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“Inspiration is by listening carefully to my senses and observing the magic of the world in which I live.”

Chasing Timeless Beauty in the Forest

Arthur Lambert is a talented artist who completed his artistic education in 2005 and chose to reside in a forest in pursuit of an intimate connection with the forces of nature. Through the study of various esoteric traditions, he has been able to capture and convey the images of the inner realms he discovered during his journey. These spaces, seemingly suspended between two dimensions, evoke a timeless quality.

Presently, Arthur Lambert resides in Brittany, France, on the fringes of a lush forest. He seeks to capture the magic that unfolds in every moment and imbue his works with this vibrant energy. He views art as a means of sublimation and an instrument for making the subtle beauty of the world visible.

Timeless Traditions: The Art of Arthur Lambert

Arthur Lambert is an artist who embraces the challenge of breaking away from conventional visual conventions by utilizing graphic techniques that stimulate our perception. Through the repetition of motifs, Arthur’s optical art compels our sensory reports and prompts the eye to see beyond what is immediately present in the work. The interplay of colors, vibrations, and movements enriches the abstract and sometimes figurative forms in Arthur’s pieces. In exploring the timeless traditions of his art, Arthur has assimilated archetypal symbols that narrate the tale of creation, resulting in works that serve as personal cosmogonies, encapsulating the story of life’s mysteries.

Arthur finds inspiration by attuning his senses and letting the images unfold before him. He allows his hands to guide the brush, capturing the magic of the world in each stroke. Arthur’s creative process is one of observation, where the story emerges effortlessly through the act of painting.

Transformed by Collaboration: Arthur Lambert’s Artistic Evolution

Throughout the years, Arthur Lambert has had the privilege of encountering individuals who have left a profound impact on his artistic journey and perception of the world. In 2005, he began working as an assistant to Scottish artist Richard Wright, where he discovered the power of line and point in art. This marked a significant turning point in his creative work. Subsequently, he has collaborated with an alchemist and a master illuminator, resulting in a profound transformation of his world view and the depth of his paintings.

For Arthur, the act of painting is an immersive experience with the universe, and it is this pursuit of discovery that drives his creative process. With each brush stroke, he ventures into uncharted territories, always striving to create a masterpiece that surpasses his previous works. Undoubtedly, the best painting is the one he is currently working on, as it represents the culmination of his experiences and aspirations.

The Heritage: Artistic Journey of Arthur Lambert

Arthur Lambert has a passion for exploring and synthesizing the cultural heritage of the world, seeks to showcase his works across different territories, from the USA to Japan. His art aims to evoke an emotional response rather than an intellectual understanding, as he believes that the universe cannot be completely comprehended.

The artist’s life and work are inextricably linked, and at times, personal experiences can impact the creative process. However, moments of introspection and reflection can often lead to breakthroughs and new beginnings in the work. The artistic journey of Arthur Lambert is a testament to the transformative power of the mind, and how it can shape one’s relationship with the world.

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