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“I don’t try and direct anyone to a certain process and I guess if anything, I just hope it makes them stop and think, even if just for a brief few seconds.”

Unveiling the Artistic Philosophy

Oliver Mayhall, a portrait and fine art photographer, calls London his home. His formative years in the tranquil countryside of Kent, also known as The Garden of England, significantly imprinted upon his artistic philosophy. This environment offered Mayhall the ideal setting to cultivate his thoughts and channel his inspiration. Although the overwhelming rhythm of London can present its challenges, it never ceases to stimulate his creativity. Consequently, he finds himself oscillating between the dynamic city’s energy and the peaceful countryside’s tranquility.

Mayhall’s journey towards becoming a photographic artist was not a premeditated endeavor but rather unfolded organically. The seeds of his passion for photography took root during his historical studies at The University of Nottingham, where street photography became a passion. Mayhall found intrigue in capturing the unscripted narratives that unfolded around him in his surroundings.

In the infancy of his artistic journey, Mayhall’s work often bore the influence of abstract and surrealist elements, utilizing the reflections and distortions found on the urban canvas. However, as he matured, his creative process shifted towards more meticulously planned and conceptual undertakings, making ideas the focal point of his artistic output. This progression encapsulates Mayhall’s continuous evolution as an artist, navigating the path laid by his passion for photography.

Oliver Mayhall: From Street Photography to Filmmaking

After completing his degree, Oliver Mayhall embarked on a journey across different countries, capturing fleeting moments with his camera lens. During this introspective period, he decided to further his education in filmmaking at Goldsmiths, University of London. His documentary, aptly named “LAUNDERETTE,” delved into the nuanced lives of individuals frequenting a launderette, exploring the captivating concept of ‘Sonder.’

The perception of Mayhall’s artistry is highly subjective, with each viewer’s interpretation eliciting varied emotional responses, ranging from humor to profound connections. His creations serve as a reflective mirror, embodying his thoughts, emotions, and lived experiences. The quintessence of his artistic process lies in experimentation, which allows him the freedom to manipulate reality, giving rise to abstractions of beauty. His preference for black and white photography introduces an ethereal element to his work, directing the viewer’s attention without the potentially distracting interplay of colors.

The Subjectivity of Art and Emotion

The workspace serving as Oliver Mayhall’s creative crucible boasts a versatile selection of tools, ranging from medium format digital to medium format film, and even 35mm film cameras. Mayhall’s preference for film, notably, cultivates a more deliberate pace in his artistic process, allowing a heightened attention to detail and nuanced composition. More often than not, the artist immerses himself in solitude to embark on introspective journeys of ideation, experimentation, and exploration.

Mayhall’s artistic style has been deeply influenced by an array of iconic figures, with Rodney Smith, Elliot Erwitt, Saul Leiter, and Duane Michals each casting a significant impact on his creative landscape. These artists, renowned for their divergent aesthetics – from whimsical creations inspired by fairy tales to abstract street photography teeming with humor – have left indelible imprints on Mayhall’s creative identity, resonating profoundly with his artistic sensibilities.

Oliver Mayhall: Nurturing Creativity in Solitude

The discovery of photography for Oliver Mayhall came as a stroke of serendipity. Finding himself drawn to the candid authenticity of street photography, he ventured into this genre and soon began to infuse his images with elements of the abstract and the surrealist. For Mayhall, a self-confessed non-artist in the traditional sense of drawing or painting, photography emerged as the quintessential medium to articulate his unique artistic vision, ultimately culminating in a rewarding career.

Mayhall is full of ambitious ideas that he’s eager to turn into reality. Up to this point, his creative work has been mostly a solo journey. However, his new ideas are more complex and require a well-organized plan and team effort. Committed to creating art with purpose and continually growing as an artist, Mayhall is excited about the many opportunities that lie ahead.

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