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“Art came to my life when I was going through a difficult phase and helped me uplift my spirits during pandemic time.”

Kavita Chachcha and Her Creative Process

She is Kavita Chachcha, an artist and former architect based in Singapore who skillfully merges the cultural narratives of her native India with contemporary minimalist design principles that suit her cosmopolitan lifestyle. Her abstract artworks emanate a distinctly Indian character, representing the artist’s introspective quest for her identity. Over the past three years, she has presented her works in various pop-up exhibitions in Singapore and the United States. Additionally, she had the privilege of participating in the ‘Simple Duality’ exhibition at the esteemed Fluxus Art House, which sparked an intriguing conversation between modern origami art and traditional painted backdrops. During difficult times, her art provides her with solace, and she derives immense pleasure from sharing her creative expressions with the world.

Kavita primarily uses acrylic medium while also exploring collage and mixed media. Her creative endeavors entail a deep exploration of texture and color, with the ultimate goal of producing a visually captivating piece that inspires the beholder’s imagination. Essentially, her art creates an enigmatic space on the canvas that invites viewers to interpret and explore the stories it holds.

Kavita Chachcha’s Sources of Inspiration

Kavita Chachcha seeks a workspace that strikes a balance between tranquility and chaos, as she believes that it is crucial to fully unleash her creative potential. Having experienced the ups and downs of life, she has learned to embrace the unpredictability of the creative process and allows the emotional highs and lows to inform her artwork in deep and meaningful ways. Kavita finds inspiration in nature, and she is most inspired when surrounded by the sounds and sights of birds and water bodies, situated in a sensory-rich environment that stimulates her imagination.

Kavita’s sources of inspiration stem from both her inner world and outer surroundings. As a global nomad, she draws upon her personal experiences and emotional journey, which have shaped her worldview and artistic perspective. Additionally, Kavita finds inspiration in the natural world, cultural festivities, and human connections that color our planet’s diverse range.

Evolution of Kavita’s Artistic Style

Kavita Chachcha has always had an affinity for the vividness and expressiveness of figurative painting. However, as she progressed in her creative journey, she became increasingly intrigued by the boundless possibilities of abstract concepts and the imaginative use of color. Her artistic evolution has been a gradual but gratifying process, characterized by experimentation and exploration of various techniques and mediums.

Despite her changing style, Kavita has always relied on her unique compositional methods, which involve the meticulous layering and blending of different mark-making ideas to produce a cohesive whole. Through this technique, she endeavors to create pieces that are not only visually captivating but also imbued with a deeper cultural significance, drawing inspiration from the world around her and infusing her artwork with rich, multifaceted meanings.

Art as Healing and Transformation

Kavita Chachcha expresses her love for the series “What Women Want,” which pays tribute to the significant role women have played in shaping society and art. Her goal through the series is to celebrate the unique qualities and perspectives that women bring to the creative process, acknowledging their contributions to the arts and other areas.

Kavita draws inspiration from her surroundings and is excited to channel her creativity into a striking and lively restaurant mural. She plans to use bold yellows and pinks to create a modern, minimalist, and abstract form of soulful art that captures the essence of the space and gives it a strong visual identity.

For Kavita, art is more than just a means of self-expression; it is a potent force for healing and transformation. Through her artistic practice, she has learned to embrace her imperfections and turn them into opportunities for growth and refinement, cultivating a profound sense of self-awareness and creative purpose that influences every aspect of her work.

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  • Sukanya Pushkarna says:

    A very lovely and wholesome article on the journey of an artist and her work!
    Well written, especially in its measured tone, this article really gave me an insight into Kavita’s creative world. Thank you Bianca Kann

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