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“I am much more intrigued by the accidents, flares, wild layering, mistakes and experiments along the way. This is almost always the better work filled with mystery, surprise and otherness.”

Hannes Schauer’s Artistic Journey: From Austria to London

Hannes Schauer, an Austrian artist born in 1975, has gained prominence as both a painter and an electronic music composer. This multifaceted talent possesses a rich professional background, encompassing work with neuro-diverse children and adolescents through creative workshops and therapeutic support. Schauer’s experience as a yoga instructor and psychological advisor has also enabled him to connect with marginalized individuals, thereby inspiring him to explore themes of otherness and its ramifications.

The artist’s profound admiration and respect for nature play a significant role in shaping his creative vision, as he is fascinated by the complex structures and patterns present in the natural world. While Schauer’s primary focus lies in painting, his versatile skills extend to the realm of electronic music composition. He also spent roughly seven years as the lead vocalist for the Austrian post-rock band “Code Inconnu.”

In the initial phase of his artistic journey, Schauer devoted his efforts to sculpture, predominantly utilizing glass as his chosen medium. However, as his artistic pursuits evolved, he transitioned from portraiture to figurative painting, ultimately embracing abstract expressionism as his predominant style.

Hannes Schauer’s remarkable talent has not gone unnoticed, as his work has been showcased in international exhibitions and is featured in prestigious art collections worldwide. This global recognition serves as a testament to his unique artistic vision and ability to captivate audiences with his captivating creations.

Navigating the Unexpected in Hannes Schauer’s Artistic Process

The decision to become an artist seemed to emerge organically for Hannes Schauer, as though the world of art had always reserved a space for him. Throughout his diverse professional experiences, the creative core of being an artist remained a constant. A turning point in Schauer’s career was his decision to relocate to London in 1999, following the completion of his Arts, Crafts & Design degree in Austria.

In his approach to painting, Schauer diverges from traditional methodologies that rely on preconceived ideas, sketches, and a systematic progression toward the final piece. Instead, he finds himself captivated by the unexpected elements that arise during the creative process—accidents, spontaneous bursts of energy, wild layering, mistakes, and experimentation. These factors often yield works imbued with mystery, surprise, and a sense of otherness.

Schauer believes in the importance of continually challenging oneself by exploring new combinations of colors, styles, and forms. He considers this practice essential for fostering dialogue, prompting a reevaluation of one’s perspective, and cultivating a sense of re-mapping. In an era marked by polarization, Schauer’s approach to art serves as a reminder of the potential for unity and understanding through creative expression.

Exploring the Evolution of Hannes Schauer’s Art: “Garden of Tomorrow”

“Garden of Tomorrow,” a striking composition created by Hannes Schauer in late February of this year, stands out as a particularly meaningful piece within the artist’s oeuvre. This work signifies a transformative moment in Schauer’s artistic journey, characterized by an expansion in scale and a shift towards abstraction. Previously dominant elements, such as faces and figures, gradually fade into the background, suggesting that they may have fulfilled their intended purpose. The reasons for this change remain uncertain, even to the artist himself, who observes the evolution with curiosity.

As Schauer’s work becomes increasingly spacious and abstract, the negotiation of space emerges as a pivotal aspect of his creative process. The artist grapples with the dichotomy of delicacy and boldness, striving to balance the two as he explores new artistic territory. This intriguing contradiction, and Schauer’s ongoing quest to navigate it, illuminates the current stage of his artistic development and fuels his passion for his craft.

Collaborating and Persevering: Hannes Schauer’s Vision for the Future of Art

Hannes Schauer’s ideal working environment closely resembles the experience he had during the International Artist Residency and Symposium in Istanbul in November of the previous year. In this inspiring setting, 23 international artists, including Schauer, lived and worked together for three weeks at the Vialand Palace Hotel. They shared meals, a studio, and leisure time, which provided a refreshing contrast to the solitude Schauer typically encounters in his own studio.

During the residency, Schauer collaborated with British painter Ian Rayer-Smith on several large-scale paintings and jointly conducted painting workshops. He envisions a future project involving collaboration with multiple musicians and painters to produce a comprehensive body of work, although the details of this concept remain under consideration.

To young artists aspiring to succeed in their craft, Schauer offers valuable advice: perseverance is essential, and one must not shy away from criticism. While it is not necessary to become thick-skinned and unapproachable, allowing time for rest and recuperation between inevitable periods of struggle, self-doubt, and exploitation is crucial for continued growth and success in the artistic realm.

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