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“Valencia, with its 330 days of sunshine per year, shapes my working style and understanding of light, creating a conducive environment for my art.”

Ale Casanova: A Valencian Visionary

Born in the sun-drenched city of Valencia, Spain, in 1981, Ale Casanova‘s journey in the arts began with his academic pursuit at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Excelling in Fine Arts, Casanova’s formative years laid a foundation that would shape his entire artistic career. His academic excellence was further honed in Tenerife, Spain, where he received the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA). This extensive education, coupled with numerous national and international research grants, has not just honed Casanova’s skill but also deepened his understanding of the arts.

The artist’s upbringing in Valencia, a city basking in over 330 days of sunshine annually, significantly influences his perception and utilization of light in his works. This bright, vibrant environment has ingrained in Casanova a unique understanding of light, playing a pivotal role in the development of his distinctive style. The balance between his structured academic background and the free, luminous atmosphere of Valencia emerges vividly in his creations, blending disciplined technique with an organic grasp of light and color.

Ale Casanova: Inspiration and Artistic Emergence

Ale Casanova’s path to becoming a professional painter was paved with inspiration and encouragement from his surroundings. His brother, a talented illustrator seven years his senior, introduced young Casanova to the world of illustrations and comics, igniting an early passion for visual storytelling. Despite not being academically inclined, a high school teacher recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue Fine Arts. This pivotal moment led Casanova to discover painting as his unique lens for viewing the world, marking the beginning of his journey into the realms of professional artistry.

Since his debut exhibitions at the age of 24, Casanova has continued to evolve and establish himself as a professional painter. His early exposure to the world of art through comics and illustrations, combined with the support and guidance he received, laid a foundation for a career that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. These experiences not only shaped his artistic perspective but also instilled a deep-seated passion for capturing the world around him through his unique visual language. Ale Casanova’s journey from a young art enthusiast to a renowned professional painter highlights the transformative power of inspiration and guidance in the world of art.

Ale Casanova: The Essence of Simplicity and Symmetry

Ale Casanova’s artistic style is a mesmerizing blend of simplicity and rawness, focusing predominantly on figures and portraits. His approach to art is about capturing the essence of a moment, creating scenes that resonate with naturalness and intimacy. This unique style allows him to establish a profound emotional connection with the viewer, inviting them into a world of personal moments and introspective journeys. The artist’s preference for nudes and the human figure is not just a thematic choice but a deliberate effort to explore the symmetry and balance in personal narratives.

Casanova’s work is characterized by a deliberate symmetry that accentuates the intimacy of his subjects. Through his thoughtful composition, he transforms everyday scenes into extraordinary moments, capturing the beauty and emotion of the simplest actions. This approach to art, rooted in the portrayal of the human experience, speaks volumes about his philosophy as an artist: to find and showcase the profound in the mundane. Casanova’s art, therefore, becomes a window into the soul, offering viewers a chance to see the world through his eyes – a world where simplicity and symmetry converge to create a tapestry of human emotion.

Creative Process: Discipline in Chaos

In his studio, Ale Casanova is a model of methodical discipline, adhering to fixed working hours that allow him to delve deeply into his creative process. His inclination towards a certain level of chaos is carefully balanced with a structured approach to his workspace. Casanova organizes his studio into distinct zones, maintaining tidiness during his working hours. This meticulous organization is essential in minimizing distractions, enabling him to immerse himself fully in the artistic process. It’s a fine balance between controlled chaos and disciplined creativity, reflecting his unique approach to art.

Casanova’s artistic influences are as diverse as they are profound. He draws inspiration from the London School, notably Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, and Euan Uglow, whose impact is evident in his raw and intimate portrayal of the human figure. The 19th-century Spanish art, especially the works of Joaquín Sorolla, also greatly influences his understanding of light and color. Furthermore, the world of American and European comics, reminiscent of his early exposure to art, continues to shape his stylistic choices. This eclectic mix of influences not only showcases Casanova’s wide-ranging artistic tastes but also contributes to the unique depth and richness of his work.

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