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“… then I fell down the rabbit hole of art and here I remain today.”

Kim’s Unexpected Journey into the Abstract World

Kim Goldstein is an artist who resides on the outskirts of Chattanooga, TN. Originally from Lexington, VA, she spent a significant portion of her adulthood in Maryland. The pandemic prompted Goldstein to move to Tennessee, primarily due to familial ties.

Goldstein’s fervor for art, particularly the realm of abstract, was deeply nurtured during her numerous sojourns to art museums and galleries in Washington, DC, often accompanied by her spouse. Intriguingly, Goldstein ventured into the realm of painting relatively later in life, commencing her journey at 51.

During one particularly memorable museum excursion, Goldstein found herself captivated by the nuances of various masterpieces — the meticulous brushwork, the discerning palette selections, and the myriad textures. This profound appreciation kindled a longing to possess original artwork, prompting her to contemplate her own capabilities as a creator. This newfound ambition, of course, was met with its own set of challenges.

Delving Deeper: Techniques and Stylistic Choices

In the early stages of her artistic journey, Kim Goldstein discerned that the creation of abstract art requires more finesse than initially perceived. With unwavering commitment, Kim refined her technique, producing works that epitomized her personal aesthetic. This burgeoning passion for art evoked the sensation of venturing into an uncharted realm, and it has subsequently cemented its position at the core of her existence.

In stylistic terms, Goldstein exhibits a pronounced inclination towards abstraction, valuing the uninhibited freedom it bestows. This approach permits her to explore the depths of her creative consciousness, unencumbered by traditional constraints. Texture, achieved through meticulous layering, stands as a cardinal component of her oeuvre. Additionally, Goldstein’s repertoire is enriched by her adept mark-making, with charcoal emerging as a tool of choice.

Inspiration and Chaos: Inside Goldstein’s Studio

Goldstein’s studio mirrors the intricate interplay of her artistic nature: bathed in light and generously proportioned, yet it frequently teeters on the brink of disorder. Interestingly, while Goldstein exhibits a predilection for orderliness in her everyday life, her creative sanctuary thrives amidst tumult. Nonetheless, within this apparent disarray, she possesses an uncanny ability to pinpoint the exact location of every tool and pigment. Often, the ambiance of her creation is enriched by the subtle accompaniment of music or audiobooks.

In terms of inspiration, Goldstein draws from a vast reservoir of influencers. Yet, among these, Cy Twombly’s unrestrained manner of mark-making profoundly resonates with her. The serendipity of sharing a birthplace with Twombly, albeit across different epochs, fortifies her personal affinity towards the renowned artist.

One of Goldstein’s recent creations holds a special place in her heart due to its vivacious hues, pronounced marks, and layered depth. Whenever she crafts a piece that profoundly resonates with her, she feels as though she has tapped into her quintessential artistic style. However, this sentiment is transient, suggesting that her stylistic identity remains fluid, continuously metamorphosing throughout her artistic voyage.

The Vibrant Mediums: Kim Goldstein’s Artistic Arsenal

Kim Goldstein’s favored medium is acrylic paint, largely due to the expedient drying properties that cater to her immediate artistic inclinations. Though she occasionally experiments with watercolors and gouache, acrylics invariably hold a distinctive place in her oeuvre. Beyond paints, Goldstein’s versatile repertoire includes charcoal, oil sticks, pastels, crayons, chalk, graphite, and wax pencils. She deftly integrates collage papers, marrying them with an eclectic mix of implements – from well-worn paintbrushes and palette knives to unconventional tools such as rubber spatulas and sponges.

Goldstein’s paramount ambition is for her creations to be esteemed in spaces where aficionados can truly value them. She recognizes that her art might not captivate every observer, yet the knowledge that it elicits delight in many offers profound fulfillment. Goldstein firmly posits that artwork should be celebrated and actively experienced, as opposed to languishing unseen in a chaotic studio.

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