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“After speaking with several successful working artists, I decided to make the jump. So I quit my day job and embarked on a new career as an artist aged 36.”

From Academia to Art: A Pivot in Passion

Jack Mason is a contemporary artist currently residing in Germany. Originating from the United Kingdom, Mason spent a significant portion of his life in London with his German spouse, before relocating to Germany a decade ago. The vibrant street art, particularly the faces and portraits frequently portrayed, profoundly influenced Mason’s artistic endeavours during his time in the British capital.

Embarking on his artistic journey relatively late, Mason commenced his professional career at the age of 36, following a tenure in academia as a geologist. Although a lifelong passion for art and a longstanding engagement with painting were always present, the prevailing stereotype of the struggling artist initially dissuaded him from pursuing a professional career in the field. Nevertheless, after engaging in meaningful dialogues with several prospering artists, Mason made the pivotal decision to transition from geology to a full-time career in art.

The Turning Point: Recognition and Rise to Success

The artist Jack Mason initially gained recognition when a local blogger penned an article about him. This, in turn, attracted a local television news crew to his studio, where they filmed the artist at work and conducted an interview. This exposure catalyzed significant sales and served as Mason’s inaugural indication that a prosperous career in the arts was within reach. Not long after, Art Unlimited Gallery, based in the United Kingdom, reached out to him via Instagram to retail some of his paintings, a collaboration that persists to this day. For Mason, social media has proven to be an indispensable instrument in the advancement of his career, as the majority of his sales currently originate from individuals who stumbled upon his work on the internet.

Artistry Unveiled: The Style and Soul of Mason’s Creations

Jack Mason’s artistic style is predominantly characterized by impasto techniques, utilizing palette knives to infuse texture and depth into his acrylic creations. Although Mason occasionally ventures into wildlife and small landscape commissions, he harbors a particular affinity for portraits, captivated by the myriad ways in which humans convey themselves. The paintings of Mason stand as a testament to the human condition, articulating emotions and experiences through nuanced facial expressions and the strategic interplay of colors. Beyond the essential art supplies, Mason’s workspace is relatively unadorned, albeit necessitating ample space to accommodate his large-scale works. He has found that his productivity peaks during the morning hours, and he often accompanies his creative process with background music or podcasts, as they serve to divert his mind and fuel his instincts.

Inspirations and Anticipations: The Evolution of a Surrealist

Jack Mason draws his inspiration predominantly from contemporary artists such as Francois Nielly, Peter Terrin, Carlos Delgado, and Salman Khoshroo, all of whom employ palette knives in their creative process. One piece that holds significant meaning for him is ‘Veiled Solitude,’ a surrealist portrait delving into themes of introspection and concealment. This particular work signaled the commencement of a new series of surrealist portraits for Mason. After experimenting with a palette knife, he developed a distinctive style, leading him to choose acrylic as his preferred medium, despite previous attempts with oil paints. Although Mason’s style is compatible with oil, the extensive drying time and the unpleasant fumes from the impasto gel, which is necessary to accelerate the drying process, dissuaded him from its regular use.

Looking forward, Mason is filled with anticipation for his inaugural solo exhibition in 2024, following numerous participations in group exhibitions and art fairs.

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