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“I believe, my background before Fine art studies was tattooing, which influenced my fine art. After fine art studies, my background is fine art, which influencing my tattooing.”

A Lifelong Journey Through Varied Artistic Landscapes

Embarking on a rich tapestry of artistic endeavor, Evaldas Gulbinas demonstrates a vibrant interplay between various forms of visual artistry, seamlessly entwining roles as a sculptor, painter, and tattoo artist. With roots deeply embedded in Lithuania and a subsequent immersion into the UK’s art scene, he embraces a multifaceted approach to his creations, weaving through the diverse terrains of mixed media, installations, and multimedia, as well as traditional paintings and drawings. Evaldas is not confined by a single medium or style, as his work synthesizes elements from both fine art and tattoo artistry, allowing him to craft a unique aesthetic that bridges divergent artistic worlds.

Evaldas traversed an academic path that further honed his artistic capabilities and theoretical understanding of the arts. His educational journey commenced in his home country, Lithuania, where he refined his skills at Kedainiai Art School and M.K. Ciurlionis National Art School. Seeking to expand his perspectives and knowledge, he migrated to the UK to continue his studies, securing a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Westminster, after foundational studies at West Thames College. The pursuit of mastery in his field propelled him to attain a Master’s degree at the renowned University of the Arts London, where his practice and conceptual understanding of art deepened and evolved.

The artist’s affinity for creation was discernible from an early age, with his journey into the artistic universe being signaled by a profound love for drawing at the tender age of 7. This intrinsic passion for the visual was not limited to the confinement of school assignments, as it spilled generously into all facets of his young life, indicating an uncontainable creative spirit. Gulbinas has thus navigated through a lifetime where art is not merely a vocation but an undeniable call, resulting in a prolific and diverse oeuvre that continues to evolve, captivate, and inspire.

Evaldas Gulbinas: Skateboarding, Graffiti, and the Academic World

Evaldas Gulbinas navigates through the vibrant and sometimes gritty avenues of skateboarding and graffiti, intertwining these spirited experiences with a robust academic background in art, forged in the United Kingdom. These two worlds conspicuously converge, fostering a lively arena where Gulbinas seamlessly merges skateboard culture with his refined studies. The bustling streets of London not only bore witness to his artistic evolution but also introduced him to the intricate world of tattooing. This was not a mere dalliance; instead, it allowed him to weave together the learning from his fine art studies with the precise and intimate art of tattooing, shaping a unique creative trajectory that is distinctly Evaldas.

His artistic voice resonates with a potent blend of abstract pop-art surrealism and avant-garde, masterfully navigating through myriad themes such as freedom, social change, conflict, and adversity. Gulbinas does not shy away from exploring the light and shadow of the human condition, often allowing the canvas to be a reflection of emotional states, ranging from the depths of depression to peaks of happiness. His creations, thus, not only become a reflection of varied emotional spectra but also subtly permit his current mood to dictate the themes and palettes, offering viewers an intimate glance into his internal world.

In every stroke and color, Evaldas manifests a confluence of his multifaceted experiences, echoing the cries and laughs of societal tales while intertwining them with personal narratives. His work, while deeply rooted in his own experiences, transcends the personal and ventures into the universal, offering a poignant commentary on the broader human experience, all while maintaining an elegant balance between accessibility and profound artistic expression.

Emotional and Material Resonance: Creating Art with Depth and Meaning

In the vibrant Evaldas Gulbinas’ artistic universe, the pivotal component intertwines an intrinsic emotional resonance with the tangible, tactile world. His work is profoundly rooted in a rich amalgamation of his emotions and myriad life experiences, meticulously employing a diverse array of materials that span from the traditional – such as pencil and paper – to the modern and unconventional, like iPads and metal sheets. Evaldas confronts distractions with a robust duality, immersing himself deeper into a solitary creative process or, conversely, channeling the emotions evoked by interruptions into spawning novel, innovative ideas. The belief that emotions, even those stirred by disruptions, can indeed be a fertile ground for creativity permeates his work ethos.

The influences that illuminate Gulbinas’ work are both variegated and expansive, drawing inspiration from a spectrum of artists and myriad art forms. Figures like Alexander McQueen, Peter McDonald, Dr. Lakra, and Tony Oursler not only inspire him but also weave into his artistic narrative, creating a mosaic that reflects a diverse aesthetic appreciation. His creative impulses navigate through a labyrinthine of art forms, incorporating elements of street art, design, and urban art, among others, thereby constructing a distinctive aesthetic identity that is uniquely his.

A salient example of his work, a piece entitled “Ghost,” symbolizes the tribulations and challenges he encountered during his Bachelor’s degree, melding dark thematic elements with bursts of bright, graffiti-style color. The art piece is not merely a representation but an emotive conduit through which he navigates, expressing both his personal journey and an abstract aesthetic that invites viewers to immerse themselves in his world, allowing them to perceive, even if only momentarily, through his artistic lens.

Evaldas Gulbinas: An Exploration of Mediums and Messages

Evaldas Gulbinas demonstrates a profound commitment to multifaceted artistic expression through a myriad of mediums, navigating through the intertwined paths of engraving and three-dimensional form. A technique of notable significance in his oeuvre involves the complex engraving of images onto metal sheets, thereafter warping and adorning them with paint, thereby synthesizing the domains of drawing and sculpture. This process not only establishes a delicate dialogue between diverse artistic forms but also constructs a tactile landscape where his conceptual ideas are rendered into tangible, visual experiences.

Evaldas harnesses his fascination with various mediums—including paper, metal sheets, digital media, canvas, and tattooing on skin— as vehicles through which he communicates his carefully considered concepts. His intentional approach to medium selection extends beyond a mere aesthetic choice, transforming each piece into a carefully curated manifestation of his conceptual thinking. Moreover, his explorations have extended to encompass other inventive mediums, such as sculpture lamps and multimedia, whereby he articulates his thematic interests and aesthetic predilections in continually evolving forms.

Looking toward the future, the artist envisions projects that employ creative technologies to weave emotional narratives into his works. One such anticipated endeavor envisages the use of technological apparatus to project simulations of rain, symbolizing melancholy, onto various objects. This is anticipated to be interwoven with performances where an individual’s expressions and emotions dynamically shift, guided by the alterations in the simulated weather patterns. Thus, Gulbinas consistently transcends traditional artistic boundaries, ensuring his work perpetually vibrates with innovative energy and emotional depth.

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