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“My paintings are all inspired by bits and pieces of my personal story, real or imagined, that I share with my viewers.”

Unveiling the Inspirations: Jill Krasner’s Artistic Exploration

Jill Krasner, characterized as a “narrative artist,” constructs art deeply influenced by fragments of her personal story, both real and imagined. She presents these facets to her audience with an intention to evoke memories, assure individuals of shared experiences, and spark fresh perspectives.

Transitioning from an extensive corporate background in publishing and broadcasting, Krasner chose to rediscover her enduring love for art creation upon her decision to “retire.” In her initial stages, she sustained herself by producing a line of unique handmade items for sale through gift shops and catalogs. The shift from retail to wholesale shows posed significant challenges, yet Krasner found a particular delight in establishing connections with other artists and receiving first-hand feedback on her crafted works.

Gradually, she ventured to exhibit her original paintings at trade shows. These displays were met with an overwhelmingly positive response and often resulted in a complete sale of her exhibited work. In a decisive move towards devoting herself entirely to her craft, Krasner ultimately resolved to abandon production work and shows, shifting her focus to painting within the serene confines of her own studio.

The Enchanting Transformation: Jill Krasner’s Journey in Florida

Jill Krasner has navigated through a maze of significant and minor diversions. However, a transformative turning point manifested itself upon her arrival at the stunningly scenic West Coast of Florida. This vivid environment acted as a catalyst, profoundly influencing her artistic sensibility and infusing her work with an invigorated sense of vitality, a vibrant color palette, and a unique airiness and fluidity.

The mesmerizing coastal landscapes emboldened Krasner to embark on a journey of exploration, experimenting with fresh mediums, varied hues, and novel subjects. In this artistic renewal, collage elements and found objects were integrated into her oeuvre, crafting an eclectic fusion of tradition and innovation. This amalgamation not only broadened the scope of her work but also added a new dimension to her creative repertoire.

The artist’s toolkit evolved considerably during this period, with watercolors, inks, and acrylics emerging as her favored instruments. These mediums, hitherto perhaps overlooked, became pivotal in shaping Krasner’s transition towards a more abstract and symbolic form of expression. The result was a striking aesthetic that bore the imprint of her personal growth and transformation, a testament to her evolving artistic vision.

Intriguingly, this phase of experimental exploration also led to Krasner’s reacquaintance with oil paint, a medium she skillfully paired with cold wax to enhance depth and texture in her creations. This innovative combination served to enrich the overall sensory experience of her work, adding a palpable tactility that echoes the complex and varied topography of her life’s journey.

Whimsy and Vibrance: The Essence of Jill Krasner’s Art

In her artistic endeavors, Jill Krasner ardently seeks to elicit emotions of humor, peace, joy, and amusement. Harnessing the potency of vibrant hues and a touch of whimsy, Krasner weaves narratives that profoundly resonate with her audience. The hallmark of her art lies in its unmistakable features, be it the exaggerated, whimsical depictions of mature women, the lively renditions of beach vistas dotted with cottages and palm trees, or the intricate architectural abstracts realized in mixed water media or oils. In her more contemporary pieces, she masterfully layers acrylics or oils, collage materials, and cold wax on wood panels, resulting in textures that evoke ancient ruins and concealed corridors.

For Krasner, the act of creating art serves as a grounding force, anchoring her to the present. Her studio, initially a mere converted guest room, became a sanctuary of inspiration, free from the constraints of time. As her passion burgeoned, so did the need for space, leading her studio to eventually sprawl into the living room, dining room, and a significant portion of the garage. Recognizing the need for a dedicated space, she now operates from a sprawling 2800 square foot studio, a mere stone’s throw from her residence. This luminous workspace, graced with floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings, not only offers ample parking but is also a bustling hub of canvases, art materials, worktables, and evolving projects. Yet, with an ever-increasing zeal for her craft, Krasner finds herself aspiring for even greater expanses.

From Guest Room to Artistic Sanctuary: Jill Krasner’s Expanding Studio

The artistic creations of Jill Krasner have graced the halls of juried exhibitions and galleries throughout the United States. She has accrued a plethora of accolades and acknowledgments over her illustrious career, testifying to the significance of her work in the realm of visual arts. With an active engagement in diverse professional organizations dedicated to watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting, Krasner continually strengthens her creative ties and artistic reputation.

Her work has received notable coverage in esteemed publications such as The WatercolourArtist, Watercolor Artist, and The Ageless Woman, further underscoring the magnitude of her creative influence.

In the local art scene, Krasner’s masterpieces are readily accessible at both the Chasen Gallery and the Nan Miller Gallery in upstate New York. Her impact, however, extends beyond these local confines. Her representation spans a wide array of galleries across the country, highlighting the national demand for her artistic talents.

In the coming years, the solo exhibitions on Krasner’s itinerary for 2022-2023 will provide art enthusiasts in locales such as Sarasota, Venice, Punta Gorda, Long Boat Key, and even Lisbon, Portugal, the opportunity to engage directly with her stirring and evocative works.

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