ABS, PET, steel, and bronze. The choice of material often depends on the intended form and how it interacts with light, demonstrating Mondragon’s meticulous attention to the physical and aesthetic properties of his sculptures. These materials come to life in his hands, each sculpture taking on its own identity and scale during the creative process. This approach to art-making is not just about constructing objects but about birthing entities that embody the artist’s vision and emotional connection.

Ricardo Mondragon: Artistic Aspirations and Philosophy

Ricardo Mondragon’s artistic aspirations and philosophy reveal a deep connection with his work and an ongoing quest for innovation. Currently, he is excited about two new sculptures he is working on, though he prefers not to name them until they are completed. These works, like all his creations, hold a special place in his heart, reflecting his soul’s deep emotional connection. Mondragon is also inspired by the work of other artists, citing Richard Deacon’s sculpture “Between Fiction and Fact” as an exemplary piece that encapsulates the ideal sculptural experience, while speaking of his own he mentions “Spherical Harmony” and “Cubic Entanglement”.

Mondragon’s dream projects extend beyond his current scope, with aspirations of creating large-scale outdoor public works. He views public sculpture as a vital medium that facilitates unique conversations and experiences, differing significantly from the experience of viewing a sculpture in a more traditional, enclosed space. This ambition reflects his belief in the power of art to engage with the public in meaningful and transformative ways. Through his work, Mondragon continues to explore the boundaries of artistic expression, driven by a philosophy that sees art as a limitless domain, a space where imagination and reality converge to create something truly extraordinary.

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