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“At the heart of the act of creation lies access to an inexhaustible source of energy, universal information without limits of time, form, or space, and a consciousness that knows and loves us like a mother.”

Creative Awakening and Artistic Journey

Eric Bavoillot was born in a Parisian suburb in 1960, and for the first 29 years of his life, he showed no particular inclination towards artistic pursuits. However, in 1989, while living in Paris, Eric’s girlfriend, who was studying fine arts, urged him to attend an exhibition of Paul Gauguin at the Grand Palais. The experience proved to be a pivotal moment for Eric, as he was deeply moved by Gauguin’s paintings and spent hours at the exhibition until the museum closed. It was at this point that Eric purchased painting materials, but despite creating over thirty canvases in the next two years, he was not entirely satisfied with the results and put his materials away, feeling that something was missing.

In 2002, Eric’s desire to paint resurfaced with renewed vigor, and he began again, this time executing rock paintings before moving on to transcribing the buried universes of his unconscious, which had been nourished by his interest in Toltec shamanism, the works of Carlos Castaneda, pre-Columbian Mexico, and the sacred and colorful art of indigenous peoples like the Huichols. After ten years of this gestation, Eric felt that he was ready to express himself through his art.

In 2009, Eric left Paris to settle in Fontès, a small village in the Hérault region of France, where he devoted himself entirely to painting and his creative practice. Through his paintings, Eric translated his experiences of an initiatory path and a quest for self-knowledge, which were informed by his encounters and collaborations with healers, shamans, and spiritual teachers. Painting had become his medium of choice and allowed him to give form to his insights and understandings.

Eric Bavoillot’s Self-Taught Artistic Process and Unique Style

Eric Bavoillot is a self-taught artist who has cultivated a unique style through experimentation and intuition. Unlike many artists who pursue formal training to refine their skills, Eric preferred to let his creativity guide him on his artistic journey. He found inspiration in his surroundings, creating large-format works in the corridor of his Paris apartment and the building’s stairwell.

Interestingly, Eric did not feel the need for a separate studio space, preferring to work in the comfort of his own home. He now shares a spacious and luminous studio with his wife, Martha Arango, who is also a talented artist with a strong spiritual connection to her work.

Eric’s artistic process is characterized by the inspiration he receives through dreams, as seen in his painting series named “Talisman.” However, he typically derives inspiration from action and movement rather than preconceived ideas or visualizations. He allows the act of painting to guide him and create unforeseen combinations that often result in pleasant surprises. Even when an unfavorable outcome occurs, it becomes a catalyst for growth and progress, ultimately leading to unexpected beauty.

Eric Bavoillot’s Unique Universe of References and Luminous Evolution

Eric’s dedication to his craft and his willingness to trust his inner voice have resulted in a unique and inspiring body of work. His story serves as a reminder that true artistic expression can come from within, without the need for formal training or a prescribed approach.

Over time, Eric has developed a personal system of meanings, symbols, and concepts that form his unique universe of references. Utilizing this background, he can project his thoughts and emotions onto a blank canvas, unravel a developing narrative, and sometimes bring form to the formless.

Eric Bavoillot’s artistic style has undergone an evolution towards a more luminous, free-flowing, and dynamic expression. His palette now boasts a greater saturation of vivid and radiant hues. After initially focusing on structural and energetic components, as well as the impact of past experiences, Eric’s current creative process is driven by a childlike inspiration that has revitalized his work with exuberance and joyfulness while retaining a sense of enigmatic mystery. The liberty and joy Eric has found through his artistic expression has been an immense gift, and he is grateful for the opportunity to share this with others.

Eric Bavoillot has a preference for certain pieces in his collection, among them “Nature of the spirit, spirits of nature” from the “Empreintes Chamanes” series, which he holds in high regard. The artwork, which is dedicated to Charles Bukowski and John Lennon, portrays the journey of the soul through death and transition, a theme that resonates deeply with Eric. He recalls exhibiting the artwork at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in the Grand Palais in Paris in 2011, an experience that left a lasting impression on him. Interestingly, the painting’s original English title was quite lengthy, “Imagine the crazy ballad of Charles Bukowski and John Lennon in a sacred nature that will never be photographed by Yann Arthus Bertrand.” As Eric reflects on his life during that time, he sees the artwork as a symbol of the changes he was undergoing, as he prepared to depart from Paris and embark on a new path.

A Grand Exhibition and Writing Career

Bavoillot dreams of a grand exhibition space where he can display a hundred of his artworks, reflecting the path of his creative journey over the past twenty years. He aspires to evoke in the viewers the same emotions that have fueled his artistic process, ranging from wonder and surprise to sheer awe.

Additionally, Eric is currently in the process of finalizing a book manuscript that he hopes to publish soon. The book chronicles the story of a young, naive boy on his journey of self-discovery, encountering a confrontational and unconventional shaman who challenges his perception of an ideal mentor. Eric has harbored the desire to write for a long time, predating his passion for painting.

It can be said that Eric possesses a keen awareness of art’s capacity to enhance and enliven everyday experiences. Whether engaged in artistic endeavors within the studio or carrying out routine activities such as cooking or venturing outdoors, Eric recognizes the potential for creative expression to imbue even the most mundane of tasks with a sense of beauty and intrigue. He firmly believes that the simple acts of spreading pigments, offering a kind word, or flashing a smile can serve as powerful means of elevating the aesthetic of his surroundings. Eric perceives the creation of art as a universal human imperative, one that extends beyond the purview of trained artists, and sees it as a way to infuse his life with a sense of beauty and purpose.

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