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“My work develops because I keep making discoveries during the creative process. This in turn leads to new ideas to develop further.”

Jackie Mulder’s Artistic Expression

Amsterdam-based artist Jackie Mulder has made a name for herself with her unique approach to photography and mixed media art. With a background in design, Jackie has honed her artistic talents over the past few years, perfecting her craft and pushing the boundaries of conventional norms.

Jackie’s artistic expression is deeply rooted in her upbringing, which was characterized by an oppressive and religious atmosphere enforced by a patriarchal figure. From a young age, Jackie felt a strong desire to break free from the constraints of her environment. She found solace in creating intricate drawings on paper, which eventually developed into massive artworks spanning up to three meters in length.

At the age of seventeen, Jackie made the courageous decision to leave home and establish her independence. This experience proved transformative, allowing her to fully embrace her newfound freedom. Throughout her life, Jackie has remained committed to challenging the status quo and deviating from conventional norms, a theme that is reflected in her artistic expression.

Embracing Difference and Transience

In her photography, Jackie eschews conventional methods and standard formats, instead seeking to experiment with new techniques that add depth and layers to her images. She deliberately leaves her work raw and altered, embracing the beauty of difference and the transience of art. By doing so, Jackie aims to challenge the viewer’s perception of photography and push the boundaries of the medium.

Jackie Mulder creates unique pieces that are distinctively her own. Her creative process always begins with a self-taken photograph or the combination of several photos. She then prints her images on various surfaces and applies different techniques, such as India ink, paint, embroidery, charcoal, and beeswax, to produce the desired effect. The repetitive operations she undertakes are highly laborious, and she may choose to deviate from the original image or stick closely to it. Jackie values the element of chance and prefers not to have a preconceived idea of the final product. She allows herself to be surprised by the outcome. Jackie’s mind is free to wander while she works, akin to her childhood days of scribbling in her bedroom. She avoids distractions such as music or other external stimuli, preferring to be fully absorbed in her own creative space.

A Constant Evolution: Jackie Mulder’s Creative Process

Jackie Mulder finds an infinite source of inspiration in the photographs she captures during her walks through natural landscapes or whilst exploring the urban environment. Her personal photo archives constantly yield new ideas for future work, and should she ever find herself lacking in fresh inspiration, she is always ready to venture outside with her camera in hand to capture new vistas and perspectives.

Jackie Mulder’s creative process is in a constant state of evolution as she discovers new elements that lead to the emergence of fresh ideas for further development. Her quest for innovation compels her to explore novel techniques to infuse greater depth and dimensionality into her work. Over the past year, Jackie has honed her craft by experimenting with a complex blend of media, including a photo printed on transparent silk fabric juxtaposed against a base of hemp paper with a photo transfer. Through careful manual editing of both layers, coupled with the subtle distance between them, she generates a distinctive and captivating dreamlike effect. The diaphanous silk fabric, in particular, imbues each moment with a unique and ephemeral image, especially when it gently shifts.

From Large-Scale Artworks to an Immersive Multisensory Experience

Jackie has created several large-scale artworks, including a ten-meter-wide triptych made of transparent fabric and paper that stands over a meter tall. The artwork was showcased at the BigART 2022 exhibition in a vast industrial setting where it was able to fully shine. Six months later, Jackie produced a twelve-part multi-panel artwork spanning the same length that was exhibited in Amsterdam to widespread acclaim. She derives great satisfaction from the fact that her work evokes diverse and personal associations from viewers, which is her primary objective.

Jackie’s ambitious goal is to create an installation that showcases a diverse range of works in varying sizes, from grandiose to miniature, to be displayed in a spacious setting with high ceilings. She envisions an immersive multisensory experience that incorporates soundscapes, movement, and film, akin to a peaceful stroll through a forest, where each step brings a new and intriguing sensation, evoking a sense of wonder and creativity similar to her own artistic process.

Furthermore, Jackie plans to publish a book chronicling her creative journey by the end of the year. However, this poses a challenge as she must capture the layered and textured nature of her work within the confines of a book.

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