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What I create is not about choice or motivation. It is a need that must be satisfied.

The Human Experience through Dadaist Installations

Fabrice Jac is a visual artist and composer who creates Dadaist images that blend elements of expressionism and concrete art. His primary focus is the human experience, and he explores our dualities in his work. Since 2012, he has exhibited his installations in various locations around France and abroad. These installations typically consist of a combination of his expressive, composed images and more geometric, concrete art elements arranged on the walls of the exhibition space.

He hails from a diverse and self-taught background, having chosen to pursue experiential learning rather than traditional education at a young age. This unconventional path has afforded him the opportunity to approach his work with a fresh perspective and the freedom to think outside the confines of traditional formatting.

Combining Concrete Art and Expressionism

Fabrice Jac creates works that reside at the intersection of concrete art, with its emphasis on geometric purity, and Expressionism, characterized by spontaneous, instinctive expression. This synthesis of seemingly opposing aesthetics gives rise to a unique visual language replete with meaning and depth. While the Expressionist aspect of Jac’s work is marked by an unbridled, intuitive approach, the concrete art component brings a sense of deliberation and structure through its focus on form, composition, and the use of primary colors. Jac’s current work is heavily influenced by a variety of artistic trends, including expressionism, dadaism, and concrete art. Additionally, Jac finds inspiration in the work of contemporary artists such as Vladimir Velickovic, Anselm Keifer, Marlène Dumas, and Jan Fabre. Jac also draws inspiration from the realm of art brut.

A Sense of Purpose and Meaning: The Driving Force Behind Fabrice Jac’s Actions

It is not a choice or motivation that drives Fabrice Jac to do what he does, but rather a deep-seated need that must be fulfilled. It is a fundamental aspect of his being and something that he simply cannot ignore or neglect. He feels a strong sense of purpose and determination to pursue his goals and endeavors, and this drives him to take action and make things happen. Ultimately, it is a sense of purpose and meaning that motivates Fabrice to do what he does, and he believes that this is what gives his life significance and direction.

In Resonance: Fabrice Jac’s Most Accomplished Work

The work or series of works that Fabrice is most proud of would have to be the ones that were showcased at the Lyon contemporary art biennale and exhibited at the Catherine Mainguy gallery during September and October of 2022. This particular series, entitled “In Resonance,” represents a culmination of his artistic vision and efforts and has received critical acclaim for its concept and execution. It is a true source of satisfaction for Fabrice to see his work on display and resonating with audiences in this way.

Fabrice Jac has a professional ambition to continue excelling in his current profession, as it holds special significance for him and is a source of personal fulfillment. He is dedicated to maintaining a high level of competency and staying up-to-date on developments within his field, in order to provide the best possible service to those who rely on him. Ultimately, Jac’s goal is to continue honing his skills and making a meaningful contribution within his chosen profession.

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