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“My childhood was not easy. So from a very young age imagination was the most natural escape I had… So I always had the ability to create in my imagination a new reality much more beautiful than the real reality.”

Journey Through Imagination: Lina Hazan’s Artistic Genesis

Lina Hazan, a name synonymous with a unique fusion of spirituality and artistic expression, embarked on her artistic journey in the historic city of Jerusalem. Born into a liberal Jewish family, Hazan’s early life was shaped by the intellectual rigor of her university teacher mother and the disciplined environment of her father’s hospital workplace. Despite facing challenges in her childhood, Hazan found solace and liberation in her vivid imagination, crafting a realm far more enchanting than her real-world experiences. This ability to conjure up a beautiful alternate reality laid the foundation for her artistic endeavors.

At 21, Hazan delved deep into the spiritual heritage of Judaism, a tradition rich in history and philosophy. This pursuit of spiritual knowledge didn’t just transform her life; it became a wellspring of inspiration for her art. The abstract nature of spiritual concepts, often elusive when confined to words, found a visual voice in her paintings. Hazan’s canvases became a conduit for expressing these spiritual themes, showcasing realities beyond the reach of our physical sight. This interplay of spirituality and art continued to evolve, significantly shaping her creative path.

Lina Hazan: Cultural Fusion and Artistic Awakening

Hazan’s artistic journey took a transformative turn when she moved to Brazil at the age of 27. The vibrant culture and lively art scene of Brazil, a stark contrast to her life in Jerusalem, introduced her to new perspectives and artistic inspirations. During her 13-year sojourn, Hazan, who initially viewed art as a mere hobby, encountered the works of Brazilian artists Carlos Araujo and Satyro Marques. Their spiritual expression in art deeply moved her, igniting a passion to translate her spiritual experiences into visual masterpieces.

This awakening led Hazan to a decisive moment – the transition from viewing art as a hobby to embracing it as her primary vocation. Her talents, previously confined to portraits of friends and graphic design, now found a broader canvas. In Brazil, amidst a cultural milieu that celebrated art in all its forms, Hazan’s journey as a professional artist took flight. The influence of her Brazilian experience is evident in her works, which blend her deep-rooted spiritual insights with the artistic flavors she absorbed during her years in Brazil.

A Style Born of Freedom: The Artistic Language of Lina Hazan

Lina Hazan’s approach to art is marked by an aversion to being tethered to a single style. She revels in the liberty of creation, allowing her artistic instincts to guide her brush. Yet, despite this intentional avoidance of a fixed style, a unique signature emerges in her works. Characterized by smooth, circular brushstrokes and a seamless blend of colors that create points of light, Hazan’s paintings exude a distinctive aesthetic. This inadvertent consistency in her art suggests the emergence of a new, unnamed style – a testament to her originality and creative spirit.

Hazan’s preference for the abstract is interspersed with clear figures or classical elements, offering a harmonious blend of the ethereal and the tangible. Her canvases are more than mere visual spectacles; they are explorations of profound spiritual concepts and experiences rooted in Jewish philosophical traditions. This fusion of abstract art with spiritual themes allows Hazan to transcend the conventional boundaries of artistic expression, inviting viewers into a world where spirituality and art coalesce into a singular, mesmerizing experience.

The Sanctuary of Creation: Lina Hazan’s Artistic Process

Music and mobility define Lina Hazan’s artistic workspace. Classical or epic music is not just a background element for her; it is an essential catalyst that fuels her creativity and focus. Hazan’s journey as an artist has seen her traverse geographical boundaries and adapt to various work environments. From laying canvases on the floor of her bedroom to eventually establishing a dedicated studio at home, her commitment to art remained unshaken despite the logistical challenges. This adaptability highlights Hazan’s unwavering dedication to her craft.

Hazan’s current studio, a special room in her home, is the nucleus of her creative endeavors. However, her art transcends this space, with her entire house serving as a canvas and a museum for her work. This immersion of art in her domestic space is a testament to its integral role in her life, a sentiment her family has come to embrace. Balancing her artistic pursuits with family life, particularly the need for solitude and quiet, Hazan strategically aligns her creative sessions with her children’s school hours. This disciplined approach to managing distractions underscores her commitment to her art while juggling the responsibilities of family life.

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