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“My work is a journey of discovery and what I am always looking forward to is the delving deeper and deeper into the ever evolving mystery.”

Bridging East and West

Yari Ostovany, a San Francisco Bay Area-based abstract painter, draws profound inspiration from the rich tapestry of his Iranian heritage, which imbues his artwork with unique depth and significance. Born in Iran in 1962, Ostovany relocated to the United States in 1978, seamlessly merging the vibrant cultures of East and West within his artistic endeavors.

Ostovany’s profound connection to color, texture, and light forms the cornerstone of his artistic identity. These passions, coupled with a deep-seated respect for the creative process, compelled him to pursue a life in the arts. His formative artistic education at the San Francisco Art Institute initiated his career trajectory.

Ostovany’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his enduring fascination with the tactile qualities of paint have informed his life as a painter. His works, resplendent with echoes of his cultural heritage, have since become a profound exploration of Eastern symbolism and Western aesthetics.

Yari Ostovany: Painting the Poetics of the Human Condition

Yari Ostovany’s artistry is inherently improvisational in nature, profoundly underscoring the poetics intrinsic to the human condition and its transcendence. Ostovany, a cultural interlocutor, delves extensively into the fluid territories between the tangible and the nebulous, emergence and dissolution. His fascination gravitates particularly toward the symbiotic interaction between Persian and Western Art, not in the mere fusion of styles, but rather in their tectonic interplays.

The artist, renowned for his unique approach, dismantles visual lexicons, stripping them down to their most fundamental and abstract cultural elements. Ostovany’s aspiration is not just to traverse but also to charter a course through an artistic landscape that oscillates between the auditory and the architectural. His innovative exploration amplifies the consonance between seemingly disparate art forms, reinforcing his distinctive artistic signature.

The Sacred Sanctuary of Art

Yari Ostovany views his artistic workspace, his studio, as nothing less than an ethereal sanctuary, an extraordinary realm where ordinary time is paused, the relentless march of hours stilled when he immerses himself deeply within the vibrant, pulsating world of his art. His studio, however, is more than just a sheltered sanctum for the artist’s creative pursuits. An ample and plentiful space to lay out his diverse array of artistic materials is not just seen as a simple convenience, but rather a crucial, indispensable aspect of his working environment, the backbone to his creative endeavors.

The deep well from which Ostovany draws his artistic motivation and stimulation is indeed rich and bountiful. His artwork draws profound resonance from the celebrated legacies of great masters like Klee, Rothko, Twombly, and Tapies. Each of these influential figures plays a crucial role in shaping Ostovany’s distinctive style. Yet, his inspiration doesn’t stop at visual art alone. Music, an integral part of his creative arsenal, occupies an essential place in his inspirational schema. It provides a compelling, vibrant rhythm, a pulse that drives his artistic process, blending seamlessly with his visual exploration.

To Ostovany, the process of engaging with the canvas goes far beyond the mere creation of distinct works of art. He approaches painting not as a simple act of artistic creation, but rather as a deep, introspective journey of the soul. His relationship with the canvas is more of a spiritual odyssey, an exploration of the depths of his inner self, where each brushstroke is not just an application of color but a revelation of profound personal meaning. This process of painting, thus, becomes a silent, profound dialogue with his inner self, a means to uncover and reveal the unseen depths of his psyche, captured beautifully in the transformation of color and texture on the canvas.

Yari Ostovany: Embracing Oil – A Journey of Curiosity

Yari Ostovany remains a vibrant force in the contemporary art scene, exploring the realm of artistic creation with a curiosity that refuses to be contained by a single medium. While he has experimented with diverse artistic avenues including acrylic paint, watercolor, and collage, it is the mystical allure of oil paint that has captivated his attention. The exceptional quality of the oil medium, with its distinctive malleability and evocative depth, is something that Ostovany identifies with, rendering it his medium of choice.

The journey of Ostovany’s artistic endeavors is not static but rather an ever-evolving tableau. He seeks not only to create but also to discover, thus infusing his work with a sense of enigma and exploratory zeal. As an artist, he is driven by an insatiable yearning to delve deeper into the unknown, relentlessly pursuing the elusive essence that his art encapsulates.

As Ostovany contemplates his forthcoming projects, he envisions his artistic practice as an ongoing voyage of exploration and self-discovery. He perceives every brushstroke as a step forward in his quest, a testament to his unwavering commitment to evolve. With this approach, Ostovany cultivates a vibrant, dynamic sphere of creativity, where the quest for understanding and the joy of creation walk hand in hand. The artist’s future undoubtedly promises a continual honing of his craft, a journey borne out of his passion, and deeply ingrained in his work’s enigmatic essence.

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