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“I think my artistic style is surrealism and I also explore hyperrealism and magic realism. I love to delve into my subconscious and dreams/nightmares as well as the spiritual connection between waking life and dream life.”

Lauri Smith’s Artistic Journey

Lauri Smith‘s creative path was shaped by an early fascination with the fantastical creatures of Jim Henson’s films, “The Labyrinth” and “The Dark Crystal.” This childhood obsession sowed the seeds of her passion for art and puppetry. Smith’s artistic endeavors began in the fertile grounds of her imagination, a space where the whimsical and the bizarre intermingled. Her drive to bring her vivid dreams and mystical creatures to life led her to the world of art. Lauri Smith’s journey as an artist is not just a profession; it’s the unfolding of a lifelong dream, deeply rooted in her earliest inspirations.

Smith’s transition from an aficionado of Jim Henson’s creations to a professional artist was seamless. Her background in fine arts, coupled with extensive experience in special effects makeup and prosthetics for TV and film, laid a robust foundation for her artistic exploits. This unique blend of skills and experience allowed Lauri Smith to venture beyond conventional artistic boundaries. She utilized materials like silicon, rubber, resin, and stone – tools of her trade in the special effects industry – to sculpt and mold her creative visions into tangible forms. This innovative approach marked Smith’s evolution into a multidimensional artist, capable of blending various mediums and techniques to create something truly original.

Lauri Smith: The Essence of Her Art

Lauri Smith’s style is predominantly surreal, with a significant influence of hyperrealism and magic realism. Her art is a dive into the depths of the subconscious, exploring the intricate relationship between dreams, nightmares, and the waking world. Smith’s creations are more than mere art; they are visual explorations of the human psyche. By blending surrealism with hyperrealism, she crafts pieces that not only captivate the eye but also provoke thought. The artist’s work is a bridge between the tangible and the ethereal, making visible the invisible threads that connect our dreams and reality.

The themes of Smith’s art are as complex as her style. She often explores the spiritual link between the conscious and the dream state, bringing to life the intangible aspects of human experience. Her works are steeped in symbolism, each piece a narrative waiting to be unraveled. The artist delves into the realm of surrealism to express her innermost thoughts and feelings, using her art as a conduit for communication. This exploration of the subconscious is not just an artistic choice; it is a reflection of Smith’s belief in the profound connection between our waking life and the enigmatic world of dreams.

Lauri Smith’s Creative Sanctuary

For Lauri Smith, having a dedicated art studio is more than a convenience; it’s a necessity. This sacred space is where her creativity takes physical form. The studio, free from everyday distractions, is Smith’s realm of artistic freedom. She maintains focus by dedicating specific days solely to art-making, allowing herself to fully immerse in her creative process. Music plays a significant role in her workspace, helping her to ‘get in the zone.’ This disciplined approach to her craft ensures that her studio remains a sanctuary for creativity, where her artistic visions come to life without interruption.

Managing distractions is a critical aspect of Smith’s artistic process. By setting aside exclusive time for her artwork, she ensures that her creative flow remains uninterrupted. Lauri Smith’s approach is a testament to her dedication to her art. Her discipline in creating a balance between her professional commitments and her passion for art exemplifies the seriousness with which she approaches her craft. This balance is not just about managing time; it’s about creating an environment conducive to artistic creation, where her imagination can roam freely.

A Glimpse into the Influences and Mediums of Lauri Smith

Lauri Smith finds inspiration in the works of surrealist artist Leonora Carrington and hyperrealist Ron Mueck. Carrington’s surreal paintings, with their dreamlike qualities and ethereal themes, resonate deeply with Smith’s artistic sensibilities. Meanwhile, Mueck’s realistic sculptures influence her approach to hyperrealism. These artists provide not just inspiration but also a framework within which Smith can explore and express her own artistic vision. Their influence is evident in the way Smith blends surrealism with hyperrealism, creating a style uniquely her own.

Smith’s choice of medium is as unique as her style. Her fascination with form and sculpture led her to materials like silicone, renowned for its skin-like texture and ability to create lifelike representations. Smith’s recent ventures into pastels on paper, primarily for studies related to her sculptures, indicate her willingness to experiment with different mediums. The translucent colors and textures of pastels offer her a new avenue to express her visions. Lauri Smith’s artistic journey is marked by a constant exploration of new materials and techniques, showcasing her relentless pursuit of artistic growth and expression.

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