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“The history of art is a watermark of the past and the present.”

Journey through Artistic Influences

In the rich tapestry of artistic influences that shaped byandB‘s sensibilities, his family stands as the bedrock. He was born into a vibrant creative milieu, with his father being a renowned post-impressionist painter and ceramist, and his mother, a skilled seamstress. A discernable influence was also his grandmother, a connoisseur of perfumery, collectively sculpting an environment of artistic immersion. Concurrently traversing his scientific education, byandB was afforded the unique opportunity to apprentice in his father’s studio, garnering proficiency in a range of techniques such as oil painting, gouache, pastel, and drawing.

His privileged access to a comprehensive library fed his curiosity about the annals of art history, while the cultural effervescence of Paris provided the backdrop to his exploration of countless museums and galleries. All the while, his scientific and medical pursuits were shadowed by the ever-blossoming artistic vocation.

During his formative years, byandB found himself being captivated by the allure of Impressionism, with the pointillism of Signac and Seurat holding particular sway over his artistic inclinations. Their compelling blend of artistic investigation and scientific insight into color perception stirred within him a profound fascination. Simultaneously, he was deeply touched by the surrealism of René Magritte and Salvador Dali.

The bustling district of Halles, Paris, played host to byandB’s inaugural exhibition, held within the confines of a local bookshop. This marked his first tryst with audience interaction, a seminal event that shaped his understanding of artistic exchange. It was here that he had the privilege of encountering literary luminaries like Bernard Noël, Robert Maguire, Roger Laporte, Maurice Roche, Claude Royet-Journoud, and philosopher Jean Baudrillard. These interactions left an indelible imprint on his artistic aspirations and motivations.

byandB: The Artistic Palette of byandB

Transitioning from Paris to the picturesque southern regions of France, “byandB” devotedly pursued his artistic research and established connections with esteemed artists including Gérard Gasiorowski, Jan Voss, and Jacques Monory. It was their influence that prompted him to broaden his creative palate and navigate a myriad of artistic tendencies, oscillating between abstraction and figuration. “byandB” has been afforded the opportunity to display his work in numerous exhibitions throughout the South of France, which encompass prestigious venues like Gallery A16, municipal buildings, and illustrious festivals in Montauban and Avignon.

His craft spans a range of modalities such as acrylic paint, photocopies, plan prints, and photography. The recurrent themes that permeate byandB’s oeuvre include explorations of the body, the psyche, and the physical properties of materials. These themes are adeptly rendered in both abstract and figurative styles, a testament to his versatile artistic talent.

byandB’s diverse professional trajectory has led him to a rich variety of disciplines including lighting studies, architecture, residential design, advertising, real estate, marketing, publishing, and digital technologies. Each professional endeavor, revelation, and responsibility acted as a catalyst for his yearning to unearth a unique form of artistic expression. He sought to fuse art, science, and technology, a synthesis that serves as a mirror to our contemporary epoch. This phase, though void of exhibitions, was ripe with fulfillment derived from immersing himself in diverse languages, practicing information technology, and engaging with emerging technologies such as lasers, reproduction techniques, and the ever-evolving internet.

Crafting the Meta-Graphic Language

Each past encounter has imbued ByandB’s artistic expression with an incomparable and unconventional perspective, endowed with the capacity to incorporate a myriad of trends. In the decade spanning from 1985 to 1995, ByandB endeavored to dismantle the dichotomy between abstraction and figuration, contending that the crux of the matter resided elsewhere. He views the history of art as a subtle imprint of both the past and present, a watermark reflecting the epochs it has survived. In today’s era of splintered art, he perceives the loss of the primary universal function of art and is propelled to seek a new form. This form, he argues, is neither opposing nor blending into existing trends. Instead, it remains uncategorized and unlabelled, capable of assimilating all artistic facets.

While traversing the vast terrain of art history, ByandB found himself influenced by specific elements, details, and practices. These influences have been instrumental in carving out this innovative form of expression.

The artist resists the urge to single out any one work as paramount. For ByandB, each piece carries its own unique motivations, emotions, and significances that underpinned its creation. The works he encounters and the art he generates all resonate with his artistic quest, a reflection of his own and others’ pursuits.

ByandB has meticulously crafted a novel art form rooted in constants: the point, the golden ratio, a magnified point morphing into a circle, and an ensemble of six additional shapes. To the circle and the square were added an ensemble of six additional shapes. To interconnect these forms, proportions were harmonized through the unifying element of the line. This inventive approach paved the way for ByandB’s future language, a lexicon of eight shape-letters, thereby birthing a meta-graphic language. Upon defining the form and outlining its boundaries, it was necessary to identify the appropriate platforms, mediums, and materials. ByandB’s application of this fundamental system across a spectrum of mediums facilitated the blending, multiplication, and diversification of his creations into a virtually infinite variety.

byandB: Evolving Visions, Art and Music Reimagined

Informed deeply by the writings of visionaries Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, byandB found profound resonance in their exploration of the symbiosis between visual arts and music. This understanding led him to believe that his meta-graphic art could transcend the conventional connection between the two mediums, thus facilitating an evocative sensory dialogue.

The historical implications of music theory also fascinated byandB, with the works of the monk, Guido of Arezzo, serving as significant inspiration. Arezzo’s development of the eight-note scale in music theory paved the way for universal comprehension of musical phrases, a parallel the artist draws to his meta-graphic art, a medium as versatile and impactful as music, capable of creating tangible sensations and meaning.

Challenging the assertions of thinkers like Friedrich Kittler, Arthur Danto, and Hegel regarding the impending end of art, byandB’s work in the meta-graphic medium stands as a vibrant rebuttal. For him, this language of visual expression embodies either an insatiable hunger for art or a passionate denial of its conclusion. In answering the question of what defines meta-graphic art, the artist proposes his own pioneering perspective.

His ongoing research gravitates towards showcasing a spectrum of possibilities through an array of materials, mediums, and thematic selections. From traditional art forms to cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, byandB’s diverse artistic exploration remains boundless. One of his key objectives is to illustrate the metamorphosis from visual representation, such as an image, drawing, or painting, into immediate auditory expression, seamlessly merging these dual forms of expression.

ByandB’s innovative vision is also realized through performances combining visual and musical elements in a synchronized dance during exhibitions. Ever-evolving, the artist continues to disseminate his work via a variety of platforms, including both virtual and physical exhibitions. Future projects include the publication of books, collections, and essays that further showcase and discuss his groundbreaking work.

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