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“One night an old friend, now my husband, came over with some paints and a piece of wood and commanded me to paint, as he thought I was wanting to but couldn’t quite bring myself to get started. He was right.”

A Legal Detour: Discovering Art Amidst Judgements

Julie Schumer is an abstract expressionist artist, presently residing and crafting her artworks in Santa Fe, NM. Her artistic inclinations manifested at the tender age of four or five, and she nurtured this burgeoning passion fervently through her high school years. However, due to her parents’ reservations regarding the feasibility of a career in art, Schumer diverged into the field of law. Upon attaining her law degree, she embarked on a substantial tenure within appellate criminal defense.

Yet, the longing for artistic exploration remained unquenched and resurfaced vigorously as her children approached college age. Serendipitously, a cherished acquaintance, who later blossomed into her life partner, reignited Schumer’s latent artistic fervor by gifting her a set of paints along with a blank wooden canvas, encouraging her to immerse herself in painting once again. This heartfelt gesture dismantled the unseen barrier that had previously stifled Schumer’s entry into the painting sphere, laying a robust foundation for her enduring voyage in the expansive universe of artistic expression.

Embracing The Canvas: The Rise of A Late Bloomer in Artistry

The distinctive background of Julie Schumer, which deviates from the traditional trajectory of an art school graduate, paired with her seasoned maturity, has instilled in her a daring boldness that manifests vibrantly in her artwork. This unconventional journey has also bequeathed a certain level of self-assurance, a legacy of her previous career, empowering her to not only initiate her painting odyssey but also to introduce her creations to the marketplace.

The genesis of Schumer’s professional artistry unfolded quite fortuitously following her relocation to Santa Fe. In heeding a call for submissions from an emergent gallery orchestrating an all-female exhibition, Schumer discovered her submitted pieces were warmly received, signifying the nascent stages of her professional artistic endeavor. The road to attaining recognition was strewn with bouts of self-doubt, chiefly stemming from her lack of formal art education and the belated commencement of her artistic career. Yet, it was her indefatigable tenacity and steadfast perseverance that paved the way for the gradual acceptance and accolade of her work in various esteemed galleries.

The Depths of Abstraction: Reflecting Personal Struggles through Paint

In her artistic doctrine, Julie Schumer largely engages with abstraction and expressionism, currently showing a preference towards delving into concepts of emergence and evanescence. This nuanced exploration aims at achieving a luminous depth through intuitive mark-making and meticulous layering. The genesis of this thematic focus is deeply rooted in the protracted mental health crisis endured by Schumer’s spouse, propelling her to delve into more somber, introspective, and atmospheric dimensions within her artwork. This exploratory venture fosters a profound sense of mystery and intimacy, enticing viewers into the depths of Schumer’s personal psyche, whilst shedding light on the often unseen yet felt emotional spectra.

The ambient prerequisites of Schumer’s workspace embody a semblance of order, augmented by a vast wall dedicated to painting, complemented by several tables accommodating her art supplies. Her aptitude for single-minded focus, a trait finely honed during her tenure as an attorney amidst familial responsibilities, ensures that distractions are effectively kept at bay. Through this disciplined approach, Julie Schumer navigates the complex tapestry of emotions, channeling a unique visual narrative that resonates with a broad spectrum of audiences, further solidifying her standing within contemporary artistic circles.

Evoking The Past: 1950s Expressionism Meets Contemporary Acumen

Within the distinguished lineage of artists, the abstract expressionists of the 1950s and 60s, celebrated for their grand-scale compositions, echo profoundly with Schumer’s artistic ethos. A noteworthy piece from her collection, entitled “Gateway II”, occupies a cherished locus in her artistic journey, embodying a cathartic outpour following the loss of her mother. This diptych, with dimensions 60 X 72, amalgamates acrylic with various dry drawing mediums, encapsulating the visceral emotional whirlwind Schumer navigated.

Initially, Schumer gravitated towards oil as her preferred medium; however, ensuing health apprehensions necessitated a transition to acrylics. Despite the attendant learning trajectory, the mastery of acrylics furnished a gratification parallel to the allure of oil paints for Julie.

Beyond the tactile artistry, Schumer’s ambitions burgeoned into the digital domain, culminating in the advent of online courses that span the gamut from painting techniques to the rudiments of art commerce. With the horizon of 2024 unfurling, Schumer’s gaze, besides perpetual artistic exploration, veers towards quenching her wanderlust through extensive voyages.

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