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Christina Mitterhuber: The Genesis of a Visionary Artist

Christina Mitterhuber‘s journey into the world of art began in her childhood, nurturing a deep-seated passion for painting that manifested in her first oil painting at the tender age of twelve. Born on December 29, 1975, in Wels, Austria, Mitterhuber’s artistic odyssey has been largely self-taught, punctuated by extensive travels that included years in Australia and North America. Her relentless pursuit of art resulted in the creation of an impressive collection of over 1500 works in oil and mixed media, showcasing her unwavering dedication and prolific nature as an artist. The diverse influences of old masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Monet, gleaned from visits to global museums and galleries, have been instrumental in shaping her artistic sensibilities.

In parallel with her painting career, Mitterhuber has been a professional makeup artist since 2001, a role that undoubtedly complements and enriches her visual and aesthetic acumen. Despite her early start in the arts, she chose to keep her work private until 2018, marking the year she made her public debut in a top Vienna gallery. This pivotal moment opened the floodgates to an impressive array of over 100 group exhibitions and international art fairs, along with four solo shows both physically and digitally, primarily in Austria. Christina’s participation in these exhibitions, including the prestigious XIII Rome Biennale in 2020, signifies a bold step in her artistic journey, sharing her vision with the world only when she felt truly ready.

Christina Mitterhuber: The Rise to International Acclaim

Christina Mitterhuber’s artistry has not only flourished but also garnered widespread recognition and several accolades. Her selection as an AD Art Show Artist at New York’s Oculus for two consecutive years, 2021 and 2022, is a notable highlight, showcasing her expanding global footprint. Her participation in the International Biennale of Rome in both 2020 and 2022 further cemented her position as a significant contemporary artist. In 2023, she achieved a crowning moment by receiving the prestigious 1st Donatello Award, alongside other honors such as the “Dante Alighieri Award,” “Capitolium Award 2022,” and the “Future Peace Award.”

Christina’s work has captivated audiences and critics alike, leading to features in international art showcases like “World of Crete” in Greece and inclusion in two art books by Monica Ferrarini in Rome. Her “WE in RED XXVII” piece, a part of the acclaimed “Atlante dell`Arte Contemporanea 2021 / Art of Masters” collection, exemplifies her ability to evoke profound emotional responses through her art. Mitterhuber’s exhibitions in prestigious venues like Venice, Barcelona, London, and notable Italian museums further attest to her artistic prowess. The “Antonio Canova Award” and the “Faces of Peace Price,” both received in 2022, along with her anticipation for the XIV Florence Biennale in 2023, underscore her ongoing commitment to creating art that brings happiness and contemplation to its viewers.

Unveiling the Abstract: Mitterhuber’s Artistic Style and Themes

Christina Mitterhuber’s artistic style is a captivating foray into the abstract, where conventional boundaries of representation give way to a more fluid and interpretative form of expression. This approach allows her the liberty to explore a myriad of themes, each painting becoming a narrative untethered by the constraints of traditional visual storytelling. Her abstract works are not just visual experiences; they are emotional journeys, inviting viewers to delve into their depths and find their own meanings and connections. This style, characterized by its open-endedness and subjectivity, is a hallmark of Christina’s artistic identity, enabling her to communicate complex ideas and emotions through her art.

In her thematic exploration, Mitterhuber touches upon various subjects, each uniquely interpreted through her abstract lens. The freedom inherent in this style is reflective of her personal artistic journey – one that has been self-guided and heavily influenced by her experiences and observations. This unrestricted approach to subject matter allows her to experiment and evolve continually, ensuring that her work remains dynamic and resonant with diverse audiences. By refusing to be pigeonholed into specific themes, Christina ensures her art remains as versatile and multifaceted as her own experiences.

Christina Mitterhuber: The Convergence of Influences and Mediums

Mitterhuber’s artistic influences are as varied as her work. The Impressionist movement, especially the work of Claude Monet, stands out as a significant source of inspiration for her. The way Impressionism captures the essence of light and color resonates deeply with Christina, reflecting in her use of color and form to convey mood and atmosphere. This influence is evident in the subtle yet powerful way she employs color and texture, creating works that are rich in emotional depth and visual harmony. The impressionist focus on capturing fleeting moments and the play of light is mirrored in Mitterhuber’s own focus on conveying emotion and narrative through abstract representation.

In terms of mediums, Christina’s creative process is marked by spontaneity and intuition. She does not limit herself to one particular medium; instead, she chooses her materials based on what resonates with her current artistic vision. This eclectic approach has seen her work with a variety of mediums, from oil and acrylic to glitter and natural elements like dried leaves and flowers. Each medium brings its unique texture and character to her work, allowing her to continuously explore new avenues of expression. This flexibility in choosing her mediums is a reflection of her overall artistic philosophy – one that values freedom, experimentation, and a deep connection with the materials she uses to bring her visions to life.

AD Art Show Artist and Museum Exhibitions

A notable milestone in Christina Mitterhuber’s career includes her participation as an AD Art Show Artist in 2023, showcased physically in the Powerhouse NY. This follows her digital exhibitions at the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center in 2021 and 2022. Mitterhuber’s presence in these prestigious venues highlights her evolving global footprint in the art world.

In 2022 and 2023, Mitterhuber’s works were featured in 18 museum group shows across Italy and the United States, underscoring her rising acclaim in international art circles. This includes two significant solo museum exhibitions in Italy where she displayed her acclaimed “WE in RED” paintings – at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) in December 2023, and the Narni Museum in March 2022, under the patronage of the Embassy of Austria.

Solo Shows and Digital Presence

Contrary to earlier reports, Mitterhuber has had two physical solo shows in Austria since her public debut in 2018. Her solo exhibition at the CAM Casoria Art Museum in December 2022 showcased 60 of her “WE in RED” paintings, demonstrating her prolific nature and thematic focus. The Narni Museum exhibition featured 16 of her paintings, curated by Adelinda Allegretti with the support of the Austrian Embassy.

In addition to physical exhibitions, Mitterhuber has ventured into the digital space with several online solo shows. While these digital exhibitions, like “River Running Free” and “We in Red,” might not have garnered extensive viewership, they represent an integral part of her artistic journey, showcasing her adaptability and reach in the modern art landscape.

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