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“This feeling of being everywhere and belonging nowhere.”

An Overture of Multicultural Art

Florinda Ferreira Dinis Klopries, artistically recognized as Flo Dinis Klopries, adopts the distinctive practice of signing her artworks solely with her surnames. This deliberate choice invites viewers to delve into her creations devoid of preconceived notions regarding her gender, a reflection of the historical overlook and marginalization encountered by women within the annals of art history. Originating from Porto, Portugal, Dinis Klopries pursued her tertiary education at the prestigious University of Porto with a concentration on German and English: Philology, History, and Literature, ultimately earning her degree. Subsequently, she embarked on a journey to Germany to further her linguistic studies. During this period, Dinis Klopries also commenced her exploration into classical singing and piano at the School of Music in Bonn, marking the genesis of her symbiotic relationship with the arts.

In the subsequent years, a familial relocation brought Dinis Klopries to the picturesque region of Lorraine, France, near the German frontier. This shift in locale precipitated a deeper engagement with the arts. Initially, she traversed the abstract artistic landscape, later transitioning to academic art, a rigorous endeavor that spanned nearly 12 years. Under the tutelage of internationally celebrated artists representing diverse art schools, Flo honed her craft. Her artistic sojourn flourished as she graced international exhibitions with her presence, predominantly in Paris, extending her influence to other regions within France, Germany, and Luxembourg. The narrative of her artistic expedition progressed further when, in August 2023, Dinis Klopries inaugurated a quaint art studio nestled in Germany, serving as a testament to her unyielding commitment and evocative journey through the eclectic tapestry of the arts.

Flo Dinis Klopries: A Transcultural Voyage Between Colors and Chords

The multifaceted tapestry of Flo Dinis Klopries’s life, interwoven with diverse cultures and geographies, imbues a state of “inbetweenness” within her artwork—a profound sense of belonging both everywhere and nowhere. Residing in a nation distinct from their dual nationalities, the Klopries family navigates the uncertain terrains of future domicile. An enduring source of inspiration in Dinis Klopries’s artistic oeuvre emanates from nature, notably its enigmatic dimensions, a sentiment rooted in her birth along the serene Portuguese Atlantic coast. The color blue harbors a special resonance for her, albeit not an exclusive one. Additionally, her explorations within the sphere of music, particularly the evocative strains of baroque compositions, have left indelible imprints on her artistic ethos.

Art in its multifaceted expressions has seamlessly intertwined with the daily fabric of Dinis Klopries’s existence from an early age, manifesting through singing, drawing, painting, writing, and dancing. Initially, a burgeoning affinity for vocal melody propelled her towards the musical horizon; however, a mixture of health adversities and performance anxieties necessitated a directional pivot. This phase catalyzed a rekindling of her early affections for drawing and painting, establishing a rhythm of life marked by equanimity and joy. Through diligently pursued education, she garnered essential methodologies, experiential wisdom, and technical prowess, progressively refining her identity across various art forms and enriching her creative journey.

Morphing Styles: The Evolution of a Diverse Palette

Flo Dinis Klopries’ artistic journey has evolved through various stylistic metamorphoses, initially embracing a geometric abstract aesthetic, transitioning into the modern iconic figurative, before exploring figurative landscaping, and subsequently delving into abstract water series. Presently, Dinis Klopries’ oeuvre navigates a nuanced dialogue between figuration, abstract figuration, and Lyrical Abstractionism (abstraction lyrique). The thematic core of her work orbits around the mystic essence of nature, philosophical explorations, and a relentless quest for novel expressive forms amidst adapting to ever-evolving aesthetic paradigms.

Within the creative sanctum of her workspace, a diverse array of media stands as a quintessential element for spontaneous inspiration. The ambiance, enriched by adequate illumination, evocative photographs, poignant quotes, natural objects, and the resonant strains of classical or baroque music, fosters a fertile environment for artistic endeavor. Flo perceives distractions as an inherent facet of human work and existence, often serving as a conduit for clearing thought, unveiling fresh ideas, and proffering new vistas on extant projects. Through this lens, every distraction morphs into a stepping stone towards deeper creative exploration and expression, seamlessly integrating into the complex tapestry of her artistic narrative.

Flo Dinis Klopries: The Legacy of the Kintsugi Series and Beyond

The artistic ethos of Flo Dinis Klopries is significantly informed by a variety of eminent predecessors such as William Turner, Zao Wou-Ki, Chuh Teh Chun, and Anselm Kiefer, notwithstanding her steadfast endeavor to carve out a distinctive stylistic avenue. A salient exemplar of her “Kintsugi” series, denominated “Kintsugi (1) 2020,” resonates profoundly with the quintessence of this collection. The series eloquently mirrors the Japanese technique of “Kintsugi” and the “wabi-sabi” aesthetics, underscoring a celebratory narrative around the healing and cherishing of human scars, analogously to the venerable tradition of mending fragmented pottery. This symbolism generously enfolds layers of human struggle, uniqueness, and beauty.

The penchant Dinis Klopries harbors for oil painting on canvas germinated through her rigorous artistic training. However, her creative spectrum ambitiously stretches beyond, encompassing ventures into watercolors, drawing, collages, and the creation of petite sculptures employing natural elements. Flo envisages a pioneering project encompassing large-dimensional abstract creations on cardboard. These are not conceived for traditional wall display, but rather to command spatial presence within a room, invoking a blend of novel and time-honored techniques.

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