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“Time” is always a theme that I want to capture on the canvas. It is a short moment, but also infinite and eternal, a very abstract theme.”

A Heritage of Artistry: Fai’s Hong Kong Beginnings

Fong Fai is an abstract artist who calls San Francisco his home, but his artistic journey has its roots in Hong Kong, where he was both born and educated. He pursued his formal training at the Hong Kong Academy of Art. Notably, the profound influence on Fai’s artistic inclination came from his grandfather, a revered ink painter and educator.

From his early years, Fai demonstrated an innate attraction to the world of painting. However, the prevalent academic emphasis on realistic art forms presented a compelling challenge. Undeterred by the conventional norms and inspired by his inner creative calling, Fai charted a distinctive path. In pursuit of his passion and vision, he inaugurated ‘Fong’s Art Gallery’ in Hong Kong. His journey did not stop there. Later, he took on the mantle of educator, imparting knowledge at the esteemed Oriental Arts Institute.

The Essence of Time and Tradition: Fong’s Unique Style

Fong Fai’s artistry is profoundly shaped by the undulating rhythms of calligraphy and the evocative strokes of color, elegantly bridging the chasm between Eastern and Western artistic paradigms. The very essence of Fong’s oeuvre lies in his persistent pursuit of encapsulating the concept of “Time” on the canvas. For him, time is an enigma, evanescent in its passing yet enduring in its existence.

The Eastern ethos remains a foundational element in Fai’s work, providing an unerring compass that navigates his creative journey. Throughout his career, Fong Fai has seamlessly woven elements from his rich cultural tapestry into his art, accentuating the deep, oriental essence that underpins each piece. Indeed, the intricate bond between an artist and their cultural heritage is often inextricable. For Fai, this connection is palpable, reinforcing that he is, indeed, no exception to this artistic phenomenon.

Global Footprints: Fai’s Inspirations and Influence

Throughout his illustrious career, Fong Fai has showcased his masterpieces not only in the vibrant corners of Asia but also in the diverse landscapes of Australia and North America. It was the exhibitions in iconic locations such as San Francisco and Hawaii that captivated Fong’s heart, ultimately compelling him to establish the United States as his domicile. Presently, his art graces numerous venues throughout the country, marking an indelible presence in the American art scene.

In the panorama of legendary artists, names like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning stand out prominently. For Fong Fai, the fervent passion and unparalleled creative spirit of Pollock hold a special resonance. Similarly, the indomitable legacy of de Kooning has profoundly influenced the artist’s own sensibilities and perspective.

The Acrylic Appeal: Sustainability and Sunlight in Fai’s Studio

Fong Fai has consistently displayed a predilection for acrylic as his medium of choice in his artistic endeavors. One of the primary motivators behind this preference is the eco-friendly nature of acrylic, which aligns seamlessly with Fai’s commitment to sustainable practices. Additionally, the medium’s ease of use offers him the flexibility and freedom to seamlessly translate his visions onto the canvas.

The ambiance of an artist’s workspace significantly influences their creative flow, and for Fai, an environment bathed in natural sunlight proves to be most conducive. Tucked away at the rear of his residence, Fong Fai’s dedicated studio boasts an array of skylights. These architectural elements not only infuse the space with an abundance of light but also create an optimal atmosphere that catalyzes his creative process, allowing his masterpieces to come to life.

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