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“Art of deep-layered unleashing is the artistic message of my works, where the experimental interplay of colour and structure leads to an emotional ‘optical outburst’.”

Kerstin Sokoll: Birthplace to Brushstroke

Kerstin Sokoll‘s journey as an artist is deeply rooted in her origins from Karlsruhe, Germany, a city renowned for its rich artistic heritage. This city, celebrated for its classical and modern art contributions, has been instrumental in shaping Sokoll’s artistic inclinations. Since childhood, she found herself surrounded by illustrious art institutions like the Staatliche Kunsthalle and ZKM | Centre for Art and Media, which left an indelible mark on her creative psyche. These institutions, along with the city’s vibrant art scene, provided a fertile ground for her early artistic explorations and influenced her initial artistic endeavors.

Contrary to a traditional pathway in art academia, Sokoll initially pursued a career in event management, specializing in event design. Her venture, “Sokoll & Friends,” founded in 1993, was more than just a business endeavor; it was a canvas where her artistic signature flourished. Over two decades, she designed event space installations that garnered both national and international acclaim, always ensuring her artistic essence was at the forefront. These installations, ranging from performance accompaniments to stage designs, were not mere event elements but embodiments of her emerging artistic identity. This period marked a significant phase in her life, subtly bridging her event management expertise with her innate artistic flair.

Kerstin Sokoll: The Side Path to Center Stage

While thriving in her event management career, Sokoll concurrently cultivated an “artistic side path” as an autodidact. Inspired by luminaries like Claude Monet, Yves Klein, and Gerhard Richter, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery in the art world. Her fascination with their unique handling of color and light propelled her to develop her own painterly direction, distinct yet reflective of her inspirations. This journey was not just an exploration but a gradual honing of her artistic voice, which eventually led her to the public unveiling of her works in 2018. Her debut was met with remarkable international recognition, a testament to her unique artistic approach and the depth of her self-taught skills.

Sokoll’s paintings are distinguished by their immense colour complexity, both in the palette and in the application of paint. She describes her style as the “Art of deep-layered unleashing,” a method that involves the intricate superimposition of horizontal and vertical layer changes. This approach is not just a stylistic preference but an artistic message, showcasing her mastery in the experimental interplay of colour and structure. These abstractions result in an emotional “optical outburst,” captivating the viewer’s senses. Her use of classic painting media, like acrylic on canvas, is transformed into two-dimensional sculptures through a multi-layered mixed-media technique. The cellular surface structure of her works is not an accidental feature but a deliberate expression of inspirational determination, reflecting her deep engagement with her medium.

Kerstin Sokoll: In the Studio of Serenity

Kerstin Sokoll’s creative sanctuary is a testament to her dedication and focus. Situated far from the distractions of daily life, her studio is a haven where tranquility reigns supreme. In this secluded space, external disturbances such as noise and unscheduled visits are consciously excluded, allowing Sokoll to immerse herself fully in her artistic process. This environment is crucial to her creativity, as it fosters a deep connection with her work, unencumbered by the outside world. Even her mobile phone is turned off to maintain this sacred space of concentration and inspiration. The only elements she allows to penetrate this bubble are light and inspiration, both essential to her artistic practice.

This deliberate isolation is reflective of Sokoll’s artistic philosophy, where focus and uninterrupted creativity are paramount. Her studio is not just a physical space but a mental realm where her artistic visions come to life. The quietude and isolation she maintains are not mere preferences but necessities that enable her to delve deep into her artistic explorations. This disciplined approach to her workspace speaks volumes about her commitment to her craft, illustrating how the artist meticulously orchestrates her environment to serve her creative needs. In this sanctuary, Sokoll finds the freedom and peace necessary to experiment, evolve, and express her artistic voice, making it an integral part of her artistic journey.

Kerstin Sokoll: Inspirations and Aspirations

Kerstin Sokoll’s artistic influences are as varied as they are profound. Preferring to view these influences as sources of inspiration, she draws from the works of Claude Monet, Yves Klein, Gerhard Richter, and William Turner. These artists, known for their unique and impactful handling of color and light, resonate deeply with Sokoll’s artistic sensibilities. Their oeuvre serves as a guiding beacon, illuminating her path and providing a framework within which she can explore and expand her own artistic language. This connection to past masters is not about emulation but about drawing strength and perspective from their pioneering approaches to art.

Sokoll’s future aspirations are as vivid and ambitious as her paintings. She dreams of creating large-scale works for some of the world’s most prestigious museums, such as the MoMA, the Museum Burda, the Fondation Beyeler, the Tate Modern, and the Fondation Louis Vuitton. These institutions are not just renowned art spaces but architectural marvels that celebrate light, aligning perfectly with Sokoll’s artistic vision. Her aspiration to contribute to these spaces reflects her ambition to not only participate in the global art conversation but also to leave an indelible mark on it. The idea of creating art for these venues is not just a goal but a challenge that she eagerly embraces, showcasing her drive to push boundaries and expand her artistic horizons.

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