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“Colors are healing, so when I feel lost I need blues and turquoises and white and when I feel happy and strong, pinks orange and red reflect my inner world.”

Enigmatic Light: Vivian Borsani’s Artistic Tapestry

Immersed in a mosaic of global cultures, Vivian Borsani ‘s journey has navigated through the vibrant streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil to the eclectic energy of various European cities including Paris, Mallorca, and others. Borsani, born to German parents, has ingeniously allowed the melting pot of cultural influences experienced in these disparate geographies to weave through her work, crafting an intricate artistic tapestry that reflects a seamless fusion of her multinational upbringing. Light emerges as a commanding entity in her creations, not merely an illuminating force but a guide that navigates through her color selections and compositions. The artist affirms a poignant belief: without light, color would cease to exist.

Borsani’s work stands as a tangible testament to her emotional narratives, employing a specific spectrum of colors to articulate and navigate through various mental and emotional states. Whereas blues, turquoises, and whites serve as a conduit through which she explores moments of uncertainty and wandering, a burst of pinks, oranges, and reds brilliantly mirror her episodes of happiness and robust strength. Her childhood, adorned with vibrant drawings of fantastical princesses, discreetly hinted at her intrinsic lean towards the arts, a path that, despite a brief deviation towards the academic, unfolded as her definitive journey under the gentle persuasion of her mother.

Vivian Borsani: The Educational Odyssey

Embarking on an educational sojourn, Borsani honed her artistic prowess at the prestigious Ecole Penninghen des Arts Graphiques in Paris, and further, securing a coveted spot among the top 70 at the esteemed Ecole National Superieure des Arts Decoratifs from a staggering pool of 3000 aspirants. This period was not merely academic; it was a crucible in which her skills, spanning from the finesse of nude drawing to the sophistication of compositional mastery, were meticulously forged. The rigors and exhilarations of such an education emboldened Borsani, enabling her to articulate her expressive needs through every brushstroke on the canvas.

In sculpting her unique artistic style, Borsani coalesces with abstract art, employing organic elements to curate pieces that exude a tranquil yet joyous serenity reminiscent of a dreamlike state. Her process commences with a selection of colors that echo her present emotional state, subsequently guiding her as she explores the forms and narratives into which the colors and shapes evolve. For the artist, it’s a continuous dialogue, sometimes commencing with a singular concept, such as flora and fauna, and morphing into another, perhaps the undulating depths of the sea and its vibrant marine life, all while maintaining an interpretation that is generously open to the observer.

The Sanctuary of Creation: An Intimate Look into Borsani’s Workspace

Vivian Borsani’s workspace unfurls as a sanctuary, where elements like music, sunlight, and an array of creative materials coalesce to form a fertile ground for her creations. The artist adorns her creative space with essentials, spanning from vivid colors and wax sticks to gold leaf and stencils, each component a testament to her intricate, multifaceted approach to art-making. Music whispers inspiration into her endeavors, while mirror writing and collages—comprising collected papers and posters—intertwine seamlessly with her compositions, often integrating text into the vibrant tapestry of her work.

While Borsani does welcome the occasional distraction, such as inspiring interactions with visiting clients, she also harbors moments where solitude is cherished, allowing her to submerge into an undistracted, potent flow of creativity. Significant influencers of her artistic perspectives include the masterful Henry Matisse and dreamlike creators such as Marc Chagall and Emil Nolde. Additionally, the fearless journeys of women artists like Gabriele Muenter, Georgia O’Keefe, and Frida Kahlo, who boldly communicated their internal worlds through their work, find a resonant echo in her creations.

Vivian Borsani: Material and Aspiration

The artist has journeyed through various mediums, settling upon acrylic due to its practical allure, particularly spotlighting its quick-drying nature and its harmony with her favored layering technique. While Borsani has traversed through the territories of gouache, aquarelle, and oil, acrylic steadfastly remains her medium of choice, harmonizing eloquently with her working style. It’s a choice that found its validation in the mesh of practicality and aesthetic, even though the texture and hue of oil were appreciated, it was ultimately eschewed in light of its longevity and toxicity.

As she gazes into the horizon of her aspirations, Borsani envisions crafting a large-scale painting for a foundation or organization, weaving a piece that becomes a symbol of fulfilled dreams and perpetuates a robust spirit of hope and possibility. There’s a discernable liberation in working on an expansive scale for the artist, wherein each brush stroke is granted the freedom to fluidly cascade across the canvas, encapsulating the boundless spirit and vibrant emotional tapestry that is ever-present in her creations.

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