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“I gave up my sales executive job to devote my life to my passion, which is painting, and now I paint abstract works for my own enjoyment, finding inspiration everywhere and giving my paintings the names of my favorite songs.”

From Corporate Sales to Artistic Fulfillment

François Bonnel is a talented artist, who brings with him 54 years of life experience. Born in the beautiful Savoie region of the French Alps, he made the move to Toulouse three decades ago, in pursuit of the love of his life. Before dedicating himself to his true passion in the fine arts, François spent 25 years working in sales executive in the advertising industry. However, despite his achievements in the corporate world, he began to feel a growing sense of unrest, as the demands of his job were affecting his health, relationships, and overall well-being.

As an ardent admirer of the arts, with his mother serving as a lifelong influence and art teacher, he spent his leisure hours indulging in his creative pursuits. However, the constraints of his professional life only allowed him to paint on weekends, leaving him yearning for more. Eventually, he mustered the courage to negotiate his departure from the company, dedicating the next 18 months to painting full-time, fueled by his unrelenting passion.

It was through his diligent efforts and the power of social media, specifically Instagram, that his work came to the attention of international galleries and collectors. Today, François continues his beautiful artistic journey, fully immersed in his lifelong dream of creating captivating works of art.

The Minimalist Aesthetic of Francois Bonnel

Bonnel is recognized for his abstract works that embody a minimalist aesthetic and display a striking use of color. He adopts a self-centered approach in his art-making process, solely creating pieces that he personally would like to have displayed in his living space. The objective behind his creations is not to impart any specific philosophical or political ideology, but rather to permit the observer to derive their own interpretation of the artworks.

François is a multifaceted artist who draws inspiration from a range of sources including the natural world, the works of fellow artists, and even music. With a fascination for playing with light, shadow, and the interplay of forms, he creates captivating pieces that often challenge the conventional norms of art. Despite his creative prowess, he sometimes finds it difficult to assign befitting titles to his works. In an effort to overcome this challenge, he has adopted the practice of naming his paintings after his favorite songs. By doing so, he provides the viewer with an entry point into their imagination and invites them to draw connections between the title and the visual, thus emphasizing the boundless nature of the imagination.

François Bonnel: A Master of Innovation and Adventure in Art

Bonnel is celebrated for his adventurous spirit and his pursuit of innovation in his art. Throughout his career, he has tried out a variety of techniques and styles, including minimalist and art-deco approaches, to keep his work fresh and engaging. The galleries he collaborates with offer him a significant degree of creative liberty, and his artistic vision is shaped by the unique preferences of each of these institutions. While he currently explores more abstract styles, Bonnel has plans to return to a more figurative and naive approach in the future, with the steadfast goal of enjoying the creative process and having fun with his work.

François Bonnel holds a deep reverence for each and every one of his creations, devoting substantial periods of contemplation to his artistic pieces. His reflections often result in alterations, such as reworking elements or augmenting pigments, which may prove challenging at times, yet he views it as a continuous journey of growth. Bonnel has developed a sunny disposition, relishing the prospect of starting anew and finding solace in the act of painting itself, even prior to completion. The accolades he receives, whether from loved ones or prominent artists, collectors, and galleries, serve as a gratifying affirmation of his efforts.

François Bonnel’s Journey to Embrace His Passion for Art

Bonnel’s aspiration is for his dream to endure. Drawing sustenance from his passion, he recognizes it as a privilege and strives to secure a larger studio, where he may bring his larger-scale paintings and sculptures to life. Moreover, he yearns to attend Art Basel and engage with other artists whose work has inspired him.

François attributes his salvaging from the trials of life to the transformative power of art. Having gone four years without experiencing any adverse correspondence, he has come to acknowledge the significance of the passage of time with increasing clarity. In the near future, his sons will depart from the household in which they have observed their father indulging in his artistic pursuits. Bonnel takes immense pride in demonstrating to his offspring that it is feasible to lead a life centered around one’s passions and to derive joy from such pursuits. Art has imbued Bonnel with a newfound confidence and a sense of legitimacy, and it is his fervent desire to bestow these gifts upon his children.

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