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“I don’t think becoming an artist is born out of an idea or a purpose. You are born being one.”

Almudena Pintado’s Personal Connection to Her Artwork

Almudena Pintado is a self-taught artist that has developed her skills primarily in abstraction and matter, often incorporating collage into her compositions. In 1988, she first encountered the realm of art and design while studying fashion design, an experience that allowed her to practice anatomical drawing through various mediums, such as pastel, watercolor, and charcoal.

In 1990, Pintado furthered her education by training as an architectural draftsman. This phase of her life not only shaped her professional career but also imbued some of her artwork with a distinct geometric influence. Though she had been painting and drawing since childhood, it was not until 2003, at the age of 34, that she began to take her artistic pursuits more seriously.

The artist’s body of work can be described as a tapestry of textured narratives, providing space for expression, gesture, and the tactile interplay of diverse materials. Through her art, Pintado delves into various aspects of human experience, such as childhood, joy, origins, and challenges, ultimately crafting an allegory of life itself.

Her creations display an impressive array of materials, including oil, acrylic, wood, fabric, cardboard, staples, and cement. Resourcefully incorporating recycled elements, Pintado demonstrates her commitment to sustainability and innovation in her artistic practice. As she gradually transitions from her career as an architectural draftsman, she continues to devote herself wholeheartedly to the world of art, leaving an indelible impact on those who encounter her evocative works.

The Innate Drive of Almudena Pintado’s Artistic Identity

Several works hold a unique significance for Almudena Pintado, as they evoke powerful personal emotions that render them challenging to sell or relinquish. One particularly poignant piece was created in 2020 following the passing of Pintado’s mother. The artist initially struggled to express her emotions on a 160 x 160 cm wooden canvas, grappling with a substantial emotional block, likely attributable to the profound grief she was experiencing. However, once Pintado allowed herself to fully engage with her emotions, the resultant artwork was nothing short of breathtaking. Today, that cherished painting adorns the walls of her home, never to be sold.

The artistic identity of an individual, according to Pintado, is not something that arises from an idea or objective, but rather an innate quality with which one is born. While external influences may awaken the need for expression, the artist’s innate drive remains the foundation. In Pintado’s case, she recalls a strong desire to communicate through drawing or painting from an early age. Her journey into public exhibitions began in 2003 when she showcased her work at a local cultural center in her hometown. Since that pivotal moment, Pintado has consistently participated in various artistic events, accumulating an impressive list of exhibitions across countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, and Iran.

Embracing the Unexpected: Almudena Pintado’s Creative Process

Almudena Pintado often surrenders herself to the spontaneous progression of her creative process. Rather than adhering to a predetermined concept, Pintado embraces the unexpected, allowing the emotions and energy of the moment to guide her work. This approach frequently leads to a final result that is largely improvised, showcasing the fluidity and freedom of her artistic expression.

Pintado’s intuitive method, which is at times almost inadvertent, enables her to unearth novel techniques and continuously evolve as an artist. By relinquishing control and resisting the urge to confine her work within rigid boundaries, she embarks on a captivating artistic journey. Each piece, in essence, becomes an adventure of self-discovery and experimentation, with the destination remaining unknown until the work reaches its conclusion.

Crafting Art in the Presence of Natural Light

Almudena Pintado’s preferred working environment is not particularly demanding, as she demonstrates an impressive adaptability. The essential requirement for the artist is the presence of natural light, which can be achieved through large windows that provide a connection to the outdoors. Pintado finds it challenging to create in dark spaces or basements, regardless of the quality of artificial lighting; such settings evoke a sense of oppression that she finds difficult to withstand. For Pintado, background music is an indispensable element of her creative process.

To cultivate her unique and personal atmosphere, the artist requires only a minimal setup. Once Pintado becomes immersed in her creative inspiration, she enters a state akin to a trance, allowing her to lose herself in her work and disregard external distractions.

In offering guidance to emerging artists, Pintado emphasizes that the world of art is undeniably challenging, yet never insurmountable. She encourages aspirants to maintain faith in their own vision and artistic expression, independent of external opinions. Through diligent hard work, unwavering perseverance, and steadfast dedication, Pintado believes that success in the art world is attainable.

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