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“My goal is to establish a connection with the viewer, inviting them to find parallels in their own experiences. My art explores concepts such as excess, embellishment, adornment, and decor.”

Gabrielle Jones: Influences and Inspiration

Gabrielle Jones, an Australian abstract artist, seamlessly blends her deep appreciation for diverse cultures with a rich understanding of various art history periods. Her artistry is marked by its expressive nature, capturing the essence of movement with a sense of time. Utilizing a palette replete with evocative colors, Jones’s work is recognizable for its iconic patterns and textures. Integral to her methodology is the layering, of paint to introduce an additional dimension of depth and complexity to her creations.

Jones’s stylistic foundations began with a trip to Europe, an experience she describes as both enriching and challenging. Accompanied by her two young children, she plunged into the European art scene, maintaining a rigorous schedule to immerse herself fully in the abundance of art. This period of her life was profoundly shaped by the dramatic interplay of light and intensity found in the Baroque, Rococo, and Still Life genres, glimpsed at “tourist”speed, leaving an indelible mark on her artistic sensibility.

Gabrielle Jones: Early Beginnings and Artistic Process

The artist’s journey is deeply rooted in her childhood experiences within a large, loving Catholic family. For Jones, her initial encounters with art were limited to the holy cards given s rewards for performance, which served as her first glimpse into the world of artistic expression. This modest beginning laid the foundation for her future explorations in art.

Gabrielle Jones’s painting process is a fascinating amalgamation of chance and intuition, underpinned by a strong connection to the historical tapestry of art history. She draws significant inspiration from the dynamic forms and drama characteristic of the Baroque period. Striving to encapsulate these elements within a contemporary context, Jones’s work transcends time, merging historical influences with modern expression. This, coupled with a strong technical knowledge, is what sets her apart in the world of abstract art, making her creations not only visually captivating but also historically resonant.

Exploration of Medium and Technique

In her artistic explorations, Gabrielle Jones delves deeply into the properties of paint and various mediums. Her focus is on how these elements interact to evoke color and light, aiming to create transparent effects. Jones’s artwork variously incorporates a range of techniques such as collage, expressive brushstrokes, printing, and hard-edge patterns. These diverse methods often converge in a single piece, offering a multifaceted visual experience for the viewer.

The artist’s studies of Renaissance and 17-18th century paintings, including the works of Dutch Masters, Baroque, and Rococo artists, profoundly inform her art practice. Occasionally, she creates still life paintings from these historical periods in a loose, flowing style, in an attempt to embed the elements, forms and spirit to be creatively called upon when painting future works, and linking her modern expressions to the rich legacy of art history. Through her art, Jones reflects a deep appreciation for the abstract realities they represent.

Artistic Expression and Connection

Gabrielle Jones’s final artworks are an evolving response to life’s ongoing narrative, continuously building upon the discoveries from her previous works. Her paintings are not mere representations of visual scenes; they are embodiments of her sensations and experiences. assimilated from viewing the works of The Masters.

Her aim is to establish a connection with viewers, inviting them to discover parallels within their own experiences. The forms in her art exist in a lyrical realm of daydreams, where elements like light, color, rhythm, transparencies, and textures merge. This fusion expresses sensuality, music, emotions, and experiential drama. Jones’s exploration of concepts such as excess, embellishment, adornment, and decor pushes her art beyond traditional boundaries. In doing so, she creates a unique and deeply personal artistic language that resonates with viewers on multiple levels, transcending the usual confines of abstract art.

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