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“Being an artist allows me to connect with my inner world and express myself through drawing in a free and creative way. I am grateful to be able to share my passion with the world and to see that my work can convey emotions and sensations to those who observe it.”

An Italian Hyperrealist Artist

DiegoKoi is an Italian hyperrealist artist born in Lamezia Terme in 1989. Since he was young, he has nurtured a passion for art, spending every spare moment drawing. Despite never attending an art course, he persevered in his craft, using drawing as a means of relaxation and escape from daily stress.

Through continuous practice, Diego refined his technique, and his passion for art continued to grow. He eventually shared his work on social media, garnering instant feedback and inspiring him to take on more significant artistic endeavors. His skill and dedication quickly earned him recognition from galleries and collectors worldwide.

DiegoKoi relishes the opportunity to connect with his inner world and express himself freely through his art. He is grateful for the chance to share his passion with others and witness how his artwork can elicit emotions and sensations in those who observe it.

DiegoKoi is primarily known for his hyperrealistic artwork created using pencil on cotton paper. Each of his pieces requires an enormous amount of work as he dedicates many hours to construct the drawing, seeking to represent the subject faithfully and accurately while also conveying emotions and sensations to the public.

DiegoKoi’s works are characterized by a great attention to detail and accuracy in reproducing the subjects. He often dedicates himself to portraying people, attempting to capture their expression and personality in a realistic way. However, he does not limit himself to this genre and also likes to experiment with other subjects, such as animals or various objects.

DiegoKoi’s Technique and Style

Through the use of pencil technique, Diego achieves a three-dimensional effect in his artwork, bringing out the details and creating a play of light and shadow that gives depth and realism to the drawing. Despite the long and laborious process, every time he sees the finished work, his effort is repaid by the beauty and visual effect that it manages to evoke, hoping his works can convey emotions and make those who observe them reflect on the beauty of life and the world around us.

Diego prefers an ideal work environment characterized by tranquility, brightness, and order. He enjoys working in a place that allows him to concentrate entirely on creation, without distractions and with adequate lighting.

DiegoKoi values having easy access to all the necessary tools and materials, as well as working in a well-organized workspace to minimize interruptions and increase productivity. During his creative process, he enjoys listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts to maintain focus and find inspiration. To achieve the highest level of creativity, Diego seeks a work environment that combines comfort, organization, and positive stimuli.

DiegoKoi finds his inspiration mainly in his daily life and the world’s inherent beauty around him. He feels a deep connection to nature and the people closest to him, and he endeavors to encapsulate the emotions he experiences in every work of art he creates.

Inspiration and Creative Process

When DiegoKoi encounters a breathtaking landscape, a loved one, or a striking detail, he is filled with the impulse to represent it in a distinct and personal manner. He attempts to capture the intricacies of everything he encounters and transfer them onto paper using his pencils.

However, inspiration can also stem from unexpected and surprising circumstances. On occasion, he allows his imagination and fantasies to guide him, resulting in works of art that originate entirely from his mind.

Regardless of the source of his inspiration, Diego always strives to produce pieces that convey emotions and feelings, aiming to elicit the same sensations he experiences in the viewer. His ultimate objective is to transform the emotions he feels into a work of art that can touch the viewer’s heart.

DiegoKoi has undergone significant evolution in his artistic style over the years, progressing towards greater precision and detail. Hyperrealism has fascinated him since the beginning, as it enables him to represent reality with great accuracy and attention to detail, capturing even the slightest nuances of light and shadow. He has continually refined his technique over time, experimenting with new styles and techniques to express his passion for art more effectively. DiegoKoi has mastered various tools, ranging from charcoal and pencil to acrylics and oils, and has even explored photography. Despite this, he remains deeply committed to hyperrealism, which he regards as the most exact and exhaustive form of artistic expression.

Diego created an artwork titled “Sensations” that has provided him with the greatest satisfaction in his artistic career. This particular piece represents a significant turning point for him, not only for the opportunity it provided to exhibit his art to the world, but also for its personal importance.

In “Sensations,” DiegoKoi aimed to express the emotions he was experiencing at that particular moment in his life, striving to capture the essence of his being through his drawings. The creation of this artwork demanded extensive time and effort, but the end result was a stunning masterpiece that garnered recognition from collectors and art galleries worldwide.

Diego’s Career Highlights and Goals

The international acclaim that DiegoKoi attained as an artist, thanks to “Sensations,” serves as a momentous accomplishment for him, motivating him to continue working diligently to improve his technique and create even more impressive pieces.

Diego doesn’t limit himself to reproducing reality in a detailed and accurate way as an artist. He always strives to go beyond that, aiming to create art that conveys a deep message, emotion, or thought while being aesthetically beautiful. DiegoKoi hopes to positively impact his audience, inspiring reflection and movement.

Although he utilizes the hyper-realistic technique to represent his subjects with precision and detail, DiegoKoi’s ultimate goal is to create art that transcends the mere reproduction of reality. He wants his work to be a reflection of his soul, thoughts, and emotions, and to act as a call to the world, championing authenticity, truth, and beauty.

DiegoKoi develops his creativity and critical thinking skills through his engagement in the arts, abilities that prove beneficial in various other aspects of his daily life. For instance, when faced with a problem, he relies on the lessons learned from art to perceive the situation from different viewpoints, generate innovative solutions, and adjust his ideas to adapt to the circumstances. This approach equips him with mental agility, effective problem-solving strategies, and a penchant for lateral thinking that he can apply to diverse situations.

In addition, Diego’s participation in the arts fosters an appreciation for the intricacy and beauty of the world. Through the cultivation of his attention to detail and sensitivity to subtleties, the arts enrich his perception of the world around him, imbuing even the most ordinary experiences with depth and meaning. This heightened awareness positively influences various aspects of his life, including his appreciation of nature, his interpersonal relationships, and his self-perception within his environment.

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