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“My passion for the creative process is a remarkable driving force in my artistic journey. It’s the very core of what motivates me and helps me shape my distinctive style.”

Unveiling JOLIC: An Artistic Journey Rooted in Passion and Creativity

JOLIC‘s artistic journey is a narrative of relentless passion and innovation. The foundational pillars of her art lie in her diverse academic pursuits—Architecture, Graphic Art, and Screen Printing on Fabric. This eclectic mix has endowed her with a unique lens through which she views and constructs her art. JOLIC’s journey in art is deeply entwined with a robust sense of composition and spatial dynamics, which is vividly reflected in her creations. She articulates her artistic philosophy as a balanced interplay between composition, focal points, and the exploration of ‘silent areas,’ which are pivotal in her works. Her passion for the creative process stands at the core of her art, driving her towards distinctiveness and helping her carve out a unique style that resonates with her audience.

The inception of JOLIC’s career was no ordinary tale. Her grandmother, a figure of profound inspiration, played a pivotal role in nurturing her creativity and inquisitiveness towards art. A transformative moment in her artistic trajectory was the shift from painting on white canvases to black ones. This change, suggested by a professor, was more than a mere technique; it became a new window through which JOLIC perceived her art. It enabled her to achieve the desired contrast and depth, marking a significant milestone in her artistic evolution. This method not only enhanced her artwork’s visual impact but also symbolized a deeper transformation in her creative process.

Abstract and Semi-Expressionism: The Artistic Language of JOLIC

JOLIC’s choice of Abstract and Semi-Expressionism as her artistic mediums speaks volumes about her creative ethos. These styles offer her ample space for creativity and self-expression, key elements she values in her art. Her works are characterized by dynamic movement, stark contrasts, and rich textures. Within her large-scale abstract compositions, JOLIC often integrates subjects like sailboats. She employs an intriguing technique of painting upside down, especially for sails, capturing the essence of her subjects with a distinctive perspective. This approach not only showcases her innovative spirit but also adds an element of surprise and depth to her art.

The artist’s workspace is a sanctuary of tranquility and inspiration, essential for her creative process. She describes it as a serene environment, harmoniously blending with nature and birds, creating an ideal setting for artistic creation. Interestingly, JOLIC mentions her cat as the only source of distraction, often seeking attention at the most unexpected moments. This playful interruption, however, seems to seamlessly integrate into her artistic world, perhaps adding a touch of spontaneity to her work. Her studio, with its unique ambiance and her beloved pet’s presence, forms a personal and intimate backdrop, where her artistic visions come to life.

Influences and Inspirations: A Tribute to the Greats

The artist’s works are greatly influenced by renowned painters such as J.M.W. Turner, Jean-Paul Riopelle, and Edward Degas. Turner’s ability to capture light and darkness has left a significant mark on JOLIC’s artistic sensibility. Similarly, Riopelle’s depiction of movement, especially in his bird motifs, resonates deeply with her. Degas’s expertise in composition and dynamic framing has also been a source of inspiration. These influences are intricately woven into JOLIC’s art, enriching her style with depth and a nuanced understanding of the artistic greats. Her art is not just a reflection of her inspirations but an amalgamation of her unique perspective and the legacy of these masters.

A particular artwork holds a special place in JOLIC’s heart: a 40”x40” piece painted with her non-dominant hand. This technique allowed her to explore an uncontrolled and liberating aspect of her creativity, leading to unexpected and unique outcomes. Choosing to paint with her non-dominant hand, especially when seeking a burst of inspiration, illustrates her willingness to experiment and embrace the unconventional. This piece is not just an artwork; it’s a testament to JOLIC’s bold and exploratory spirit, constantly seeking new avenues to express her artistic voice.

Materials and Mediums: The Essence of JOLIC’s Art

JOLIC’s preference for acrylics and various mediums in her artistic process is a critical aspect of her work. Her most challenging and rewarding accomplishment has been the creation of a peaceful, luminous black hue, achieved by mixing deep purple, black, and red. This process requires a keen eye for color balance and layering, a skill JOLIC has honed over many years. The subtlety and depth this adds to her paintings are significant, infusing them with emotion and profundity. Additionally, her practice of using her hand as a tool for painting fosters a direct and intimate connection with her artwork, further personalizing and deepening her creative process.

JOLIC’s aspirations extend beyond the canvas. With her art gaining international recognition, particularly during the Covid periods, she aspires to travel and present her work in various countries through art exhibitions and fairs. This ambition underscores her desire to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, sharing her creative vision on a global platform. Her work is not just a medium of self-expression but a bridge that connects her with an international audience, allowing her to share her artistic narrative and interact with a broader spectrum of art enthusiasts.

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