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“It was a surprise to me that a simple painting would have such a strong impact on so many people.”

A Mosaic of Origins and Ambitions

Daniel Arthur hails from Anápolis, a locale in the state of Goiás, Brazil, rooted in modest beginnings. The artist grew up in a district characterized by its unauthorized land occupations and rudimentary constructions, an experience that undoubtedly nurtured his burgeoning creativity – arguably his most treasured asset. In pursuit of brighter prospects, Arthur’s family relocated to Portugal when he was nine, a country then seen as a beacon of hope for the Lusophone diaspora. This transformative journey allowed Arthur to deeply appreciate both his past scarcities and the potential affluence of the future.

From his tender years, Arthur was captivated by the art of sketching. His elder brother, an exemplary draftsman, served as his inaugural muse. The interplay of his brother’s flair and Arthur’s inherent competitive spirit fueled his desire to hone his craft. The siblings often collaborated, immortalizing characters from beloved animations, notably those from Dragon Ball. Throughout his academic journey, spanning high school to university, Arthur’s fervor for drawing never waned.

Daniel Arthur: Evolving Artistry and the Power of Collaboration

Approaching the culmination of his academic journey, Daniel Arthur’s artistic inspirations underwent a significant transformation. Deeply influenced by the renowned painter Nicolas Uribe, Arthur transitioned his emphasis from drawing to painting. In the nascent stages of his career, Arthur indulged in painting as a form of personal gratification within the confines of his residence, while simultaneously offering “Bad Portraits” sketches on bustling streets for a modest fee of 1 euro each. Interestingly, these impromptu sketches emerged as his dominant revenue stream during that period.

In a subsequent chapter of his career, Daniel formed an alliance with Galeria Manicómio, a pioneering platform dedicated to championing artists diagnosed with mental disorders. Given Arthur’s own diagnosis of bipolar disorder and his comprehensive portfolio, the collaboration was an organic and symbiotic association.

The advent and proliferation of social media, particularly his Instagram presence, became instrumental in charting the trajectory of Arthur’s artistic endeavors. A flourishing online community, nurtured with consistent dedication and considerable investment, transitioned into his primary artistic pursuit. Furthermore, Arthur extends profound gratitude to the Cane Yo Group, whose early influence was paramount and facilitated meaningful introductions with international artists.

The Philosophy of Simplification and Iconic Creations

Daniel Arthur is known for his dedication to simplification. He is passionate about distilling images to their core, sculpting them geometrically, and minimizing the use of brushstrokes. Renowned artists such as Euan Uglow, Benjamin Björklund, and Mark Tennant have similarly embraced this method, a fact that continually captivates Arthur. The eclectic and enigmatic facets of internet culture, ranging from the uncanny and surreal to the ubiquitous charm of cat memes, profoundly influence his creations.

One of Arthur’s seminal pieces, titled ‘Fight Me,’ became a watershed moment in his illustrious career. Though the painting was introduced to the world with modest expectations via Facebook, it witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, breaking numerous engagement milestones. This particular work significantly cemented Daniel’s position in the global art community.

Regarding artistic mediums, Arthur holds a particular fondness for oil, valuing its depth, adaptability, and sublime finish. While he has ventured into using gouache and acrylic, they fail to encapsulate the essence he desires in his masterpieces. Conversely, ballpoint pens emerge as his chosen instrument for line and contour illustrations, given his penchant for the precise art of etching and delineation.

Daniel Arthur: Immersive Creation and the Influences that Shape Him

In the dual-purpose space that is his bedroom and studio, Daniel Arthur juggles between the different stages of his creative journey. The room houses his desk, which is not only his workstation for drawing and painting but also the hub of his entire creative process. With a computer, a long glass serving as a palette, paints, and brushes strewn across, it is a space that epitomizes organized chaos. Although the setup results in him often being smeared with paint, it is far from ideal but it’s all he has for now.

Arthur is currently contemplating the challenges that come with painting on larger canvases. Having spent a considerable amount of time working on smaller formats, he recognizes it as his comfort zone. Yet, he is also aware that staying comfortable for too long hinders artistic growth. The physical demands of working on a larger scale, coupled with the intricate problems that arise from the increased dimensions, present a daunting yet exciting venture for him.

Throughout Arthur’s artistic odyssey, he has been fortunate to encounter myriad influences. Esteemed artists such as Nicolas Uribe, Benjamin Björklund, Ruprecht Von Kaufmann, Milo Hartnoll, Sergey Kolesov (also known as Peleng), Alberto Mielgo, and Sargent have significantly impacted his stylistic evolution. Moreover, his brother, girlfriend, and a close-knit circle of friends occupy cherished niches within his heart.

At present, Arthur emanates a sense of contentment with his artistic progression. Rather than being tethered to a distinct dream, he remains sanguine about the prospect of probing into novel facets of his artistry in the near future.

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