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“Perseverance, daily work, and motivation are key to searching for and finding your own style.”

Early Fascination with Art

Introducing Raul Casado, an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from the picturesque Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Immersed in the island’s stunning landscapes, Casado’s upbringing amidst beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, and captivating light has had a profound impact on his artistic perspective. These natural wonders have become an integral part of his daily life, shaping not only his creative endeavors but also his leisure activities.

With a passion for sports and outdoor pursuits such as surfing, swimming, and mountain climbing, Casado’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors is evident in his artwork. He masterfully captures the beauty and harmony of nature, creating pieces that evoke the essence of treasured experiences. Through his illustrations, he transports viewers to moments of magic, such as catching a perfect wave or witnessing a breathtaking sunset in the company of friends.

For Casado, the true reward of his work as an illustrator lies in its ability to convey emotions and encapsulate unforgettable memories. When a viewer connects with his art on an emotional level, he considers it the highest form of praise. In this way, Raul Casado’s distinctive artistic style reflects not only the influence of his island home but also his passion for immortalizing the profound beauty of life’s most cherished moments.

Finding Inspiration in Nature: Raul Casado’s Artistic Perspective

From a young age, Raul Casado demonstrated a keen fascination with the realm of art. He dedicated numerous hours to drawing and sketching in his schoolbooks, unknowingly laying the foundation for his future career. Casado consistently endeavored to distill the complexities of his surroundings into his distinctive artistic language. Initially combining illustration and graphic design, he eventually gravitated towards a focus on illustration. One of the most gratifying aspects of his work as an artist is the ability to manifest his own imaginative universe and give life to it through his skilled hands.

Selecting a favorite piece from his extensive body of work is a challenging task for Casado, as each creation captures a singular, meaningful moment. However, if pressed to highlight one, he would point to “Somewhere in Portugal.” This particular illustration holds a special place in his heart as it evokes memories of a recent surf trip he embarked on with close friends. The artwork encapsulates moments of profound conversation and communion with nature experienced while surfing. It serves as a testament to the harmonious relationship between humans and nature, set against the backdrop of an enchanting and unparalleled setting.

Capturing the Essence

The creative process for artist Raul Casado is rooted in keen observation and deep reflection on the world around him. Throughout the day, Casado meticulously examines the colors, shapes, and other captivating aspects of his surroundings, allowing various concepts and elements to coalesce in his mind. This mental synthesis ultimately yields an image that becomes etched into the artist’s consciousness, serving as a catalyst for his work.

In an effort to capture the essence of the nascent idea, Casado promptly transitions to sketching. This swift action is critical for preserving the freshness of the concept and preventing its potential dissipation over time. Casado’s ideal workspace is characterized by tranquility, with a natural setting near the sea and its rhythmic waves. This environment not only complements his artistic sensibilities but also enhances his connection to his work.

The portability of his sketchbook and pencils affords Casado the opportunity to work in a variety of locations, imbuing him with an unparalleled sense of freedom. The artist firmly believes that the environment plays a pivotal role in the creative process, providing inspiration and fostering a profound, authentic bond with his art.

Persevering on the Creative Journey: Advice from Raul Casado

For emerging artists embarking on their creative journey, Casado emphasizes the importance of perseverance, daily commitment, and motivation in the pursuit of discovering one’s unique artistic style. In his experience, the artist’s signature style surfaces organically through relentless work and dedication. Casado believes that every individual possesses the innate ability to actualize their aspirations, as long as they invest the necessary time and effort.

While acknowledging the potential of social media platforms to showcase artwork to a global audience, Casado also highlights the need for discipline and persistence to maintain focus and continue developing one’s craft.

Casado expresses gratitude for the opportunities he has been afforded to travel and work within his chosen field. The artist’s forthcoming objective is to traverse the entire coastline in his van, absorbing the picturesque landscapes while simultaneously capturing them in his artwork. This venture represents the ideal fusion of Casado’s passion for the arts and his deep appreciation for nature. Fueled by enthusiasm and unwavering determination, he diligently strives to transform this vision into reality.

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